My 50 favorite video game trailers (41-45.)

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Hello Everyone!

I have to say I really like to read/watch top lists of all kinds (PC games, movies, TV series etc.). I use IMDB regularly, I read Metacritic or the yearly Gamespot and IGN lists about video games. In my opinion, reading reviews and top lists can help you choose better products most of the time and it's a fun activity (at least for me).
I always wanted to make top lists myself, so I've figured out, it would be a good idea to make various top lists and share them in my blog posts with my viewers.

So let's continue my series with another 5 trailers!
(you can find the previous post here: 46-50.)


An important thing first: The whole list is my subjective opinion. Sometimes it was difficult to correctly rank them, and hell, I'm not even sure if I would make this exact same list in 2 weeks! So if you don't agree with it, or if you think there are titles, that should've made into my top 50, let me know in the comments! Some of those will surely pop up later in the series, but it's possible, that I didn't even see your favorites yet. I hope you'll enjoy watching these trailers and you'll find some valuable among them. (Watch out though, they can induce impulse buys! :D )

45. Quantum Break - Launch Trailer (1:01)

A cool, action-packed trailer with a cover of Nirvana's "Come As You Are" from Prep School for one of the best time travel stories ever.

44. Inside - E3 2014 Trailer (1:29)

A trailer for a game from my wishlist. Inside looks like a haunting nightmare with its dark tones and depressing colors. This is how you create a great atmosphere in a one and a half minutes trailer.

43. South Park: The Stick of Truth - E3 Official Trailer (2:02)

I haven't seen the last few seasons of South Park (I should work on this in the near future), but the game completely has the same feeling, visuals, vulgarity, and grotesque humor I remember from the series.

42. XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Last Stand Trailer (1:48)

The world is in danger, but who cares if we can listen to Danny Cocke's "Sinister Intent" in the meantime? According to my brother, it's a great game I should play. He is probably right, we'll see. What I already know is that this is a badass trailer!

41. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Opening Cinematic (4:27)

Are people out there who don't know the Diablo series? Blizzard was always known for its incredible cinematic videos (and games), we could mention for example Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 here. It's no different with the Diablo 3 expansions' great opening cinematic.

These were today's 5 trailers, I hope you liked them. I'll come back with the next batch in 2-3 days, so see you soon!


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Those are some cool trailers. Upvoted & Followed

I'm glad you liked them! And the best is yet to come!

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