H1Z1 - PS4!

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I was browsing a PS Store and bumbed into H1Z1 „open beta“. I was actually really supriced, that they are trying to save the game via console. So I clicked the download button to check out this game. After downloading I tried to log in, but I couldn’t, so I went to reddit if anybody else is having same issues like me and people did. The game was out for few hours and many people had same idea as me. Luckily after few tries I was ready to play!

Note that I played tons of PUBG and Fortine and I know that the H1Z1 was released before these two badboys. So I won’t compare them, I will only write about this game and how it feels. So because over 200k people were playing the game, matches were found in an instant. My first match and I landed right next to the zone (H1Z1 calls it gas or something like that) so the only thing I could do, was to pick up any gun near my character and run. While running I could check out the graphics, animation and so on… To be honest it doesn’t look too bad, but it doesn’t feel as polish as it should. The map itself is not that big, so I found people all the time, but because I had a shotgun, I couldn't shoot them, because they were too far. After little hiding I found a supply drop and it droped me some sweet guns. So now I was ready to try out the combat! Unfortunately this was my first time on PS4 in three months, because I played too much on PC. So my aim was little bit off. By little bit I mean, that I played 6 games in row and in every single one I was 1v1. I lost every single time ☹. However combat doesn’t feel so bad, but it is not as good is I would like to.

The other important thing is, that you can drive vehicles. I really dunno why, but they doesn’t feel right. And they are overpowered af. Some dude was trying to kill me by car and he was really bad, he could hit me many times. I shot at him all the time, but in the end…he killed me anyway. So watch out for cars!

The best thing on this game is in my opinion the atmosphere. Audio is very well done in H1Z1, so be sure that you are playing it with headset. The game is free to play and you can play it even without PS+. However there is a lot of microtransactions, but I think they are „only“ cosmetics. So if you want to try BR game on PS4, besides cartoony Fortnite, you can try this, but I would recommend you to wait maybe for a week. Because connection is very messy.
Thanks for reading.


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