RESIDENT EVIL 5 -- Kill Zombies

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Screenshots not mine cos I forgot how to take a fucking screenshot on PS3 and by forgot I mean I have no frigging idea.

Yesterday I played Resident Evil 5 for the first time on my PS3. Now I'm not your most ardent gamer, in fact I'm the kind of gamer that I like to call a "sensual gamer" or a "pornographic gamer".

I do it for the thrill, the short but fantastic thrill. Picking up a new game is like picking up a new girl, she's charming, we have fun for a while, and that's it. Don't judge me!

Then I move on to another game, of course, same thing. Only game I ever completed is the second God of war. Anyway I digress.

For my new kill this week I decided to try out Resident Evil 5. It looked amazing and I was in the mood for some horror zombie killing.

THE GAMEPLAY starts with a story. Right no it doesn't. It starts with some cryptic message/entry in a diary, which you have like like five seconds to (not) read. Then the story.

It's Africa. Yay. They came to our Africa. But whoops, it's because some frigging litlle bastards in The West have invented some terrible virus and the undeveloped areas are to pay for it. I can't remember how the damn narrator phrased it. Anyway there's this agent dude in Africa came to save us. And he gets welcomed by this cute rocker chick who's (supposedly) supposed to be African.

images (1).jpg

Screenshots not mine cos I forgot how to take a fucking screenshot on PS3 amd by forgot I mean I have no frigging idea.

She's super duper hot and I frigging loved her. And I admit I only continued playing because of her. Well she's this protagonist guy's partner and together we'll save the under developed nations of Africa.

I played 55mins till I got bored.

And that's a good score for me, trust me.

The graphics was awesome, I mean, and the sound was dope too. Plus killing zombies rock every time. I hated that the guns didnt auto target but I'm guessing that might be my ineptitude.

Anyway thats it, guys. Thanks for reading.

P.S I will continue my poetry series. Pray to God for me.


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