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A sneak peek behind the very first, fully playable, German Virtual Reality -Exit- Game.

Huxley 4 wat.JPG

Berlin, Klosterstraße, in the bunker of a former East-German post office, you'll find Exit Games. It's a large underground complex where they arranged the rooms to propose diverse scenarios, including one where you must get your way out of a GDR prison.


Wait, what did you say? Scenarios? Escape? ...

If you don't know, Exit Games are like video games but in real. Like the name suggests, they often consist of escaping the rooms with logic puzzles, keys and enigmas, favorizing team cooperation.

By the end of 2016, I had the chance to have been approached by Exit VR that was working whithin the complex on a similar project but ... with a Science-Fiction scenario and above all,... IN VIRTUAL REALITY!


So when they asked me to concept the main character "Huxley", a robot using a super powerfull futuristic energy, I obviously did accept!

I am not so used to concept art as it requires fast illustrations that clearly show a mood or more precise things. Kind of the contrary of what I do (very slow and detailled) but I am a painter, right?

Anyways, what was asked to me was a robot but, "not so nasty". As the target audience is wide.

I then started with a bunch of rough sketches.

huxley idea 2 wat.jpg

huxleey 12 wat.jpg

huxleey 13 wat.jpg

Huxley interface 3 wat.jpg

interface 1 wat.jpg

idea huxley 1 wat.jpg

interface 4 wat.jpg

There was more props but I only selected some here. Anyhow, we ended up with that idea of a floating robot.
Schweben Huxley.jpg

They also liked having it with visible insides.
without hull huxley.jpg

Huxley heads variants wat.jpg

Arms Huxley.jpg

huxley propulsion wat.jpg

Variants of this floating robot.

The two following images were the last I provided to the 3D team. Included were other coloration propositions.


In definitive they had to change quite a lot but the general idea was there. Here's how it looks like.

I have seen it animated and it looks awesome!

In the meantime I had also done some research for the environment where the robot would had to be found.
Base 1.jpg

Base 2.jpg

Base 3.JPG

Base 4.jpg

As you might know, moving in VR games is still a big problem, either because of motion sickness or the need for costly physical interfaces like those sort of rolling carpets or even tridimentional rotative devices. The team took a long time before adopting laptops in backpacks and a system of teleportation which allows to evoluate in huge virtual environments, while being physicaly inside a much smaller space.

The game, which allows teams of two to four players, isn't actually available for your PC or Playstation. You must go on site as it still requires a certain space, material and monitoring that isn't very available for a mainstream audience.


I didn't see the further development of the game myself. And I haven't been there to play yet (which I obviously should do!!!), the only images I have are from the official website.

On my side, it's been a great working experience with a company! Paid to do what I like to do, a field I totally dig, a super cool location, a very nice and friendly team (they continue to invite me to official events etc...).

Ah! And here is also the official teaser!

Thanks for having read my post!

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i fukcin see a Robo-Krillan with Dragon ball in his gut, wtf


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Wow love all the concept art and sketches. Teaser looks cool you really should play :) Can imagine how awesome it would be working on such project.

First I thought you were designing a Escape Room but this is another level.

Really cool and the effort again in your posts is amazing. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you Sander -)
I was advised to wait some time till it gets well updated. I'll definitely go soon!

wow, a lot of work putted in here
amazing, seriously. we can see you take this very professionally.
some of the robots remind me of Portal, i guess you got some inspirations from it, didn't you?
In any case they do look so cool. Vote and resteem, a work like this is just so amazing :)


Thank you for the nice comment @edanya!
I know portal but I never played :)

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Amazing as always. Always glad to see your arts on steemit, man!


Thank you for the comment @gibic!!

I think I see a lot of influence from Portal there.


I haven't played that game but maybe the developers did :D
Thanks for commenting!

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Always a delight to see your posts, @haedre, but this one is especially incredible ! Amazing project and you've brought a lot of your artistic inputs and energy into the game's world !! Lovely pictures, wonderful descriptions, I really enjoyed this post very much <3 <3 <3

Wishing you all the success with this project, @haedre :)


Thanks Spider!!!! Happy you dig those ones too.
Yeah I'd love to work more for video games indeed!

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Welcome back haedre, and what a nice come back this post is. I am truly enjoying myself looking at how you designed Huxley, all of your designs are so attractive. I wonder if they had difficulty to choose the final version? XD      
And the environment shots that you created are very nice too. I always love scifi interiors due to their immense size and yours certainly deliver this aspect plentifully :).      


Thank you for your nice comment and the welcome back @scrawly!!

Yes I think they hesitated quite long time over how it should be, people had different wishes. They also really brainstormed a lot to have a somewhat of realistic, especially in the environment. Like what special kind of building would this robot been buried etc...

I haven't actually designed any interiors, a (real :D ) concept artist was already working at it when I got hired and he was nailing it.

Hi haedre,

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@Curie, you are just great!

Looking forward to seeing more updates on this @haedre.


Thank you Leo! I think it's playable in Wien, if you're around there... ;)


Wohin dann in Wien gibt es zu spielen? =)


Hütteldorfer Str. 22 !! ;)

Zum buchen



Da gibt ein Freund von mir in Berlin, er auch baut VR Welten.


Ah ja, Kolori Krebs? Habe ich ein bisschen gesehn was er macht, ganz verückt.

