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Lego Marvel's Avengers

Welcome back fellow Steemians, it's that time of the week again, weekend but also time for your weekly game review fix.

So before I get lambasted in the comments for reviewing this game, let me give you guys the reason behind why I'm reviewing it. There are just so many different people on the Steemit platform, and a vast amount of folks on here have kids, and this review could possibly give them a better perspective on the the topic when looking at getting the young ones a nice game to play.

Say what you will about the the Lego video games, it's a huge amount of fun for any one at any age. One of the best things about the entire Lego franchise for me personally is the comedic theme, it's almost like watching National Lampoons or Space Balls. They basically stick to the stories but all our favorite characters have been re-imagined in their Lego forms and every single one of the memorable scenes have been transformed into a very humorous moment. It's a very laughable sort of slap stick comedy that kids and even adult will enjoy. I remember play some of the first Lego games where they had no dialog for the characters, there would only be this kind of mumbling incoherent type of speech, which they then changed and took the exact dialog from the film and use that, it is pretty hilarious and gives the game a more authentic feel.

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Our story begins in the Lego version of the Eastern European country of Sokovia, everything is the lego version of things.

The Avengers, who are, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, attack the Hydra facility which is under the commanded by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. They are there to retrieve the scepter that was previously used by Thor's adoptive brother Loki. The scepter for those of you not too familiar with all things Marvel related, contains one of the infinity stones, which Loki stole from the vault in Asgard, the home of the Norse gods. As the Avengers get close to the facility they encounter two of Strucker's test subjects, the Maximoffs twins, Quicksilver and his sister the Scarlet Witch. Moments before apprehending Strucker and retrieving Loki's scepter, the Scarlet Witch manipulates Iron Man's mind, causing him to see a vision of the Avenger's who have all been defeated. She lets him to take the scepter as a flashback begins, explaining how the scepter ended up on Earth.

The story continues but now we are back in time, in a flash back, to what happened during the first Avengers movie. Loki meets with a strange race known as the Others who are the servants of Thanos, and in exchange for retrieving the Tesseract, another one of the infinity stones, they promise him a huge army and to be the ruler of Earth. This is where Loki gets given the scepter to aid him in overthrowing Earth. He then shows up on Earth at a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility where the Tesseract is being kept, he manages to steal it as well as brainwashing Hawkeye and the professor who was working on it. This forces Nick Fury to activate the Avengers initiative.

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The first part of the story basically follows the events of the first Avengers movie.

We pick things up in the story again where Tony just had a vision shown to him by the Scarlet Witch, they have their hands on Loki's scepter, a successful mission and return to the Avengers tower. Tony is now hunted by the vision he saw of their defeat, he starts tinkering with the scepter and discovers an artificial intelligence within the scepter's gem and decide to use it to complete Stark's "Ultron" global defense program with the help of Bruce Banner. This unexpectedly causes them to create Ultron, who believes he must eradicate humanity to save Earth, starting with the Avengers. Ultron takes control of Tony Stark's artificial intelligence J.A.R.V.I.S. and escapes with the scepter, and uses the resources in the Sokovia base to upgrade his body and build an army of robot drones, he also recruits the Maximoff twins to help him.

Ultron brainwashes one of the Avengers friends, Dr. Cho with Loki's scepter and has her use her synthetic-tissue technology, together with a very rare resource known as vibranium and the scepter's gem, to create a perfect new body for him. As Ultron uploads himself into this new body, Scarlet Witch reads his mind and discovers his plan for human extinction, which turns the twins against him and the Avengers stops the upload in the nick of time. Tony then uploads Jarvis into the body and Thor tells them that the gem is actually one of the infinity stones. They then all assemble to finally take on Ultron and turn his light out for good.

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"Yeah, takes us a while to get any traction, I'll give you that one. But let's do a head count here: your brother the demi-god; a super soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend; a man with breath-taking anger management issues; a couple of master assassins, and YOU, big fella, you've managed to piss off every single one of them." - Tony Stark

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If you like the LEGO game formula, and you’re a huge fan of Marvel universe, then you're going to be right at home with this one.

