The Sims Mobile Game is Fun to Play But...

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Ah well... it was fun while it lasted. My phone isn't perfect for mobile gaming even though it's why I bought it in the first place. Tsk.

Yes, I should really replace it with a better business smartphone. And then I should get a tablet to play on instead of use my current phone. Hmmm.

So I was looking for a mobile game to play last month and decided on this one.

I used to play The Sims & The Sims 2 in college while working at the school paper office. Yeah yeah we still did our work even though we played during our off times. Hey students don't get paid to manage and be active in the school paper but we get enough experience on how things should work. It was still fun.

Anyway so nostalgia aside I tried this one out because the other Sims mobile game I played some years ago just sucked. I think it's called The Sims Freeplay.

Haven't played The Sims in years, not even on console games like Nintendo DS. The games are even available on PlayStation but I have never played any of it. So sad. As for the 3rd and 4th Sims game, I only see a lot of it online including the expansions packs etc but I have never bought or tried them.

The Sims Mobile game seemed different so I tried it out. It's kinda new too since the first game trailer was launched last year. Another newer official trailer was released on March 2018, together with the game.. So it's pretty new actually. I haven't been able to play much games in a loooong time.

Play Using Customized Characters

Say hello to my main character. Oh wait I shouldn't post its name. Haha, you might not find it anymore after I uninstalled it. I dunno.

Initially this is what she looked like. 😊 I chose the hair, make up, eyebrows, nose, body and everything else including the clothes and shoes.

The Sims characters have their own language but all the text is in English. Not sure if in the settings there is also a way to change the language. Didn't check. But I was seeing Korean and Japanese letters as character names too... 🤔

Eventually I was able to make another playable character. This time I chose to make a guy.


I named it James Ives. So if you play this game and see it around, know that it was something I made. Hahaha. But wait I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Sims Life

So the game is of course human life simulation. My Sims eventually got jobs and went out on dates and went to parties etc.

You can have up to four playable characters but you only get two for free. The rest you have to buy with Sims money. Or... I think if I had played longer it would unlock as I get to higher levels.

Here's my female character working as a restaurant chef.

Here she is working at a cafe too.


But I had it leave the barista job and so she finished the chef career level and moved on to be a seamstress. James is the barista. 😊

And here they are going to parties and socializing. There are birthday, wedding, foodie, concert and other parties available to start or join.

Look at James go!


And then I changed his look and he became cooler than before. Became such a ladies man actually. 😂


I changed my main character's clothes and hair too.

In their Sims house living room, there's always a photo display that keeps changing everyday or everytime I update a character's look. Check this out.


So of course you can also add characters as friends. Look at all the women characters James added. 😂


You can even add players as friends too. Meanwhile, look who's busy on a date! 😂


James went out on a lot of dates with a lot of women. Without my knowledge another player actually got interested with James. Huhu. Look at this!

Someone asked for my Sim to move in with their Sim! Omg! How shocking, I didn't realize it could happen. 😱 Yes players can interact with other players in the game. But not in actual or real time. We play our own internal mobile games but we can interact with other player characters too.

So of course at first I got shocked, nooo I didn't want James to leave! Then I got a bit sad but I thought, well I can always make another character, right? So I let James leave. Huhu, it even left an heirloom for me. Yes, characters leave heirlooms and then you lose control of them. Characters can even retire and grow old if you choose retirement.

Because I let James go, I made another guy Sim. This time I made it geekier. But somehow it seemed like I preferred it to flirt with guys. Oh my. Maybe it was because of how it looked.

Say hello to James' bro, Lance Ives. 😁


Anyway so I tried changing it's facial features and clothes to make it look a bit cooler and maybe manlier.


Lance works as a DJ.


And I made it go to parties too for exposure.


In parties the characters can use their hobbies or work skills to "show off" to guests.

Meanwhile my main character got engaged with another Sim. 😂 Why not when James was "taken away" from me! 😱😱😱

Actually she eventually got married the last time I played it.


I couldn't ask the other guy Sim to move in the house yet because I haven't bought the bed and all that's needed for married characters.

Sad life I had to stop playing the game. It kept eating up my phone's internal memory. Bad Xiaomi Red4A, Bad!!! No I will not root you and all that. Bad Xiaomi! 🙄

Look what I've been getting. 😅 Not so much fun when you play and keep getting this.

Of course my real life is more important to me than this game so bye bye Sims. So long and thanks for all the fun. No option to save in the micro SD card so bye bye.