You must have put some amount of time into designing all those options for the game. the detailing and design is top notch. I can't believe that you haven't played yet after designing part of such an amazing experience.

I would have been waiting on the first day for them to switch it on and see how everything turned out. I like the final design that you went with but it does look a bit too friendly. I wouldn't mind seeing it looking a little more menacing. Lovely artwork though.


Thanks for appreciating and commenting @niallon11!

Haha yes I also prefer nastier looking hypercyborgs but in this case it was actually asked to be not scary (altough I do find the 3D model a bit bleak :D ), they have an audience from 7 on.

I was also waiting a bit the game to get updates to play but now yes, it's really time!


Well you have to provide what they hired you to do. A shame though really, hypercyborgs are built to be nasty. We'll have to see the next post now when you detail how the experience works out.


There was a guy working there in the accounting section and he'd loved to have something looking like Nihei's impfamous manga BLAME!

Maybe I can make a post about the game indeed :D

Love those concepts for the main character, well I hope they do release the game one day.
Very inspiring @haedre! salutations!!!🎨


Thanks for passing by @melooo182!
You mean to release it as something everyone could play at home, like PC? It'd be amazing to have good games to play VR at home indeed. I played 15 minutes on a 1st person insect shooter on playstation and got that motion sickness, all evening!! :D


LOL missed this part:
"You must go on site as it still requires a certain space, material and monitoring that isn't very available for a mainstream audience."
But yeah It would be cool if VR got developed enough to be portable and easily availble to the masses


Haha :D

I guess we're many being eager to get low tech, portable, functionnal VR interfaces! The good old cyberpunk dream

I had no idea such a thing even exists ...I'm sure my grandkids do, though! I am incredibly impressed with your art! Congrats on the @curie vote!


Thanks for commenting @melinda010100 -)
I wonder if there are similar VR games like that, I am also not that aware of the latest development in the field ....


It is so cool that I expect there will be further developments in that field. Your artwork is really amazing.😊

Thank you @haedre for little pick into your project that seems to have been very interesting and looking at multiple complex sketches and detailed drawings I must say you put your fantasy and passion into it. I was always wondering when we do robots why we always make them anatomically like human. The it brings me always to the thought if the human creators created us on their own examples :) Sounds may be weird but your sketch of Thoray and arm brought me those thoughts,
Cheers, from Art-supporting blog @art-venture


Thanks for your comment @art-venture.
Well, that is a big thing in the "robot field", we could philosophy a lot around that thematic. But I'd assume that it's, at least partially, because humans are naturally ego-centered creatures! ;)

howdy there haedre! wow this is amazing. I mean the creativity that you must have to come up with all the different designs and concepts and then complete a finished product just looks staggering to me! lol
How many days did you work on this project?


Thanks for your interest @janton. I worked a month there. Glad you're appreciating =)

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Awesome work @haedre
This is exactly what I saw from the documentaries with concept arts in gaming development. I could only imagine what it's like to be passionate about something then having a deadline to produce professional results fast. Concept art requires speed and skills from the illustrator and that requires intensive imagination. You created plenty of angles to opt for and I can only guess there's more images not rendered straight from your mind.

I like the concept. Been exploring how to draw mecha related characters lately and the feel for a story behind them. Congratulations on the curie upvote!


Thank you for these nice words @adamada! GO for mechas ;)

This is really amazing work @haedre. The amount of work you have put into this and the level of detail that you gave to the project and shared with us is astounding! I am in awe. I really like the looks of Huxley and its floating mobility :)


Thank you for appreciating @marbley!


🙂 Happy weekend there @haedre!

This is my first time hearing about such a game, it looks like its gonna be really exciting playing it, it will take gaming to a whole new level. Is there another game that is like this one? The game will feel so very "real" while playing ... You should go try it out already!

Your design is awesome and the floating robot idea is really cool..


I am also not sure if there is any similar game in the world.
Thanks for the comments ;)


I would love to play one such game, maybe when it goes mainstream...

My pleasure!

haedre, this is another level, these things that play towards the future and have their own universe are the ones that twist my mind, hahahaha. I have tried to get closer from time to time to the world of post-apocalyptic fiction and robots, and this will inspire me to write my strange things... Thank you for sharing and my respect for your work.


Thanks for these words @fernando.lubezki, glad to read it inspires you!

Wow, you did all of that concept art, that is truly amazing, especially for "just a painter". lol, I can see why that is not available on PS or Xbox. It would take a room full of computer gear and quite a lot of connections to run something like that. It is truly amazing and I loved the promo video. I've been to a couple of escape rooms and they are a lot of fun. Doing it in VR would be pretty wild as you could bend the rules of reality a little to give it a twist. Very nice detailed post and congrats on that curie vote it was much deserved.


Thank you for your comment @coinsandchains =)

Looks so nice, love the concept and the sketches are amazing. Thanks for sharing this!


I am happy to read you like it @paulavg !! Thank you =)

Awesome works. They're so detailed. Well done!


Thank you for the nice words, @trincowski!

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Hi @misterakpan! Thanks a lot for your attention!

I am sorry it took me so long to react, there was many comments to answer and the struggle to find a good balance for a regular activity on Steemit whithout spending tooo much time on it still tough!

I don't know if you showcased anything, I am for sure up for it, altough I am afraid I wouldn't have been able to forward you much, just too busy atm. I hope you found something on my pages for that.

Thanks anyway!