COD:BO4 vs Battlefield 5

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It is always this time of year, when new Battlefield (even Star Wars version) and COD trailers are revealed. I like it, because I can argue with my friends which one is bad and which one is even worse. I have friends on every side, COD Fanboys, Battlefield Fanboys and haters. I am not one of them. I play almost everything. So lets look at both trailers.

Call of Duty

They released I think 3 trailers. Multiplayer, zombie and Battle Royale. To be honest, zombie will be still the same, I just don't like the fact, that the whole game is one big "easter egg", that you won't make it without youtube. However this is topic for a stand alone article. Next is Battle Royale...we all knew this one is coming and I am not even mad. Lets see how AAA studio will do this one. However they will monetize it like there is no tomorrow, I am sure of that. The last one is the worst one :)...Multiplayer trailer. Holy hell, they are too lazy to even make a new trailer! Just compare them here:

Same classes, more colors like it is some kind of Fortnite and the only new thing! HP BAR! Are they trying to jump on Overwatch hype wagon? The wagon that is 2 years out of the station?! So they won't make anything new I guarantee this to you.


Today I woke up, went to work, make myself nice cup of coffee and turn on my PC. My friend was spamming me like hell "dude check out this trailer, it is just horrible". I did check it out and I actually liked it. Its just a trailer and this one is like a short movie. The time-line is maybe some alternative WW2 with girls and black people all over the europe and many people hate it, I don't. However black-female-nazi is fucked up. Trailer is colored which is new fashion i guess, but not as much as COD. However I feel like they are trying to make something different and I want it! I don't want to play same game every single year. However people are hating it for no obvious reason. They really don't know what they want. Its always like "we need something new!" and than "TOO NEW!".

The good think for Battlefield is that they didn't show much in the trailer. So we can only debate what the game will actually look like. However remember...


Thanks for reading! And let me know what YOU think about these new trailers down in the comments.


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