Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus (FPS) Full Game Review For PC

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Wolfenstein 2 the new Colossus, a game that has garnered much attention and scrutiny over its political themes mostly by uneducated people who I doubt have ever played a Wolfenstein game in their entire lives and don't understand what the word context means, but for those of us who are actual Wolfenstein fans and simply playing games for the gameplay like most normal people do.


The question is how does it stack up as a shooting game and fit into the rest of the Wolfenstein series. Let’s get psyched and find out.

The new Colossus takes place literally right after the conclusion of the new order, BJ's has taken out Wilhelm Strauss and though he may have won the battle. They haven't really won the war with the Nazi presence still very much prevalent across the globe. Suffering from his injuries in the fight against Strauss BJ has suffered, some serious wounds turn him into a wheelchair-bound crippled and sending him into a comatose state over five long months.


During this time he gets branded as terribly by the Nazis, making him this sort of mythical Nazi murdering propaganda machine that is both feared and highly sought after for our Engel returns as the main antagonist who folks are gonna remember from the first game and her entire motivation is about capturing BJ and bringing him to what she sees as justice.

This all becomes too much for the dwindling Christ, our circle to handle on their own so they head to America to join forces with the resistance in New Orleans and New York City.

Now this plot is fine on paper and it does sound simple enough but the issue here is that the general level of pacing throughout the campaign is just really up and down and the writing in general is extremely inconsistent. You've got these moments that are genuinely poignant an emotional where you actually feel empathetic towards characters.

There are moments with bizarre offbeat humor that just seem really out of place and totally missed the mark. For example, it could be something like dialog with excessive swearing which is supposed to be comedic or even lazier moments of toilet humor like a scene where BJ and Anya are talking about mortality and yet their unborn children and then someone bursts out of a nearby toilet going on about how much of a good shit he just had.


There’re other times where you just have to see through these gratuitously violent scenes of people being tortured or killed, scenes that just often go on and on. The totally nonchalant way this game approaches the theme of violence is just off-putting at one point they'll pull off a very dark scene covering a theme like domestic violence and then yet in another scene, characters will just casually execute someone like it's the punchline to a joke. It's like a bad mix of a Quentin Tarantino film and South Park.

There were times in this game where I genuinely could not fucking believe what I was watching, there's a sequence about halfway through the campaign that takes a pretty dark tournament. People who have finished it will know what I'm talking about but it's then resolved within minutes by a lazy day of sex plot device kind of brushed off and never spoken about again.

Why am i prowling on so much about the story, well because in the new Colossus you're gonna be seeing a hell of a lot of it, in fact I'd say the cinematics to the gameplay is honestly maybe 60 at least, as sure as health feels like it especially during the first few missions where you'll play for like five or ten minutes then sit through another five or ten minutes of cinematics. And of course you might be able to skip these but then that leaves you without any kind of character development or knowing what your next goals supposed to be.

At least if nothing more, the voice acting is pretty damn good and the facial animations and lip-syncing, so it feels like you're watching an actual movie instead of people just standing in one place and talking for five minutes straight like we get in so many other FPS games.

Now you're probably wondering how's the actual gameplay side of things, well again that's kind of up and down if you've played the last couple of games in the series its basically just more of the same, but the new Colossus throws a few new mechanics into the mix to shake things up a bit. Earlier on, you're given Caroline's armor from new order which doesn't offer up any kind protection but allows you to do a kind of drop slam move to smash weak structures which I think I used all of, maybe twice my entire playthrough.

About halfway through the game, you're given the option to choose from three upgrades a harness which allows you to squeeze into small openings, a pair of battle stilts which are about as lame as they sound or an upper body rigs that allows you to sprint into certain objects in enemies smashing them to pieces.

Now this one's actually pretty cool then like the new order in the old blood gameplays broken up between those moments when you're sneaking around taken out nazi commanders. To avoid alarms being set off or just going in guns blazing and shooting everyone you come across.

However, the new Colossus does have much more of an emphasis on those stealth moments when you're sneaking around almost to the point where it felt like every single era you come across has a couple of commanders for you to dispatch and yeah you can just run right in guns blazing if that's your cup of tea, however the complexity of the environments being set across often multiple levels and the fact that you’re not given an indication as to whether or not, these commanders are above or below you, meaning during combat you're often running around hunting for them longer than you should be.

