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Fallout 4

Since I started writing the game reviews a few months back, there have been a number of requests to cover this game, so finally here it is.

I originally played this game for the first time in the beginning of 2016 around March and subsequently spent the next two months on this, obviously not 24 hours a day playing, but when ever I had the time. Even after all that time spent exploring I still feel like I probably missed about half of what there was to experience in the game, it's massively huge. Fallout 4 was absolutely worth all that time, it is a deeply engrossing nuclear apocalyptic story, with an amazing rich detailed world. To give you some context to the scale and time the developers spent on Fallout, there are over 120,000 lines of spoken dialogue in the game; talk about focusing on the quality of the story.

I decided to give myself a little refresher of the game this week, seeing as I played it over two years ago, and almost found myself wanting to restart and play it from the very beginning, yes, it was that fun a game. Luckily I decided against this. Mainly because I need the time to explore other games to review for this blog, but I'm definitely going to save this for the holidays. After two years Fallout is still an amazing looking game, and still competes with some of the high end games that have been released this year.

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The story starts in the year 2077, set in the region of Boston, Massachusetts, where your character is in his or her home of the future, with the typical nuclear family.

The look and feel of the world is very much a mash up between the TV series Mad Men and the 80's cartoon The Jetsons. The game starts with your character in the bathroom, just getting out of the shower and looking into the mirror. This is where you begin with the character customization. I got lost spending hours tweaking everything from gender to eye color, to facial scarring, everything. Once you are done and you have explored the house a bit and met your spouse, newborn baby and your robot butler, Codsworth, the door bell rings. You meet a representative from Vault-Tec to discuss your recent nuclear bunker purchase and admittance into Vault 111.

Almost as soon as the conversation is over, the nuclear alarm goes off, and you and your family are running toward the bunker just on the outskirts of town. When you get to the vault, there is a huge crowd of people outside the fence trying to get in but they are being kept out by guards in mechanical armored suits. You and your family safely make it inside and are then escorted to a a medical testing area, but it turns out to be cryogenic chambers, and everyone is tricked into being frozen alive.

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Your character is then awoken after an unknown period of time by two strangers, but you are trapped inside the cryo chamber.

You then witness your spouse being murdered by the two strangers and your son, Shaun, being kidnapped, but before you are able to escape, they put you back to cryo sleep. Your character then wakes up a short time later as the life support system malfunctions, where you then discover you are the sole survivor of Vault 111. Distraught with the death of your spouse, the only concern now is to find the kidnappers who took your son Shaun.

After getting your bearings, finding some useful salvage and gear, which is what this the whole game is based on, you eventually are able to escape the vault. When you make it outside, it is a completely different world. The nuclear bomb destroyed everything, the world is now a wasteland of destruction. Everything that was once colorful and new is now covered in rust, broken and wasting away. You make you way back to your home to find Codsworth still functioning. He informs you that it has been 210 years since entering the vault.

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"Brothers and sisters, the road behind has been long, and fraught with difficulty. Each and every one of you has exceeded my expectations by rapidly facilitating our arrival in the Commonwealth. You have accomplished this amazing feat without a hint of purpose or direction, and most importantly, without question. Now that the ship is in position, it is time to reveal our purpose and our mission. Beneath the Commonwealth there is a cancer... known as the Institute, a malignant growth that needs to be cut before it infects the surface. They are experimenting with dangerous technologies that could prove to be the world's undoing for the second time in recent history. The Institute's scientists have created a weapon that transcends the destructive nature of the atom bomb. They call their creation the "synth", a robotic abomination of technology that is free-thinking and masquerades as a human being. The notion that a machine could be granted free will is not only offensive, but horribly dangerous. And like the atom, if it isn't harnessed properly, it has the potential of rendering us extinct as a species. I am not prepared to allow the Institute to continue this line of experimentation. Therefore, the Institute and their "synths" are considered enemies of the Brotherhood of Steel, and should be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly. This campaign will be costly and many lives will be lost. But in the end, we will be saving humanity from its worst enemy... itself." - Elder Maxson

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The driving force behind this game is the story, you are totally submerged into a deep mystery, with really thoughtful and amazing character development.

