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RE: Activision-Blizzard is now Big-Brother

in #gaming4 years ago

Well, this is weird. I mean, if I say something about Overwatch that they don't like on YouTube or something, they could ban me from the game? Thankfully, I don't play it, I'm not a big fan of these games designed to create addiction (PUBG as well).

Blizzard got a bit un-friendlier when Activision stepped in, and they are surely the ones to blame for this kind of action. I miss their times of Diablo 1 and Starcraft 1, when they still created new, interesting games. Not the cut-and-paste crap of the last decade.


They'll even ban you if you play their characters. For example if you pick a tank when there are already two tanks in the team. Also, they can ban you if you're shit-talking.

Also, I think Blizzard has been shit for years, dunno if it's Activision or not, but their flair was lost after Warcraft III, imo.

Well, that's extreme. I guess when you own the world you start thinking about crazy stuff to do without fear of losing a bunch of players.

All those users complaining about balance issues and shit ... They're just toxic and need to be put in their place, doncha know? Fuck Blizzard!

Just smack'em xD

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