What Video Games Taught me about Business and Capitalism

in gaming •  6 months ago

Last night I was hanging out with one of my friends who is a gamer and entrepreneur, and we got to talking about Runescape and the invaluable life lessons we learned as a result of playing that game (and games of the like) when we were younger. Don't believe the hype guys. Video games can teach you more than what your 4th-grade teacher would have you believe!

thank you for your time and attention, see you in the comments!

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Tough for us nerds to make videos like this. Especially out in public hahaha. Props to you man!


appreciate! I still get nervous when people walk past me a little bit and lose my train of thought. But its also like, if they arent aware enough to realize that 1000s of people are vlogging every day these days, I really cant help them lol


Bahaha exactly, I even get nervous around family still.

Gaming is life 👍🏿


I was talking to my dad today about how he doesnt even refer to video games as games anymore. We see them more as life simulators. So I agree, gaming is life... or is life just one big game??

How is your mother?


shes doing well. thank you for asking

It's strange to me, I'll have older people teaching me about some new skill, or trade, and I find myself comparing it to some aspect of a game I've been playing my whole like (I.E. resource management skills developed from playing Total Annihilation, market forces from the GE in Runescape) and they compliment my rapid ability to 'learn' these 'new' ideas and concepts. So I try to explain to them that I've been familiarizing myself with these concepts since I was as young as 5 years old, so the ideas aren't that new, they tend to become upset with me for one reason or another.

I'm not sure if this is just the fact I'm somewhat terrible at communicating, or if there is some pre-existing bias they have that makes them hostile when video games are mentioned. Either way, I appreciate seeing someone else talk about it, it's something I've always felt was somewhat true.