Also dealing with never-ending enemy spawns at the same time when enemies do spawn, they often quite literally come out of nowhere and from every possible direction I've had, enemies spawn from behind me at times from a point in the environment that they physically wouldn't have been able to have entered from and yet those moments in the game
Where you just get to go from area to area taking out Nazis without having to worry about tripping off alarms are the best moments in the entire game because that's when the new Colossus is being an actual shooting game, instead of trying to pass itself off as a stealth game with its foes stealth mechanics.

Stealth mechanics which are about as bare-bones as they could possibly be, yes that old press crashed a stealth gimmick combined with a lean button and simply avoiding line-of-sight, you know what? I'm honestly so sick of complaining about disappearing in games these days that I'm not even gonna bother. On the other hand, those shooting things too is just so goddamn satisfying whether it be machine guns, assault rifles, auto shotguns or the awesome Kraftwerk gun.

The combat is fast fluid and enjoyable, you can now upgrade weapons with upgrade kits you find throughout each mission making certain guns able to take out enemies, even the toughest of enemies with relative ease, turn your submachine gun into a nail gun for instance or allow the auto shotgun pillars to ricochet off surfaces doing increased damage or just out of scope and a higher battery capacity of the Kraftwerk gun allowing you to vaporize enemies for longer before having to recharge.


The sound is pretty cool most especially when you’re using a headset, you can hear all the crunching, slicing and the sounds of gun shots as if you were inside the game.

The graphics too is fabulous, the game is powered by iD tech 6 engine which is the same powerhouse behind Bethesda's ultra-violent Doom remake.

The iD tech 6 engine was made to work harder in wolfenstein, and one scene in America best described as the man in the high castle on steroids is one of the best example, where bombers soar through the sky, also painting it red and white [Nazi colors], it is very impressive.


If you want to get the best sound and graphics experience out of the game, make sure you play the game at 4k on your PC.


CPU: Intel Core i7-3770/AMD FX-8350 or better
GPU: Nvidia GTX 770 4GB/AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB or better
OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 (64-Bit versions)
Storage: 55GB


CPU: Intel Core i7-4770/AMD FX-9370 or better
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB/AMD Radeon RX 470 4GB or better
OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 64-Bit
Storage: 55GB


Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
Gameplay 9/10
Controls 9/10
Effect 9/10





October 27, 2017


Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus is an absolutely incredible game, I highly recommend you guys to go and buy it. If you played the last game, the new order or if you played dooming you happen to like that then you’ll probably love this game as well.

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Graphics amazing

I played it and thought it had amazing graphics and gameplay. The cutscenes are meant to be shocking and they were.

A very comprehensive review bud. Glad I submitted this to curie. Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate.

You'll be seeing more detailed review emanating from my blog.

I LOVE TO HAVE THAT TYPE OF GAMES .A valuable post for me .thanks


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Wolfenstein is one of my childhood games. Nice review thanks.


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Thank you

wow nice work Please follow now @technical.google

I played Wolfenstein: The New Order for the first time last year and had to saw it was super addicting. I loved the gameplay and art style.

I then picked up the Old Blood... Couldn't even finish it I was so bored.

I'm not quite sure why.

I'm curious to see what this new game has to offer, I see your review was very positive. All the other reviews I am seeing are negative saying the game was way too short


It's enjoyable

nice review man! I gave you a follow, and if you have the chance check me out and give me a follow as well. =]


Thank you. I've followed back.


what a nice game


Yea, its nice.

Very detailed review, good work... That game brings back memories, Wolfenstein 3D on my 486 pc


thank you

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One of the next games in my list. I was a bit afraid because of the reviews on Steam, but apart from some performance issues that I hope I won't get, it looks like the game is pretty good.

Best Game

I wasn't too sure about considering to buy this game, but this post helped me come to a clear decision - that this will definitely be my next buy! A great post, A follow from me, and I hope to enjoy more of your content


I'm glad you found my post useful. I just followed you back.

Expect more detailed review on my blog.

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Wow, thanks for the great (and long) game review, definately looks like something to look into :D


You're welcome.

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A poops. I can't play this. Old computer, not looking to upgrade. But it sure looks beautiful! Thanks.


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Oh God!!! This looks insane. Its interesting and pretty sad that I've never played Wolfenstein. I bet the graphics is sick af....and those guns...😨 A must get!


You can give it a shot.

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