The game has multiple different story directions you can go into, all depending on which of the factions you end up siding with. That is just the main story, there are also so many side quests that you can literally get lost for days on end, which is what I did on numerous occasions. You basically are a compulsive hoarder in Fallout, as anything and everything that is junk is usable in some way or another. The item construction system is insane, every single weapon on item can be upgraded and improved or dismantled for part to use in other things. Then there is the building side to the game, each settlement needs to be inhabited with people to gather resources. These folks need to have basic shelter, a place to sleep and proper defenses from the creatures that lurk in this nuclear wastelands. My advice from the get go is to pick up and keep everything, which you can dump in storage at your settlements, to be used for construction later on.

Fallout 4 has something for everyone, it's like the developers combined several different games into one epic game. There is so much going on in the game that at times you forget where you are and what you need to do first. This was probably the biggest issue I had with the game. You tend to feel a bit overwhelmed at the start, much like learning a brand new program. Once you figure out how to navigate your trusty Pit-Boy, which is an oversized wrist computer that keeps track of all your missions, as well as your inventory, map and character upgrade interface. As you progress through the game you meet a variety of different people, some end up becoming a companion, who is a welcomed help during a gun fight. The first companion you get, and was also my favorite was a German Shepherd named Dogmeat, an exceptionally good dog.

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Fallout 4 is an action role-playing game created and developed by one of the top game studios in the world, Bethesda Softworks, whose games I have reviewed a few times already.

Like the Wolfenstein and Dishonored series, their games have a very distinct look and feel, mainly due to the visual art style, Dishonored is probably the best example of this. This game was released in November 2015, so definitely not the new kid on the block, but has been tried and tested and still ranks in my top 10 games in the last 4 years. As with all award winning games, well most of them, this title is available on all our usual suspects, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Fallout 4 is well worth the standard game price tag, but luckily you pick it up dirt cheap, personally I loved it.

I spent hours on this, so I give Fallout 4 a well deserved rating of 9/10

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In case you missed it, here is the previous game review

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Thanks for popping in, hope you liked the post. Please leave me your thoughts and or opinions in the comments below, have a beautiful day.

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I honestly don't think Fallout 4 is that great of a game compared to it's older predecessors @adsactly.
Sure it's got nice graphics, different story and a dog, but the gameplay is very lacking.
They narrowed down and oversimplified dialog to 4 options, the story isn't compelling enough and weak RPG.
I personally think that Fallout New Vegas is the best iteration of the Fallout Series. The story, the gameplay, characters and mods are 10 times better than Fallout 4.

The dialogue wasn’t the greatest flaw. The biggest thing for me was the huuuuuge focus on scavenging, that turned the game into a to and fro fest, as you frequently ended up over laden.

Add to that the settlement mechanic. Personally I preferred how Skyrim did it. Select bits from menu, plonk, it’s there. The engine in Fallout 4 was terrible for doing this part of the game. They’re not short games at the best of times and this just stuck the worst amount of padding on.

I eventually got disenchanted with the game and went back to Skyrim.

There again I kinda like settlement construction, it did get annoying at times when u can’t get certain elements to line up properly. I did build an insane huge tower which was pretty awesome.

I think what it offered was bold, but I quickly saw that I was losing entire evenings to just doing base stuff, continual journeys servicing the loot lust. When I stepped away from things, it kind of sat there taunting you. “Here is a big bit of game you are ignoring you big loser”. If they streamline it a bit, make it a touch more modular, then it could be a winner.

Morkrock, have you tried the Place Everywhere and JunkTown mods? If you haven't seen the #1 mod of the year, try Sim Settlements and the Sim Settlement expansions. Incredible stuff.

