Band of Heroes - Tales of Adventurous Gamers Uniting the Steemit Gamers - #GamersUnited

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Every single person has a unique tale to tell.

A story to share over a beer, or, in the case of the @GamersUnited community, over our unwavering devotion to gaming and the impact it's had on our lives.


These band of heroes - the "Brave Adventurers of Worlds Unknown", have joined forces to unite gamers of all genres, playstyles, and platforms, to come together as one and share our stories. How we got here; why we're here, and for some, why it's become

And so, we humbly begin our journey to invite and warmly welcome all gamers on Steemit to join the newest gaming curation community - a community by the people, for the people, on the path to reach a power level over 9000!!!

Let's begin by introducing some of the first members to charge into the abyss:

(Everything below was written and contributed by each respective member (mostly) - so language and styles will vary!)

Nyko aka @Nykonicstreamz - Moderator

"World of Warcraft has been my go-to game for 13 years."

The social aspect of the game is one of my favorite parts. No matter what you are doing you will interact with at least one other person and I find that to be awesome.

You are able to meet new people every time you enter a dungeon or a raid and your attitude towards those people can either build a friendship or make them hate you. Attitudes are a big part of this game.

In order to get that difficult boss down everyone has to work together and have a similar attitude about what they are going to do. I have seen many groups fall apart because one person is being rude and just ruins it for everyone else.

This game has been a big change for me in helping me to open up and not be so shy. In the past 6 months of me playing, I have started to actually talk with the random people i play with rather than just sitting there quietly waiting for something to happen.

I've made a LOT of new friends, all because I have been friendly and willing to help people out. I love being able to go into the Looking for raid section in the game, join a raid, and help get down one of the more difficult bosses while explaining everything as best as i can. A lot of times i will get 2 or 3 people that want to add be on Bnet just because I was willing to help them out.

Basically, I'm a WoW addict, and proud of it. ;)


@Volderhein - "Game Shark"

"Why do we game?"

I can surely say that personally, I enjoy it because we can all be our own Superbowl Stars when playing Tekken, Street Fighter V or even Super Smash Bros with our friends! Even if I enjoy my RPGs, Dark Souls, and my single player games, I can also say I enjoy gaming with a group of friends.

We make plans every 2 weeks so we can all go to the same place and practice Super Smash Bros Melee in a competitive way. We buy sodas, we buy pizzas, and we have a TON of fun, but the most important part is that we're hanging out and sharing an experience together.

So when you tell me that there's a community building up to unite and support gamers of all kinds here on Steemit, what do you think I'm going to do?

Of course, I'm gonna be part of it and help this community grow - because Steemit and gaming will take each other by the hand and help even more people connect and have fun together.

This is why I truly believe in the @GamersUnited community.


@ddrfr33k - Moderator

"We all remember when Guitar Hero took over households and dorm rooms in the mid-2000's."

I remember playing Iron Man in a friend's dorm and then asking my parents to pick up a copy for Christmas. My whole family is musically inclined, so I figured it would be a likely game they would pick up. My mom never particularly liked my "gaming addiction," as she called it, but something musical was likely to be a hit.

So it's Christmas Eve, 2005, and I get Guitar Hero 2. Not the first game, but still a solid title. I grabbed my PS2 from my bedroom and hooked it up in the main living area. Grabbed the game, started up, and my first song was "Surrender" by Cheap Trick. And my mom, the one who can't get into Video Games at all, is happy as a clam! She knows the song, and she's so happy that I'm playing a song from her younger years. She was so excited, she actually wanted to play it next!

She actually did a halfway decent job, too. I was impressed, she actually kept up on medium and finished the song! It was unusual for my mom, but then again, we're so musical that it makes sense when you look back on it.

She won't do Rock Band, which is what I have now, but she'll play Guitar Hero. Dunno how that works out...


