3 Secret levels of video games

in gaming •  6 months ago


Hey very good to all, these are some secret levels of video games that are quite rare because to access them you have to do specific tricks to unlock them and usually have cool mini games

SAINTS FLOW IN SAINTS ROW: this level is unlocked making the character have a nightmare, in which you must shoot a monstrous giant can until you can climb a big statue and control it to fight with the can MISSION OF THE MARIJUANA GTA 5: gta has many missions like this, in 5 if you go to the room of the character's son you will find a pipe with drugs if you smoke it and then you go to the square and smoke but the mission is unlocked where you must fight with some aliens being stoned MINIJUEGO IN WOLFESTEIN THE NEW ORDER: in this installment there is a mini game in which you can play the original game again you just have to look for an old mattress in one of the levels and sleep in it and enter the first game with its original graphics do not forget to leave your vote if you liked it and comment that you thought, greetings ~

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