Fortnite Log [Sep 4, 2018]

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Big Milestones

Pretty happy this week with the recently announced first Victory Royale and all-time-high in elims. I felt I played the game very well, sticking to the basics for each engagement and going for the high ground throughout the match. I can feel my more confident play overall since that win and I plan to continue to grind kills and non-passive play.

This week, I’ll probably going a bit lighter on the gaming due to work, etc. but there will be a few overarching things I’ll be practicing, either in-game or in-mind.

Paying Attention to Load Out and Mats in the End Game

I almost secured another VR yesterday but choked out due to bad game awareness. I was low on mats (which should have motivated me to push to secure an enemy’s loot), awkwardly wedged against a mountain as the storm pushed in, and wasted too many bullets on spraying. I believe these all led up to me throwing the game unnecessarily and as such, I want to keep a closer eye on any immediate status I have and plan accordingly.

Recalibrating the approach to any match should happen often and guide how games will play out. For instance, SypherPK always recommends playing aggressively when low on materials since drawing out engagements will end unfavorably for the lesser equipped. Factors like mat count, storm position, potential enemy locations, etc. should all factor into later game decisions.

Playing the Low Ground

Overall, I need to be better at assessing how well an enemy’s high ground is secure or insecure. There are a lot of decision trees when it comes to challenging someone with high ground - double ramping up and over, creating cover at ground level and being patient, or just simply blasting them down back to square 1 - that I have to practice getting better at this part of the game. Learning from mistakes at an advantageous position is much easier than understanding what went wrong from a disadvantageous one.

This mindset applies to other situations of low health, low mats, etc. and refining my approach all of these scenarios will be crucial in sustained success.

Never Shoot from the Same Place Twice

This is a piece of advice that came out of DrLupo’s commentary during this past weekend’s PAX tournament. Whether peeking or pressuring, keeping on the move and making at least nuanced changes will keep you one step ahead of opponents who has likely adapted to your approach. Always move forward or reposition, even disengage for a moment to get into a more favorable spot.

That’s it for this week, slay on!

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