@TheGoliath - Moderator

I'm basically the group troll ;)

My love of gaming started with the Atari and Nintendo and all retro consoles including the SNES, Sega Megadrive and original Gameboy.

I am a PC gamer with a variety of likes across genres. Always happy to game with others to have fun while trying to smash out the levels/missions/destroy enemies!

Since I'm a troll, I'll leave you with this....


Slothyy aka @GetSlothyy - Founder/Sloth Whisperer

I'm an all-or-nothing guy. When I'm working, I work, work, work, work, work, and when I'm not, I'm the laziest sloth this planet has ever provided us.

I've been an avid video gamer for nearly 20 years now. I remember playing Nintendo and Super Nintendo games with my Dad as a child - Ogre Battle for SNES was my absolute favorite!

He also got me into board games, card games, and even Dungeons and Dragons. I played Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh (won several tournaments that he took me to!), Mage-Knight (similar to Warhammer), Pokemon, you name it, I probably have played it or obsessed over it at some point.

My love for gaming eventually shifted it's focus to MMORPG's - specifically, World of Warcraft. I've played this game since Vanilla (2005, very first release) and am STILL playing to this day. WoW is pretty much crack for me - I gotta have that hit, and once I take one, it never stops!

For me, gaming has changed from something that I used for escapist purposes, to a mostly social and lifestyle change. I play with real life friends - we've done loads of LAN parties. I've also made a TON of friends in-game - one of them being @Nykonicstreamz. We pretty much play together every day, and have become really great friends - all thanks to WoW!

My passion for gaming led me to the idea that I should create a gaming community on Steemit - one that allowed other gamers to connect, share their passions, and even monetize them. And thus, @GamersUnited was born!

I'll probably continue to play WoW until it dies (it's been 13 years and it's still kickin') - but I'm honestly looking at shifting my gameplay to other genres now. Our community and the content they've shared have shown me some amazing games that I'd love to try out - so a change may be coming, soon!

Until then - I'll keep being my Slothyy self and lazily handle my shit.



@GamersUnited is a brand new SteemIt curation group for everything gaming!

Whether you're a game dev, streamer, artist that loves gaming, game reviewer, or have any other form of gaming addiction - we want you!

We also want to make a special shoutout to one of our modz @TheGoliath for delegating 50SP yesterday to the @GamersUnited community account - this will definitely help accelerate our growth and allow us to give back more to our members and the community at a faster pace! Cheers, mate!


If you'd like to delegate to our community as well, we will be offering a reward pool monthly. For every 25 SP delegated, you'll receive 1 entry into the pool - the prize is TBD, but it's looking like we'll give away a % of SBD we earn each month! Please contact @GetSlothyy via Discord if interested: Slothyy#2322

Join us today!

Gamers United


Use #GamersUnited in your posts for a chance to be featured in our daily digest/curation posts!


It's been an absolute privilege to work with everyone in this group to grow it into something that will one day be massive! I truly enjoy the time I spend working on growing it and engaging with our members, as well as looking through all of the content that you create.

It's only up from here, ladies and gents! I'm proud to be your Slothyy leader - let's kick some butt and keep gamin' out!

It's been nice, getting to know more gamers aiming for the collective coming together as a community, providing quality content to share and enjoy with everyone else.

So happy to be a part of and to help moderate towards the continued growth! So anyone interested should join and get to providing those great gaming posts. I delegated 50SP for now with the possibility of more soon, to help further this cause.

Let's keep the train fueled with coals because like anything new, a supportive community sees this steem train turn into the versatile, awesome electric train!

It's been a pleasure to have you not only as a member/moderator but also as a fellow gamer.

We're truly happy to have you as part of the team, and can't wait for us to continue growing together and helping lift everyone up!

We're also extremely grateful for the SP delegation, and need to figure out some sort of way to promote others to follow in your footsteps - it will help us all grow even faster!

Don't you worry, Mr. Goliath - this train ain't stoppin' anytime soon, in fact, we're roaring ahead full speed!

