Red Dead Redemption Online - Stream #1 - 11/30/18 - with @aewind of Accelerated Evolution live @ (edit: link added to stream)

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Red Dead Redemption Online - Stream #1 - 11/30/18 - with @aewind of Accelerated Evolution live @

Any Steemians would like to group up on PSN? add Kpins2889 and let's make some -💰-💲-💵-

It's time for us to explore the wild west in #RDRO / #RDROnline - #RedDeadRedemption had fantastic Multiplayer. Both the free-roam and TDM/FFA/team-based gold captures = The best CONSOLE multiplayer experience I had, especially when they added free 'DLC' and updates such as the fort style takeovers in free-roam where you would start to take over an area in a circle (such as the saloon) and it would be contested by other players until the last person standing claims it. Also, cooperative missions for up to 4 players equaled some of the most fun I had on a console PLEASE NOTE: I am a die-hard PC gamer

Fast Forward 8 years and it's time to dive in and experience Red Dead Online... uhh 2. (Wasn't RDR's Online component called RDR Online? I may be mistaken). Anyway, I will be starting off the first 1-3 episodes of RDR:O using the standard PS4 Pro Controller although I do have a keyboard and mouse converter coming which has presets made for RDR2 that I will be far more comfortable with to use in both SP and MP. 😱


  • NOTE: Red Dead Redemption 2 - full play-through Part 14 will be live-streamed later tonight or tomorrow mid/late afternoon. No worries, while I stated I would wait until I finished the SP campaign... The rate at which I play would likely mean the time I got around to RDR:O it would be on PC already 😆

  • Special Thanks to the content creators below:

Thank You so much for the support!

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towards the end of the stream when you joined paradox_jin's game and talked to him about awaiting a Keyboard / Mouse converter to aid your aim, I just wanted to state I agree and understand the pain of aiming with a controller in a competitive shooter environment. One thing I can say from experience is that the newest KB/M Profile for Red Dead Redemption 2 is REALLY fantastic. I use no lock on in single-player and I am popping off headshots with ease. A beta profile for Red Dead Online is out with the Final Profile estimated to be done by tomorrow or Monday. so when you receive the KB/M please mention it in the Steemit post name!

I cannot wait to see how a PROFESSIONAL E-SPORTS LEGEND utilizes the KB/M against (currently around 95% of controller users vs the 4 or 5% using KB/M)

  • From your recent amazingly consistent play in #QuakeChampions as the Number ONE ranked player in all of North America, to the of 2013-2016 which I have been watching on your youtube and ESL's youtube, CAL's YouTube from your Professional CS:GO era. You are a headshot monster and it was a bit painful and disappointing to see you only get a few headshots and usually it was due to sneaking up on someone who was occupied and slowly dragging the stick up all awkward to the head and fire.

I want to see the @aewind that won the worlds only Max Payne 3 Invitational - I am comparing the multiplayer as they are both Rockstar games. I watched 6 of the 10 play-off matches from #Rockstar 's #MaxPayne3 \you won each of them in dominate fashion.

I was reading the results of the tournament on #esportwiki I was unable to find any of the Gang mode matches which you brought together 3 players from around the world you had practiced with alongside players who had already set up basecamp at Accelerated Evolution and shut-down every team attempting to qualify, every qualified team and even obliterating the Team Titan roster, Eplison Roster, Team Liquid Roster, Cloud 9 Roster, iBUYPOWER Roster and in the finals for Gang Wars you guys didn't lose a single moment against the consensus favorite team for the MP3 World Championship: Fnatic (almost Turned out to be Samurai Mascot versus Samurai Mascot as Fnatic took out G2 in the semi's when you took out C9 with ease.

Then for the TDM series you lost one game which was 48-50, 11-34 at the half which was an amazing chunk of ground to make and almost get a 3-0 series in the finals against TSM the next match video I watched was you sing handidly getting 31 out of the 50 kills with some of the most mesmerizing use of the slow-mo in MP diving off of side of the dock and getting 4 headshot kills before hitting the ground.

In the final event a Death Match FFA eliminator which put the team captains of each team along with (correct me if I am wrong) 3 players from the qualifiers that did not make it into the team events that had been voted by the fans, staff and teams as to which 3 players had the best resume to be added to the Death Match finale.

It was amazing that one of those 3 ( DaHang ) was a free agent at the time and was playing as a non-qualifying MVP - He gave you a bit of trouble in the DM finale series placing second in three of the first 4 matches, you placed 1st in 10 of the 11 matches but you never let a single player best you. It was incredible watching the final game with it being only 6 players remaining with enough points to move on and that you only died 8 times with a first to 100 kill set up...

Listen, I am becoming a fan after seeing posts of yours and researching your career. I always knew of the name WinD and I have seen Accelerated Evolution players and teams in various games and twitch livestreams, I am amazed by your entire career. You have achieved something that only #Fatal1ty has bested - you have 6 championships, 2 of them world championships (Unreal Tournament 3 and Max Payne 3) - 4 NA championships along with 22 1st place world finishes in cups without a championship title on the line and 172 NA 1st place finishes in cups without a championship (172 as of 3/2/18, I do not have the updated numbers).

Basically I look up to you and it's hard to see someone you know is an absolute all-star legend struggling in Red Dead Redemption 2 online due to it being a console game.

I can promise you from my own experience that once you get the converter XIM, you will be absolutely annihilating it and once again PLEASE add it to the title so I know when you going to be playing with the wrist accuracy I am accustomed to seeing. I hope you end up having everyone playing against you cussing you out and making people rage quit.

You are one of the all time best E-Sport players in the history of eSports. It's hard to watch you struggle due to a stupid aiming system that is due to an inaccurate controller.

Good read. I have endless respect for WinD, you have done great research as a fan. You a Team Liquid guy by any chance? :)

Let's do this :)

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One of the best games ever made,change my mind

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