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RE: Interesting People #24: Brian Fargo and Scott Bennie on Star Trek: The 25th Anniversary

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Oh wow - absolutely! Thanks @gmuxx :)

Deserved!!! so much effort going into these posts! Well done! This deserves over $100 for all the effort and originality. A+


Haha wow, thank you very much!

Appreciate that... like many others on here, I'm putting quite a few hours into every post, as it takes time tracking down industry legends, finding hours in their schedules when they are available for interviews, organizing original artwork or unique screenshots, etc...

Really kind of you to say. Thanks a lot @nickmorphew.

Tell me about it!

I spend hours working on my writing (and editing). You know you're producing good work (whether others see it or not, is often completely irrelevant) when you're putting in the hours.

I am adoring Steemit. It is making me write. As a writer, sometimes the hardest thing to do is actually write. You've got to sit down, allow the brain to rev up and finally produce thoughts coherent enough to get onto the screen (then the editing can commence).

I was reading some comments earlier this evening comparing Reddcoin and Steem and some people think that Steemit's inherently flawed as it is limited to it's own new social media platform. I don't know why the hate exists..but I'm loving this place.

Thanks for being here, @badastroza.


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