Chain Clash Private Beta Update #3

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Chain Clash is a new, free-to-play, mobile-first collectible and battle game, powered by blockchain. In case you’re new to Chain Clash, start with this introductory post, to learn about the game.


A little more than 6 weeks ago we’ve started the closed beta of Chain Clash. In the meantime, our testers have been clashin’ relentlessly and testing the limits of their avatars. Today, it’s time to take another peek at the results of our testers’ efforts and check how they and their clans have performed.

In the last beta update, we’ve learned that Tron and EOS clearly managed to surpass the other clans in terms of their average win rate. However, back then they weren’t able to translate their success into good standings in the leaderboard. Was their temporary success just a lucky shot, or were they able to build on their success? Let’s jump into this week’s stats update and find out.

Bitcoin - still the popular one

In our first beta stats update, four weeks ago, we’ve looked at the popularity of each clan. Making up for about one-third of all avatars, it became clear that Bitcoin’s popularity also translates into Chain Clash. However, that didn’t mean that Bitcoin avatars also were the strongest and most successful ones. Let’s see if that, or the new testers joining, helped other clans to become more popular.

Here are the updated numbers for avatars per clan:
#1 - Bitcoin: 71 (30,6%)
#2 - Ethereum: 48 (20,7%)
#3 - EOS: 47 (20,3%)
#4 - Tron: 40 (17,2%)
#5 - Bitcoin Cash: 26 (11,2%)

It looks like the other clans didn’t manage to dethrone Bitcoin in terms of popularity. But as we already learned in the previous stats updates, popularity doesn’t mean success. Before we take a look at the clans’ performances, let’s first check how active they were to get more context.

Clan activity (% of all clashes they’ve participated in):
#1 - Bitcoin: 60,6%
#2 - EOS: 42,9%
#3 - Tron: 42,8%
#4 - Ethereum: 32,9%
#5 - Bitcoin Cash: 20,8%

NB: The numbers for clan activity only factor in clashes within the last two weeks.

Will the strong finally succeed?

Okay, so it seems that Bitcoin avatars are popular and active. However, quantity doesn’t equal quality, especially in Chain Clash. Two weeks ago, we surprisingly saw that Tron and EOS took the top spots in terms of win rates, despite their low values in strength. Have they been able to defend their success, or did Bitcoin in the meantime outperform the other clans in clashes as well? We’ll find out now….

Average win rates per clan:
#1 - EOS: 54,3%
#2 - Bitcoin: 53,5%
#3 - Tron: 52,6%
#4 - Bitcoin Cash: 42,9%
#5 - Ethereum: 39,1%

NB: Again, we’re only looking at data since the last beta stats update.

Whereas Tron avatars seem to have suffered more losses than before, EOS is still going strong and now defending the top of the leaderboard. But in contrast to two weeks ago, Bitcoin is now closing in on the top spot.

EOS avatars seem to be doing something right in clashes. Two weeks ago, they were still among the weakest of avatars, so what has changed?

Average strength per avatar (sum of all attributes):
#1 - EOS: 64,8
#2 - Bitcoin Cash: 62,8
#3 - Tron: 61,9
#4 - Bitcoin: 60,1
#5 - Ethereum: 58,3

Finally! Looks like we’ve found something that Bitcoin avatars are not among the best at. And no, we’re not biased. We’re just all for diversity! ;)

Only one metric really matters…

Within the last few weeks, it seems like EOS has managed to become the winning clan in terms of performance and strength. However, in the end only one metric counts, and that’s the leaderboard standing. With all their success in clashes, did EOS avatars manage to catch up in the leaderboard? Let’s find out.

Avatars in...... top 10... top 50
Bitcoin Cash25

And again Bitcoin is dominating. It seems like the Bitcoin avatars were able to defend the good start they’ve had when we launched the beta and the resulting standing in the leaderboard. However, with EOS avatars continuing to outperform in clashes and strength, we guess that it’s just a matter of time until the Bitcoin clan has a serious contestant!

If you want to learn more about Chain Clash, our beta, or how the clans perform, stay tuned on our blog! In case you don’t want to just watch from the sidelines but fight for your favorite clan yourself, then join our Discord to get into the private beta. Also, let us know in the comments which clan you’d like to fight for!

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