@GamersUnited is a brand new SteemIt curation group for everything gaming! Whether you're a game dev, streamer, artist that loves gaming, game reviewer, or have any other form of gaming addiction - we want you!

Please upvote this comment so that we can grow and help our members grow even faster - every vote helps!

Gamers United


Use #GamersUnited in your posts for a chance to be featured in our daily digest/curation posts!

Proud to have participated in this piece of content! I'm just glad to have found a gaming community which I can form a part of and feel a little bit more at home. I'm really glad to have joined the server and met @GetSlothyy and all the others! Thanks for being cool.

Nice work guys. Looking forward to good solid growth!

I love also playing RPG when I was on my 2nd year High School days like final fantasy. I had played Ragnarok Online but it was MMORPG.

Welcome! Steemit definitely could use some more power to the gamers, I've seen a lot of good content getting buried under all the spam and not getting any attention whatsoever. Hopefully this community will be a part of the solution.

That’s definitely our main goal - we wish to help make a positive change and create an ecosystem for gamers (and even others) to feel welcome, have their amazing content curated and shared, create new, meaningful connections, and ultimately grow alongside everyone else. We are stronger as a team than as 1 individual!

Absolutely, I know the struggle! I'll keep checking whenever I can to see other cool gaming content. I'll definitely use your tag and try to get some attention to the group.

I've never been a gamer (unless you count pinball machines). I've got better thumbs than my dog, but only barely.

What I DO like is your initiative and drive in pursuit of this project. I support what you are trying to do, even if I can't participate.

Thank you for the whole effort.

Yes @gamersunited. Your a old school gamer too, my first games were on the amiga and megadrive and now I'm PC. Love what your doing here and will be following.

We have a lot of old, mid, and new generation gamers in here - it's amazing! So cool to see and hear tales from everyone of different generations of gaming, yet still have a way to come together as a team for a common goal.

Thanks for the support Mrbongy!!

@GamersUnited is a brand new SteemIt curation group for everything gaming! Whether you're a game dev, streamer, artist that loves gaming, game reviewer, or have any other form of gaming addiction - we want you!

Please upvote this comment so that we can grow and help our members grow even faster - every vote helps!

Gamers United


Use #GamersUnited in your posts for a chance to be featured in our daily digest/curation posts!

I am very interested in your project, I've been playing gameplays for several weeks now and I do not have enough demand that I would like to have, and it's not just me, there are many people who play gameplays or talk about our favorite games but we do not have any way of doing it highlight in this platform but thanks to you surely in the future we will have someone to help us upload: D. If at any time I can make money I will see if I delegate a little steem power, all added account n.n. From now on I will start to follow, I hope this project becomes very big and we all benefit in some way.

By the way, I speak Spanish, so I would be the first Latino to know about this great community that is forming. Somehow I'll make them meet you, greetings ..

Hey @Xak - thanks for commenting! Feel free to join our Discord - the link is above in the post. We'd love to have you and all other gamers join us :)

BTW, soy aprendo espanol ahora, asi su no solo aqui :D (I know that's probably off, but you get the idea!)

I joined the Discord group and I introduced myself there, greetings ..

YES, GAMERSUNITE! I AM fracasgrimm480 on PlayStation Network. I play GTA5 (RRMC) ARK, WARFRAME, NBA LIVE18, BATTLEFIED and I also edit videos from gameplay. RESPECT

We are excited to have you on board as a full member! Welcome to @GamersUnited bud :) Much respect!

How do I get on board?

You have to go the groups steemit, upvote, and resteem their last /most recent post.

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what a nice game.... I love it

This sounds fun! Looking forward to this being big :)

We're glad to have you as part of the community now as well! We look forward to seeing what awesome content you share with us, and being a part of our journey to grow HUGE!

I adore likewise playing amusements when I was on my college days like last fantasy.Nice work folks. Anticipating great strong development.

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