"I got crabs!" - Stranded Deep

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Brainpod Transmissions #2 - Stranded Deep Part 3

In this episode I get crabs when I continue my recording of Stranded Deep and get up to date with where I'm at in the game play with the video. The new island I find is very promising and I find the shady side to make my shelter and go crab hunting. Are these ninja crabs? Or are my spear skills just garbage?

Moving forward I'm going to work harder on my commentary while gaming and my editing skills. This is technically the 3rd video I've made so bear with me as I grow and develop this skill.

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Thank you all! 🙂

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End Transmission

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Awesome seeing someone play something like Stranded Deep, this is like a breath of fresh air, thanks for sharing!
I've actually been doing some "historical" gaming posts lately, covering noteworthy games released in certain years (just made two about 98 and 2000) and it's really cool how these survival kind of games appear to be on the rise right now

@emtecks Very nice! I am making my game list video next with a list of the game I'm gonna play. There are certainly a bunch of survival games on it! I followed you back. Game on!

Awesome! Would also love to see Forest if you are into that kind of stuff

The Forest is on the list! :-)

Nice! Do you use twitter? I have my twitter account linked through steemengine to automatically tweet my posts. saves me a lot of time.

@classicmemes, I don't really use twitter bit when I post on my website it posts there.

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