Weird Game Boy Cartridges Part 2

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Hello Steemians! This is my second post about weird Game Boy cartridges. Previously I wrote about Solar sensors and video cartridges - you can check this post here: Part 1. Today I have another portion of Game Boy peripherals to show you. This will be some really exotic stuff (at least in Europe).

Tamagotchi series

Tamagotchi Game Boy game it is modified version of original 'hardware' game. First Tamagotchi was released in 1997. Japanese cartridge color is white but also pink (sold in a bundle with pink GB Pocket). Tamagotchi 2 cart is yellow but it suppose to be different hue than e.g. Pokemon Yellow. The most interesting is cartridge of Tamagotchi 3. It is longer than normal, different shape, colored blue. Equipped with easy-to-replace battery. It is making sounds e.g. feed time alert even if game is shut off. It also has sound switch, so alerts can be muted.

Tamagotchi 1 sourceTamagotchi 1 (pink) source
Tamagotchi 2 sourceTamagotchi 3 source

Robopon series

Robopon released in 1998 by Hudson company. Longer than normal cartridges, all painted black, except Pocket Family GB 2 which is transparent (dedicated to GB Color). Cartridges have builtin infrared port with GB KISS functionality. Player can share data with other players through it. Games have also ability to interact with other IR devices, like TV remote controllers (to enable some extra features in game). They are also equipped with speaker and easy-to-replace battery.

Robopon Sun Version sourcePocket Family GB 2 source

Thanks for reading! More posts soon!

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