Axie Infinity Breeding Session #10: "Toward the pure triple owl bird" - (Ethereum game)

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Axie Infinity Breeding Session #10: "Toward the pure triple owl bird" !

Here is the situation, I have a lot of bird with the owl ears but I don’t have the other owl part on my birds genes to breed them with. In this episode, I tried to get the owl eyes and the owl mouth on a bird in order to make an attempt for a pure triple owl bird.


Let’s start the explanations!

It is pretty simple, I found a beast axie in my collection that have both owl mouth and owl eyes and I will try to breed him with a bird of mine that already have the owl mouth part to increase the chance:


I also chosed them because there is a small probability of getting a pure bird. Not a lot of chance of that happening but still possible right ?

Probabilities :

-P1( double owl) = 0.75 * 0.325 = 24,4%
-P2(double owl on a bird) = P1 * 0.5 = 12.2%
-P3(double owl on a pure bird) = P2 * 0.406(bird ears) + 0.438(bird horn) +0.375(bird back) + 0.406(bird tail)= 0.33%

I guess that two get a double owl on a pure bird is too much to ask but we have still a good probability to get the double owl part.

Rendez-vous in 3 days to discover the result!

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We just bought some land and axies a few days ago and are super addicted now lol


Very addictive game indeed, I guess we'll meet in Lunacia :p