Chain Clash - Battle of the Crypto Clans

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Anybody who paid attention saw it coming, but here we are, sharing some official information with you. We’re proudly presenting:

Chain Clash!

Chain Clash will be a free-to-play game that allows to collect, train and fight with humanoid avatars. These avatars live on the blockchain and their amazing looks are being produced by our partners from LA, California - DNABlock.

What’s this game?

Have you been tired of crypto Twitter and the constant bashes of one coin or blockchain being better than another? Why don’t you just get up and settle that… an actual fight? We’re here to help!

Avatars form clans to support their favorite crypto currencies. The stronger the community and the stronger their avatars, the better your chances of winning the community awards.

We’ll be revealing details about the game mechanics throughout the next weeks. There’ll also be a beta test that some selected invited users will be able to join. What we can tell you so far is the following:

  • The game will be web-based, so you’ll be able to play from any of your devices
  • It will be running on the EOS mainnet, and all the assets will be represented there
  • Avatars will be non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that you can freely transfer and trade with no fees

When launch?

The game will be launching in Q3 / 2019. Join our Discord to be the first to get the news what’s happening when and how you can participate.

What you can expect until then

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the game, pre-launch promotions and ways to keep in touch until it’s actually happening. That means we will be posting visuals, videos and news on Twitter, Instagram, this blog and under @chainclash, so make sure to subscribe. You won’t be disappointed!

The long-term plan

We’re working frantically to deliver the game to you in great quality. However, our roadmap is already boasting with additional mechanics, features and visuals. We’re here for the long haul, and we’ll be improving the game and making it more interesting at a high pace. We hope we can get as many of you as possible on this journey, and we’ll be listening to requests and advice from you, our community.

So, gear up for the launch and sign up to our Discord or the newsletter, and get this thing going!

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So who is behind this project exactly? Any prominent Steemit users? And why build this on EOS rather than Steem?

It sounds like an interesting project however you haven’t revealed much about the project team.

Thanks for your questions!

We're CHAINWISE from Berlin. We've been in the space for quite a while, but not so active on Steem (although we love Steem, just a matter of focus).

Head over to our website to check our founding team, or join the Discord if you want to get in touch with the @chainclash team directly. There will also be content directly from the team on the social channels and, again, Discord.

The game is built on EOS because that seemed like the best option for a game with its on-chain features, the scalability and the adoption in gaming. So far, we're quite happy with that choice.

We are, however, bullish on Steem, too, but for different types of applications. Happy to discuss more in-depth about this (maybe we'll also crank out a separate post on this).

What an incredible idea! Mix fun with our passions. Let's diversify this place.

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Thanks a thousand! Yes, we're having a lot of fun working on the game, too, and hope everyone will enjoy! We have a lot of news coming up in the following days, and looking forward to seeing more people excited and getting feedback from you guys!

Great idea. I await for the layout info and demo.

This is what came to me after visiting the discord channel:

Sounds like some corporate war game I played back in the day.
Why am I thinking Tron as far as game mechanics?

Maybe you're not so wrong...and TRON may also play a role in the game (pun intended).

Really got to get myself into tron :) Just now getting on the EOS plane

EOS is fine for a lot of applications. Tron probably is, too, but currently it seems EOS has a little more traction in the non-gambling area (apart from BitTorrent). It's gonna be interesting to see how a "clash" between Tron and EOS might play out... ;-)

Did not think Tron was the gambling aspect. Interesting. TY

what is this game a kind of debate?

We hope our androids don't look like they're here to debate. We're kind of a crypto-themed Pokemon on blockchain :-)

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Thanks for the post.

Nice article

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I already joined the discord. I will not miss this opportunity.

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That's us! Hello!

Wombat is here. You'll be able to play Chain Clash with Wombat. Get Wombat

I joined the discord. I'm excited for this. You have my interest.

I joined the discord.
I'm excited for this. You
Have my interest.

                 - matthewoz101

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

"Clash" always reminds me Clash Royale/Clash Of Clans.
Sorry... gamer mind. Good work of Supercell.

Yeah, it also took us a while not to associate it with those. But "Clash" is just such a good term. It's exactly what's happening :-)

I'm in...

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Something clever...

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