PLAY & WIN 100% of $BD earned by me from this post

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Are you a genius who can predict numbers? Or at least are your guesses usually correct?

Then here's how to show off your mad skills and play:

  1. You MUST UPVOTE this post with your current voting power worth min $0.01. Upvoters with $0.00 will be disqualified and pilloried and muted eternally.
  2. You MUST RESTEEM this post, as this will increase the number of players and consequently the prize. Few players = small prize. Many players = bigger prize. You don’t wanna win a small prize, do you? ;-)
  3. In the comments, you MUST WRITE a NUMBER between 0 and 900403. The person whose number is nearest to the number hidden behind the cloud wins.

The cloudless picture will be revealed in a new post at the end of the contest. Thanks for playing, everybody, and...

FAQ to read if you’re bored out of your mind or have no life outside of Steemit:

Q: How do I know you won’t tell your mom what the number is?
A: Even if I did, my mom hasn’t got a Steemit account, and so she couldn’t play the game. Besides, do you really think I – the author of Inhuman Conspiracy trilogy in the making – would be risking my stellar reputation for the sake of any less than $1,000,000 SBD? I guess nope.

Q: Isn’t this game just a stupid lottery?
A: You’ve hit the nail right on the head here, and you’re not the first one to have done that.

Q: How do I get the SBD when I win? I want the money now, you steem-hoarding bastard!
A: Calm down, dude/ss. As soon as I’ve received my SBD payout, I’ll transfer the exact value of that to the winner.

Q: But you do keep the Steem-Power half of the payout to yourself?
A: Of course, I do – I’m not an idiot. But even if I was an idiot, powering it down would take months, so it wouldn’t be very practical.

Q: What should I do if I disapprove of this game?
Q: Hmm... Go eat a hamburger? Move on? Pray for my rotten soul? Scream your head off? Create your own anti-lottery?

Q: I have an idea on how it improve the mechanics or fairness of this game. Can I submit my idea?
A: We both know submission is the only 'choice.' Peace.



because i feel like this will simply be entertaining. :P

You're the winner. Well done!

well hot diggity dog! :P

Transferred 0.500 SBD to bucho :-)

much appreciated, sir!

Thank you very much for your active participation and contribution!

Thanks @bucho. I’m thrilled imagining how high this can go up :-)

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Competition is heating up!

Great idea and looking forward to it growing!

You're the runner-up. Not bad! ;-)

Transferred 0.490 SBD to scottish01

Thanks very much, it was a cool competition :-)

Thank you very much for your active participation and contribution!

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