I wish I could of used mods, this is the unfortunate curse of the PS4

I loved New Vegas, but personally I preferred the more streamlined dialogue, because there’s just so much of it. Yeah missed out on the mods this time round, damn you PS4.

Cass will forever be my favorite companion. And I still think about the Dead Money DLC sometimes. Good times.

I agree. Fallout 4 could have been a much better game. In fact, fans of the Fallout series have been working tirelessly to improve Fallout 4 into the game it should have been. Most of the work is done through Nexus Mods. I've been putting together a guide that you might be interested in over on my Steemit blog. Modding made easy, for veterans and novices alike.
Take advantage of the Fallout Modding Community, and play the best Fallout game.

I have spent long hours non stop on this game and I find it very well.
Graphically it is not ugly even if it is below the last title like THE WITCHER 3, but it is beautiful and fluid.
The fighting does not change from the old episode in itself it does not bother me but what pains me is that the animations of the characters have not evolve.
The management side of the bases I find it very tedious, indeed to place an object galley a can and I find that we let almost discover everything by even, I'll wait to see a little more about it.
As for history, I do not pronounce myself while I'm just beginning the story.

Happy you’re enjoying the game, you’ll get the hang of construction it’s actually pretty awesome.

I love this game but the story line is confusing AF!

Not too confusing, but with all the side quests it gets difficult.

Wao, this post is what i will refer to as full and complete content. It is so richer than rich, very interesting to read and enough beautiful pictures to look at. Well done for good content sir.

Awww thanks buddy, really appreciate the comment!

I find many things confusing

Try asking youtube, pretty good at un-confusing

I'm going to have to wait for a mod to get rid of the main character's voice. It completely ruins the immersion for me. What if I didn't want to say a certain comment the way the voice actor did? What if I wanted my guy to sound different? I can't let my imagination go wild anymore. Sigh.

Jcobs, there's a mod out for that.

etnddiainter ssc.png

Three of my favorite features:

  1. "No player voice, no problem. Skyrim and New Vegas didn't have a voiced player either! XDI makes engine modifications to overcome this. For unvoiced player dialogue, NPC dialogue starts right after option selection. The dialogue camera is hot-patched to keep focus on the NPC instead of (in vanilla) looking at the player's unmoving mouth. No more awkward pauses."

  2. "Full dialogue text. View your dialogue options with full certainty of what you're going to say."

  3. "Dialogue cues. A question icon can be optionally displayed for dialogue options that do not advance the conversation. No more accidentally making a choice when all you wanted was to get more information. Options that end the conversation will have a door icon displayed beside them."

I also like the MCM compatibility, and it's a hackless Mod. Clean and compatible, combines the features of many previous mods like Silent Protagonist, etc.

Hope that helps.

  • Hank

I have played Fallout 3 pretty extensively and I have been waiting to pull the trigger on Fallout 4 when Steam has a sale on it. I tried to get into New Vegas, but I just haven't really "felt it" like FO3. This is a great review though and it has help make the decision easier for next time it goes on sale.

Glad I could help, totally worth getting in my opinion.

After 400+ hours playing Fallout 4 I know I still have not found everything. Example I know there is a quest story line using a old tall ship but never got around to poking at its general direction. Heck it was not until my 3rd play through that I found the Chinese Sub.

Oh my word 3rd play through, give this guy a bells

I wanted to do a play through as each major faction. Institute, Brotherhood of steel and Railroad. I disliked the railroad the most and usually wound up shooting their leader in the face.

wow nice game . I want to play this game. How to play this game dear. Nice post thanks for share.

I like this game. but it's hard to win

Life is about the journey and not always the destination.

True. Thanks

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Nice post

I prefer Fallout to Fallout 4. Fallout 4 is a really good game and I'd probably would list it on my top 5 best games of 2015 but I miss the grime and dirt of 3. It really made you feel like you're living in a post apocalyptic world. Plus to me D.C is a better world to explore in a nuclear wasteland compared to Boston but to each their own.

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