M&B Warband: The Siege of Grims-Reach

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What is Mount and Blade Warband?

Mount and Blade Warband is a medieval style sandbox game with strategy during combat, as well as managing an empire. With a huge aspect of role play in it. You are a traveler whom can do anything they please, be a peasant for your entire time playing or become a mighty ruler of the lands you are on. The choice is yours in Mount and Blade: Warband.

With that being said, let's get into the story

The war between the Germans and British reigned on, a small garrison was defending a small fortress upon a hill in which protected the homeland of the entire British empire. If they fail, then, the rest of the empire becomes vulnerable to a full-scale invasion. The fate of the entire empire rested upon this garrison.

I awake to the noise of gunfire and screaming, I grab my musket and look over the wall. To my eyes I see the Germans charging toward us with a mighty force far larger than ours. My comrades are scrambling around trying to get some order among us and prepare a defense to protect the fort until reinforcements arrive to save our lives.

Their army started to gather at the gates of our fort, quickly​ breaking through with minimal resistance. Not a moment after I hear orders being barked around to defend the other gate-like choke point we have left in order to protect the tower at the top of the fort. Men such as myself quickly sprint over to this choke point setting up a ​defense for the oncoming onslaught ahead of us.


With all the other men setting up defenses and readying aim, I prepared myself for when they broke past sitting behind a defensive point. Knowing them breaking in is inevitable, my fellow soldier in from of me setup sandbags for just the instance. The wait was not a long one, we killed as many of them as we could, half of ​our defending army was slaughtered in their push. Making us fall back to the last point we had.

Smoke from the muskets quickly filled the air making it almost impossible to breathe, holding the point for what felt like hours it appeared as if we were going to make it through the siege​ and last until reinforcements arrived. With these thoughts crossing my mind, my morale was higher than it had ever been.

As we felt it was almost over, we were pushing back the never ending enemy horde. Not shortly after thinking that I heard cannon fire, and explosions coming from the port down at the bottom of our fort. I sprint over and see what is going on, looking over the same ledge I noticed more soldiers coming, at this moment all hope was lost, we only had twenty men against their now two-hundred plus force. We fought until the last breath, alas the fort fell to the Germans, we failed our country.


The End

That concludes this little short story for the battle of Grims-Reach. More stories like this to come soon, if you liked this one leave a follow and stay posted for more like this.

Thank You for Reading!

As always I would like to thank everyone for reading ​if you liked this content feel free to let me know in the comments below and/or by an upvote as well. I hope you all enjoyed​ reading this short story and wish to read more. As well I would like to thank everyone for your support!

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Beautiful article i am living it as i reading it. awesome

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