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It's time for a game review!!!

Good day everyone, it's been ages since my last game review, i hope the next one after this wouldn't be that long. So we're kinda in a festive period, and people aren't posting on steemit like they used to. Anyways it's all good, this is the time to make merry and celebrate, and that's what I'm gonna do.

I've been thinking of the genre to place this game that I'm about to review, but i think I've got it. It's a shooting game review. You're all gonna love it trust me.

Apart from it being a shooting game, it's filled with mutants.




The world has become something else and you're the only one brave enough to put an end to the devastating events. Humans are becoming mutants with every passing day, there is no cure in this damned revolution, so the only remedy is to end them.

Gear up with non relenting ruthlessness and equip the weapons suitable for giant mutant hordes. Kill them all!!

The picture above is the main menu, this is kinda like the market square linking to everywhere in town, you'll understand better when you download the game.


I like to call this part Gears of madness this is the section where you equip suitable armour before you embark on your journey of perils. The armors here are quiet tempting, but it is advisable to build yourself and earn lots of points, to buy one perfectly suitable for you. So choose wisely, at least i did.


Still in the Gears of madness i like to call this part, the inventory. This is where you choose marvelous and of course suitable guns to keep you safe from harms way also to blast open mutant heads.

Please buy a gun that doesn't get heated so easily, or else the mutants will have you for breakfast. No seriously choose wisely folks.


Throughout your gameplay you'll be posted to areas with high mutant activity, trust me it'll get awfully hard as you progress, but not to worry with the right equipments you'll be fine, it'll be a piece of cake, a sweet cake.

You'll be given your various missions by a friend who's in the military i think so try to build enough points, and also try not to get killed too often through your gameplay.



Now you see how the game is, seriously it looks like a console game i used to play, i didn't really believe it was free, and very cheap at that, now to work.

As you can see in the picture above, the Player is suited up in her quarantine suit equipped with a nice gun, that's how you do it, your surroundings are very much real too.

Please take note of this, your power ups are on the right side of the screen, also you can change your weapon through the game, you have lots of power ups to help you survive and to keep you going.

That's your health bar on the top left corner, you need to keep your eyes on that, to avoid being toast.

Also the green logo on the top middle area of the screen, try to make this full at all times to unlock better levels in the game.


If you're very observant you'll notice that this picture is a little different from the other one, that's right it is.

That's a mutant directly in front of the player, though they are small they're not to be taken lightly, as they're incredibly fast and always moves in hordes. So watch your back.

There's also a mini map on the top right side of the screen it's not the real deal, but it's kinda helpful.


Now this is the real deal, this is very different from the mini map and can be gotten to when you pause the game, use this frequently to not get lost and also to know where to go next.

Also note this, the blue icon on the map is your only way out, so be careful.


This game is fully offline and can be gotten way too cheap for it's worth, get the game on play store for free.


  • Available offline

  • Can be purchased for free on play store also very cheap

  • No in app purchases that i know of

  • All screenshots are gotten from my phone, taken from the game and play store.

my console bleeds

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