First Fortnite Solo Victory!

in victoryroyal •  3 months ago


For the past few weeks, I've been concentrating completely on aggressive play and refining on the fundamentals of Fortnite. I've taken the advice of pros like Ninja and SypherPK to heart when they advise on playing for kills, not wins. That has been my focus with noticeable improvements in kill count and play performance, especially over the last several days.

This afternoon, I'm happy to report my first solo win, complete with an all-time-high of 7 kills. The best feeling? I wasn't even concentrating on winning and was quite surprised when I hit the end game with 5 kills and 2 players left.

Here's the proof -


I truly believe the full commitment to technical improvement and not being distracted by potential wins to be why I was able to clutch this out. I was more confident throughout each encounter, since I treated it like any other and one where I would potentially die at any moment but walk away with a few lessons to improve on.

I'm excited to keep going at it, and since that win, I've been consistently performing with better numbers. This post is a bit premature compared to by usual Tuesday reports, but I just wanted to share this small first victory with yall.

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