Overwatch – Paid Skin?

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I was about to play Overwatch and the game started to download a new update. I actually check out updates, patch notes and everything what is going on with the game and I did not expect this update. So I was pretty excited about what is goin on. The game launches and the big Pink Mercy shows up and I was like whoaa what a skin! And than I saw that you have to pay for the skin and there is no way other to obtain it differently.

So did Blizard turned into another EA? When I read the whole text next to the button „buy“ I realized, that the money made from the skin will go to the breast cancer research. Honestly, right after I read that I remembered the controversy which Shadow of Mordor has with their paid skin, if you don’t know what I mean just look it up…its sick. So I went on youtube to check out if Overwatch team has made a new video and they actually did. You can check it here:

Jeff said „100% of the proceeds of the Pink Mercy skin sales will benefit BCRF“. Not 90% or 50% to make some sweet charity cash, but the whole amount of money. When I looked up for more details I found that Blizzard did the similar thing in the past with World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. I honestly think, that this is a very good thing to do. People are buying skins like there is no tomorrow and if the whole amount of money goes to the cause, its a win-win situation. So if you are playing Overwatch and you have some spare cash, just think about it. Oh and for people who are saying, that the skin is „too expensive“ you are not buying a skin. Skin is a reward for donation and not vice versa.


Please tell me what you thing about this topic down in the comments!
Thanks for reading


I hopped onto overwatch a few hours it was announced and I saw a decent amount of mercy's have this skin already! Great to see that kind of support!

I was very stunned by amount of mercy skins! Some people are not that greedy :)

Its not all salt and toxicity in overwatch is it haha :)

:D haha it is not

I will buy the new skin. I like the campagne.

one of the best looking skins :)

Just a matter of how much they are calculating as the development cost. Could be a genuinely nice move too by the company.

Yea that would be interesting to know

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