Overwatch PC vs PS4

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There has always been a war between Console and PC gamers and it gets even worse in FPS genre. One would think the reason is aiming with a controler right? Wrong you can! However in some games the difference truly matters. Overwatch is one of the worst examples there is and i only found out after trying it out myself.



I have been playing Overwatch on PS4 for a long time now. It is actually quite good, but you can clearly see, that some of the characters weren’t made for a controller. For example Widowmaker. I don’t want to offend console Widow mains, because I believe she can be actually good. However, you have to be very very good with her. If you’re not, you are just dead weight. It came as a big suprice, that widow players on PC are actualy useful. Like really useful, sometimes I don’t get how are people doing it. I can’t even hit a Roadhog. On the other hand there are characters, that are significantly better on console, because they don’t need „aiming skill“ so much, for example Symmetra. It was a blast to play her in certain moments, but on PC? I was uselles af.



Comunication on the last gen of consoles is much better than it was on the old one. You obtain a mic for free with the console. So everyone can talk and interact with each other. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, mainly because I play on EU servers and there is a big language barrier. Because of that, there is rarely any communication. PC has both text and voice chat. The text chat is cool for a few things, but you can’t really type during a match, so you have to use voice chat. People are actually using it which was a pleasant surprise and if I won’t count russians or french people (I dont speak in Cyrillic or Baguette, sorry for that ☹), you can communicate, discuss a strategy and win. That is a big plus for PC.


Pace of game and final words

PC is much more intense, because people can do much more stuff. That doesn’t mean „console is slow“ it is not. It is just different. This is really hard to describe, you have to try it on your own to see and feel the diference. Trust me, when you play against Tracer on PC and you are used to a console, you are gonna have a bad time. Sadly, PC ruined my console main...Lucio, I don’t like to play him on PC, it just doesn’t feel right. Both versions are fine and this is just a subjective opinion, but I like the PC version more ☹ R.I.P. in peace Overwatch on PS4..you will be missed.

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Thank you for reading, I am litterary crying right now.



Personally i would always choose pc over consoles when it comes to fps games. American dad ftw btw!

It it is not as bad as pure PC players think. It is just different :D

I like the way you make this comparison between the PC version and PS4 version of Overwatch x)

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Thanks man! I am glad when somebody likes what i make :)

Like I said, quality posts deserve recognition! Nice job! :)