Scouting Adventure - Game 48 - Updated Rules

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Have you learned your scouting skills well? Will you be the first to save up 30 Steem Backed Dollars (SBD)?


New game starting as soon as we have enough players. Please sign up in the replies section below.

This is sort of a board game and can take up to 12 players at a time. It will require daily participation. If you are interested in playing, please sign up as a reply to this post. The first 12 players to sign up get to participate. If there are less than 12 players signed up after 24 hours of this post going up, it will either begin with those players or be postponed if less than 3 sign up.


Each player will have 3 actions per turn. An action is a move, an offensive action (fighting), picking up an item, dropping/placing items (except when done during a search), a search, trade with the merchant or fishing.
After players have completed their actions the non-player-characters (NPC's) will take their turn.
Player characters and NPC's will be governed by the same rules of combat and movement.

Each player begins with 5 health points. Points can be added or removed due to game conditions.
When a player's health drops to zero, the player is unconscious and cannot do anything. If the player remains unconscious until the following day's play, they die and lose all progress made, essentially starting over. Unconscious players can be revived if another player moves to where they are and feeds them a health potion.
(Permanent items won in previous games are not used in this game.)

Please pay attention to the moves that have transpired before you, so that your choices are based upon facts as they are and not as they were before (the people that played before you, just altered the situation).


Movement is possible in any direction.
You may move up to 6 spaces in one action.
Exit and enter the bunk-house at F23.


  • Call on @rolld20 to see if your attack(s) are successful. You must roll equal-to or higher than the opponent's "to-hit" points for the attack to succeed.
  • The amount of damage you do is dependent on your personal damage points.
  • See your statistics here: (make sure you are on the SCOUTING tab).
  • Items thrown can reach up to the 3rd square from your location. You will need to physically move there to retrieve the item(s) thrown. One action for each target location, regardless of the number of items retrieved.
  • Arrows can reach up to the 6th square from your location if shot from a bow. You will need to physically move there to retrieve your arrows. The same as for items thrown, you can retrieve multiple arrows with one action if they were all fired at the same location.
  • Armor absorbs damage and for each point of armor you wear, the opponent(s) must exceed the armor points before damaging your health. Armor can only be repaired after the battle ends.


  • Call on @rollthedice to initiate a search.
    When searching the garbage dump:
  • A dice roll of 1 finds a safety pin.
  • A dice roll of 2 finds a piece of string.
  • A dice roll of 3 finds a metal pot.
  • A dice roll of 4 finds a piece of string.
  • A dice roll of 5 finds a bundle (10) of 2-foot long aluminum tubing, 1/4 inch diameter.
  • A dice roll of 6 finds a large nail and 6 feathers.
When looking for worms, rocks from the rock pile, tree branches/twigs or other crafting materials:
  • A dice roll of 1 to 3 fails and 4 to 6 finds a worm, suitable stone / stick / crafting material as appropriate.
  • There is no limit to the number of times any particular area can be searched.
  • Players need not take everything they find and are free to swap items found for inventory items without using another action to do so. For instance, if I find a rifle and everyone in my team already has a ranged weapon, I would drop my x-bow or pistol and take the rifle in its place.
  • Players can carry up to 5 types of items each. Additional storage is in the bunk-house.
  • Picking up an object is NOT a search; it is a guaranteed action.


  • Inventory items may be combined (not an action) to create a new item. Use your imagination.
  • At least 2 pieces of string are required to attach each piece of make-shift armor. How you make the armor is up to you, provided it is realistically possible.
  • Use materials you obtain to make things.


  • Players need to eat one meal per day otherwise a health point is deducted for each day no food is consumed. Food is automatically deducted from your inventory at the end of each day.
  • Eating food restores your health to full. (This is an automated process and not an action.)
  • If you are able to set up a fishing net across the creek, it will catch a fish per day unattended, however, if you don't collect the fish for 3 days, it will attract the bears to take them.
  • If you can make a fishing pole, you can catch fish as an action if you are along the creek.

Player actions

  • Each player will announce their actions in the replies to each daily post. You are responsible for making it clear to other players what conditions you just altered (ie.: P12 did 2 damage to the hare at B3).
  • Trading between players may be done at any time except when in combat, may include any number of items and is NOT counted as an action.
  • setting up a business is encouraged.

The board will be updated with new positions for the next day's play.

The first person to accumulate 30 SBD is the winner.


Tagging players @halemaster, @adnanibrahim, @pbock, @agr8buzz, @erikaflynn, @aussieninja, @pandorasbox, @goose20, @paulag, @hasnain06, @foodforfun, @rayne122, @dksart, @knightofzero, @shifat, @justatouchfey, @adenijiadeshina, @andre-verbrick, @mariita52, @bashadow, @nextgen622, @zacherybinx, @cyber.explorer, @hhayweaver, @improv, @okean123, @mannaman, @secret-art, @ganjafarmer to let you know that a new game is about to begin. Let me know if you want to be taken off this list.


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