I need my emails, other apps and other important stuff more than the game. 😂 Or yeah, I should buy a tablet maybe if I want to play more.

Game Features

Aside from having playable characters, you get to be an interior designer or fashionista as well. I had to buy clothes, shoes, furnitures, appliances, expand the house, etc.

You can use Simoleons or Sims Cash to buy things in the game. You'd also need cupcakes and cake slices to have energy per action you make. Each action uses up energy so better use them on tasks. If you want to buy more Simoleons or cash in the game, you can also purchase some by really buying them using your own money.

If you see stars above characters or objects then it means you can interact with it and use some energy to play.

A Sim can have different careers and hobbies too. That's how you earn Sims money. For hobbies, my main character writes, James cooks at home, while Lance plays the guitar.


The latest update is the LlamaZoom Tasks where it gives daily things to do for your Sims. It gives players goals to achieve, otherwise the quests would get boring.


You can level up and finish Sim careers, hobbies and relationships too. You get rewards per level or task.


You can see my game level at the top right blue bar. As you level up, more items become available: trendier clothes, furnitures, various locations, etc. Or gain access to career and hobby items to finish tasks faster.

Players can also give characters some stickers when they first meet. It can say "Hot", "Cool", "Silly", etc. There's a weekly contest of getting the most stickers too. I dunno where the leaderboard is though.

There are also different areas you can go to. The parks, recreation areas and workplaces are in different towns. You can unlock them depending on your level or use some Simoleons to unlock.

But don't worry, even if it is locked your Sim can still go there during dates and other Sim activities. It's like a preview of the locked areas. I don't have any screenshots and can't take some now because it's not on my phone anymore. Haha.

Let's just say you can do various things in The Sims Mobile game. Explore it to your heart's content.

Game Review / Verdict

With all the features and things you can do, it's not really that bad even with my phone's limited memory. I wouldn't have uninstalled it if the game and other app files didn't keep growing.

You can't play it without an internet connection though. If the game has available updates, you cannot play it unless you download the update. Bad for my phone's internal memory but good for you if your smartphone allows apps to save in the micro SD card. Haha.

The graphics is not perfect nor high definition but the characters looks cuter than ever. Overall it is fun enough to play. Who needs very high definition characters anyway? That would eat up my phone memory some more if it's graphics heavy. Play on a computer if you want some real amazing graphics. 😂

The gameplay is pretty easy and the music and sound effects seem perfect enough imho. No outside tutorial needed to play it too, at least for me. Mini game tutorials are available. Otherwise just click and choose which actions to take. Nothing complicated at all. You can drag furnitures and other things around. You can keep them in storage or buy more.

It is not boring or repetitive because it can bring out players' creativity. Design the Sims character, life and the house/office details anytime you can.

Here's the game trailer. I have a short video of me playing it but alas I had to delete it because you know... Out of memory. Should have transferred it to my micro SD Card but nevermind.

All in all it's still a fun time waster. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Because of my phone issue with the game I could give it a 3.5. 😂 Otherwise it would be a 4.5 but I'll keep it at 4 because I want to play it some more in the future.

If you need some R&R it's fun to play it during idle times. Otherwise quit playing and do quick real life online tasks on a computer via Spare5 to earn real $$$ instead. 😂


For my art, writings and other posts, feel free to check my Steemit blog page.


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Images are my mobile screenshots while I played the game.

Written by @artgirl for Steemit.
© Art x Stephanie Rue

@artgirl is a freelance artist, writer and an online seller. For art and writing commissions, feel free to contact me.
For business inquiries, you can chat me up on, Telegram or send me a Facebook message. Link in my bio.


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Sims can definitely be too time consuming, It’s such a fun game though. I really miss it at times.

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Haha yeah I think I'm good for now. At least I've played it for a month or so. 😁

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Thank you. :)

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Great post @artgirl!!

I was wondering... Do you have discord?

SteemPh Discord ---->


Thank you. No Discord but I have Telegram and 😊

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We have a staff position available in @SteemPh and your name came up 😊. We communicate via Discord so if you're interested we will need you on there.


Oh my... For which position? That's interesting. How abt via Messenger? 😅 I am happy to have been suggested. Unfortunately I really prefer to stay out of Discord as of now.

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Oh thanks. 😁

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Oh look at one of my favorite games. I was hitherto a fan of Sims Freeplay before testing this out. I loved it mainly because of the flexibility in customizations. However, the graphics were pixilated on my phone so I had to just ditch it. That was my only problem. Are you saying you just ditched yours out of space?


Yeah. But it's fun to play. Will play again in the future.

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