Chain Clash Private Beta Update #2

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Chain Clash is a new, free-to-play, mobile-first collectible and battle game, powered by blockchain. In case you’re new to Chain Clash, start with this introductory post, to learn about the game.


Two weeks ago we’ve posted the first update about our private beta. Looking at the metrics about avatars, clashes and clans it became apparent that some clans seem to receive more support from our testers than others.

Bitcoin not only received the most support in terms of avatars bought by players but also scored the highest win rate across all clans with BTC. However, Ethereum avatars were clearly the strongest when looking at their combined attributes.

Never ignore the underdogs

This week we want to share some insights again, and see if Bitcoin and Ethereum were able to keep their authority. Let’s jump right into it and start with the average win rates per clan (we’re only taking into consideration clashes since the last update):

  • #1 - Tron: 58,82%
  • #2 - EOS: 53,06%
  • #3 - Ethereum: 49,41%
  • #4 - Bitcoin: 45,45%
  • #5 - Bitcoin Cash: 43,43%

That’s a surprise, isn’t it? It seems like the losers of the previous weeks have stepped up their game quite dramatically. Previously at the bottom of the win rate leaderboard, Tron and EOS now are dominating!

The leaderboard is a tough place

The question now is, did their two-week win streak help to conquer the top of the leaderboard, or were the other avatars too far ahead already? We can find that out by looking at the appearances in the leaderboard:

Avatars in...... top 10... top 50
Bitcoin Cash39

Looks like they need to keep their win streak alive for a little longer to make it into the top ranks...

Strength doesn’t equal success

We’ve learned in the last update already, that strength doesn’t necessarily equal success, but let’s see if that’s different for Tron and EOS. For that, we’ll look at the average combined attributes:

  • #1 - Bitcoin Cash: 49,17
  • #2 - Ethereum: 46,96
  • #3 - Bitcoin: 46,40
  • #4 - Tron: 45,89
  • #5 - EOS: 44,95

NB: We’ve recently updated the attribute system for avatars, which is why the numbers look different from the attribute values in our last update. To learn more about it, join our Discord or check out this feature spotlight.

Again, it seems like the strong ones are not able to convert their power into success. Maybe the underdogs Tron and EOS just found some OP fight strategies. We’ll never know…

The fighting metagame

Or...maybe we do know. We might be able to find out the secret ingredients of Tron’s and EOS’ success by looking at their fighting preferences. Let’s check which moves they’re using in clashes:

  • Across all clans, EOS seems to be the most aggressive one. A whopping 45,5% of moves used are punches
  • Tron avatars bet on a more evasive strategy. The move used most often in their fights (42,2%) is “dodge”

There are two possible learnings here. Either those moves are really good versus the other clans, or heavily betting on one move is the way to go. Well, we don’t want to reveal too much about successful clashing strategies, and during the private beta there will be some more changes to the clashing system. If you want to learn what works, find out for yourself by joining our beta!

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