The five people you will find in Rainbow Six Siege

in #gaming2 years ago (edited)

A couple of days ago, I was playing Rainbow Six and and came up with a new blog idea. I will be going over the five people you will run into while playing Rainbow Six. I only play on console so I won’t be able to say anything about CS:GO players.

  1. The Call Of Duty player. This player can beat you in any made of Call Of Duty and mostly plays the latest games. They have mastered every weapon in Every single game. So they Decided to buy Rainbow Six. How you can tell if they are a COD (Call Of Duty) player is when they dont peek a hallway, rush the objective room(s), call they enemy teams a hacker for shooting through a wall and killing them, and get mad when they play a shield operator, then they die.

  2. The Squeaker. This player ALWAYS has his or her mic on. That means,you can hear everything that that they are saying and everything that is going on within their room. These people also have a tendency to play music over their mic that nobody likes. You don't want to mute them because they may make an important call out. On the other hand, they never make callouts, sometimes, they don’t even talk. These people will also talk crap about their teammates with the mic on thinking its muted.

  3. The parent. This player sometimes has a mic and sometimes doesn’t. When they do have a mic, you can hear everything that’s going on. To identify this person ever the squeaker, they will nine out of ten times have a baby crying in the background and will have to either leave the game to take care of it or be AFK (Away from keyboard) or AFC (Away from controller) for the round. The bad thing about this is the parent will mostly pick a team operator. This is bad because When they pick someone like montagne, team will suffer because they won't have a shield operator.

  4. The five year old. This player is too young to play this game. Most of the time, their parents bought them the game because they wanted it for christmas or for their birthday. They are shocked by how photorealistic the game is. Half the time you are playing with one, they have to leave because they have to do chores or help the in the groceries. These people also think that there is aim assistance and mostly have bad aim.

  5. The I’m diamond in ranked so I’m better than all of you. This player has spent a lot of time getting diamond in ranked and because of that, thinks that there better than you. They have 200 dollar mics and will tell you everything that your doing wrong. They will always get the first kill of the round then be the first to die in that same round. When they don’t die, they will typically never clutch a 1 vs 1 in the end of the round and will then blame it on the rest of the team for dying. The only thing there useful for is good call outs.


So what type of player are you?

I knew a few squeakers when I was playing.

Speaking for all of us 5-year-olds WHHHHHAAAAAAA!

"The Squeaker", too funny!

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