Chain Clash Private Beta Update #4

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Chain Clash is a new, free-to-play, mobile-first collectible and battle game, powered by blockchain. In case you’re new to Chain Clash, start with this introductory post, to learn about the game.


Clashanians, it’s time for another beta update! Our private beta has been running for a few weeks now and throughout our beta updates, we’ve seen quite some ups and downs for the crypto clans. However, despite the efforts and power struggles of each clan, one has emerged as a staple when it comes to top placements in the leaderboard: Bitcoin! On the other side, we’ve learned that EOS avatars have put in some serious work, which put them at the top in regards to win rates and avatar strength. Did they manage to translate that into the leaderboard and take Bitcoin’s crown? Let’s find out!

Clan activity

Let’s start things off by looking at which clans were the most active ones. For that, we’ll compare the number of clashes each clan has participated in out of all clashes that took place since our last beta update.

Clan activity (% of all clashes they’ve participated in):

  • #1 - Bitcoin: 37,87%
  • #2 - Tron: 26,24%
  • #3 - EOS: 22,52%
  • #4 - ETH: 17,08%
  • #5 - Bitcoin Cash: 6,19%

With Bitcoin’s popularity in Chain Clash, it’s no surprise that the Bitcoin avatars have participated in more clashes than the other clans. But is Bitcoin just as successful as it is popular?

Strength vs win rates

Before we jump into one of the most important metrics, the win rates, let’s first have a look at the average strength of each clan. Last week, EOS has been leading the field and Bitcoin only managed to take the fourth spot. Although we’ve learned, that strength doesn’t equal success, it’s still an indicator of how well a clan’s avatars are doing. Let’s see if EOS managed to retain the lead…

Average strength per avatar (sum of all attributes):

  • #1 - EOS: 66,66
  • #2 - Tron: 64,98
  • #3 - Bitcoin: 63,32
  • #4 - Ethereum: 61,60
  • #5 - Bitcoin Cash: 60,89

Although EOS avatars, on average, still are the strongest ones, the gap to #2 and #3 is shrinking. Let’s see what that means in the context of the win rates.

Average win rates per clan:

  • #1 - EOS: 60,44%
  • #2 - Tron: 53,77%
  • #3 - Ethereum: 53,62%
  • #4 - Bitcoin: 45,10%
  • #5 - Bitcoin Cash: 16,00%

First of all, let’s not talk about Bitcoin Cash. Looks like some avatars had a rough two weeks of clashing. We’ll just pretend this never happened...

On the other side, EOS avatars seem to make themselves comfortable at the top! With Bitcoin suffering quite the loss in terms of win rate, will EOS finally take the crown in the leaderboard as well?

Leaderboard placements

I know we keep repeating ourselves, but it’s true: in the end, only the leaderboard counts! So, let’s have a look at how the clans performed when it comes to their representation at the top of the ladder:

Avatars in...... top 10... top 50
Bitcoin Cash25

Well, look at that! We have an equal representation of all clans in the top 10! It looks like the top avatars of the other clans have stepped up their game to push the top Bitcoiners down the ladder. Only a sudden sign of weakness, or do we see a trend here? I guess the next beta update will tell!

The clashing metagame

If you’re now all hyped up to jump into our private beta and help your favorite clan to perform, you’ll want to read this section. Because although we don’t want to share too much info about the metagame, which would give you an unfair advantage, here are some interesting facts:

  • Out of all attack moves used, 36,26% are “grab”.
  • Out of all defensive moves used, a whopping 68,47% are “low block”.
  • Ethereum seems to be the most “opinionated” when it comes to fight moves. 46,86% of the attack moves used are “grab”. 76,81% of the defense moves used are “low block”.
  • The most successful fight strategy which will win you every clash is: nope, just kidding! Try and find one for yourself!

If you want to learn more about Chain Clash, our beta, or how the clans perform, stay tuned on our blog! In case you don’t want to just watch from the sidelines but fight for your favorite clan yourself, then join our Discord to get into the private beta. Also, let us know in the comments which clan you’d like to fight for!

As a side note: we've just recently released a first short teaser trailer. Check it out here if you didn't yet!

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