The story plot is perhaps the most annoying problem I had with this game, due to the way it jumps between scenes from the six movies it covers, so for someone who has not seen the films before it might be a bit confusing. I personally would have preferred a more linear progression of things that line up in order with how the movies were released. LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is still a pretty decent third-person action-adventure that mostly focuses on basic, simple combat and the typical Lego environmental puzzle solving. If you have ever played one of them you know the deal, using abilities from specific characters to flick switches, pull levers, and open locked doors. One aspect that was pretty cool was the new Quick Time Events, which is when an enemy will have a button prompt above their head, and, if you press it at the right time, you’ll execute a nicely animated combo move.

The co-op play feels almost like it was designed with kids in mind, there are many parts where the second player needs to do almost nothing and can basically just run around in a circle, while the first player does all the work. Great for those adults who want to play with little kids. I would say that this is not the best Lego video game out there, and feels as if they sacrificed some elements to make sure they follow adherence to movie accuracy.

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Lego Marvel's Avengers is a Lego-themed action-adventure video game developed by Traveller's Tales.

These are the good folks who have created all the Lego video games, starting with Lego Star Wars: The Video Game to the resent Lego DC Super-Villains which will be releasing in October of this year. The game is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, pretty much every gaming platform. This is also the spin-off to Lego Marvel Super Heroes and the second installment of the Lego Marvel franchise. The game follows the story plot of all the Marvel movies up until Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There is a sequel to this which is Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 which was released last year.

I give Lego Marvel's Avengers a rating of 6/10

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Thanks for popping in, hope you liked the post. Please leave me your thoughts and or opinions in the comments below, have a beautiful day.


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This game is excellent the levels are interesting and well adapted, the gameplay has slightly evolve adapting combos and team attacks, the open world has evolved (I speak of Manhattan [New York]) we can fight crime, visit the tower avengers, etc ... At the level of the characters mainly those of phase 1 and 2 with nice variants and other characters coming from comics marvel now a little discovery for new characters, the VF is good even if it's not 3/4 of the characters not movies, and in addition to Manhattan there are mini open world like Malibu, Washington, Asgard, so a huge plus. After no specific difference level of the gameplay in general, the organization of the story; it will always amaze me the people who expect huge change in the LEGO games since the way of playing is the hallmark of the license and I do not get tired of it. In short, excellent game

I have always been a huge fan of the LEGO games. I really enjoyed LEGO Batman and the Harry Potter games. I had no idea this existed. I totally want to play just to be the Bulk!!! That character looks amazing. The story and gameplay sound quite interesting as well. It’s funny how popular these LEGO versions can be. Even for adults who will play this with their kids.

@morkrock and @adsactly, I really liked the way how you overall interpreted this game initially and suggested that this stuff is for all ages and specially kids will going to enjoy this game.

When we play any game based upon the cartoon characters then for sure first thing which comes in our mind is, same actions as we see in cartoon or movie.

But, redesigning the actions and inclusion of the humour aspect for sure will going to make this game really unique and will going to stand out of the box before other games.

I really want to appreciate this review and i hope that while playing this game you really had fun and excitement and whenever i remember about the games then it makes me emotional because in school days we had a gaming group and played lot of games, and while reminding those days it gives some emotional moments.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

This game is the worst I've played of all the Lego games - I have never been more frustrated trying to play a simple game - the annoying little pop ups never tell you what you need to know to pass the level .

Hahaha yeah not the best Lego game, maybe they are getting a little lazy.

great game.

that's right everything you say @adsactly. Nowadays, not necessarily young children like to play games, even adults today like to play games no more classy games.

Don't like games but this one is extraordinary. It is just too nice to play and just somehow real.

Well it is Lego not sure it's that real looking,

Always I saw Lego Marvel Avengers ads, but I never try this game in my entire life. So then I will try this game and let's see how it feels :)