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Call of Duty: Black Ops III

It has been years since I last played any of the games in the Call of Duty series, the first one I played was about fifteen years ago.

The series has really come along way since the first game back in 2003, which was set in World War 2 and as you progressed through the game you would have different viewpoints from the British, American, and Soviet armies as one of the soldiers. The first three games all had the same feel and then they decided to take a more modern approach with the fourth game ironically named Modern Warfare. I'm trying to remember, but I'm pretty sure I played all 3 of the first games but lost interest with the new look and haven't touched it until the beginning of this month. The only reason I decided to play the game this was because the awesome folks at Activision and PlayStation decided to treat all their loyal PS Plus subscribers with a free download for this game. They made a live announcement at this year's E3 Sony conference, that it was available for free in the PlayStation Store.

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Our story takes place in the year 2065 and you start during a mission in Ethiopia to rescue hostages from the tyrannical Nile River Coalition.

The mission seems to be going as planned, when things go south pretty rather quickly, an army of combat robots descend upon you and your small team. Your player is critically wounded as you are about to be extracted and in the rain of gunfire you are left behind and ripped apart by the combat robots. Luckily just before your player is killed, you are rescued by Taylor, one of the Black Ops members. The only way to keep your character alive is to undergo cybernetic surgery in order to save your life, new legs, arms and they install a DNI implant, which is a direct neural interface. This then allows your player to receive virtual training from the black ops team, kind of like when Neo got training in the Matrix. In addition you are equipped with some really great abilities like interfacing with any other tech and some awesome combat abilities, like sending a swarm of nano bees to distract your enemies.

Your character then spends the next two missions going through the virtual training courses to get you familiar with the controls of the game and all the new abilities you have gained, like being able to hack into combat robots and take control of them. Your new robotic arms and legs also allows you to run faster, jump higher, and the DNI implant has a multitude of combat enhancements.

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The meat of the story only gets going from about after the third mission, when your character is put under the command of Rachel Kane.

You and your sidekick, Hendricks, are tasked with investigating a CIA black site in Singapore, which has gone dark for some unknown reason. They find the site has been attacked by the terrorist group known as the 54 Immortals and all the data from the site has been stolen. The evidence found concludes that Taylor and his team, the same team who trained you, has defected and murdered the staff. Your player and Hendricks then disguise themselves as arms dealers and meet up with the 54 Immortals. The mission unfortunately does not go as planned, when their cover is blown, causing the death of one of the 54 Immortal's leaders. They manage to recover data which pinpoints Taylor's last known location, a facility somewhere in Singapore. They now need to track down the team, while being perused by the 54 Immortals.

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"Do you have any idea just how much technology has changed every single aspect of our daily lives? You can't begin to imagine the countless strains of research and development we had to watch over for the betterment and safety of the human race. Every new gimmick and gadget that was embraced by the public, each one presented new ways for our enemies to compromise our security. Society doesn't just happen. The people need to be protected. If the only way to prevent future attacks is to monitor the thoughts and desires of the population, then the choice is obvious. We need to know who our enemies are and what they are planning! That is how we save lives!" - Sebastian Krueger

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Black Ops 3 is a well rounded first person shooter with a pretty interesting sci-fi story, which is completely different from the Call of Duty I played many years ago.

There is loads of content in this game, the single player campaign was very entertaining and I spent about a few days getting through that. I would have loved some more character development in the story, I felt like I didn't care enough about the characters, for example your team turns on you and I was like, yeah whatever. The graphics were what you would expect from a standard game, nothing ground breaking there. The four-player co-op campaign option was pretty awesome, I did however struggle to get paired into a game, with others, not sure it this maybe had to do with my location, but loads of fun when it actually worked. To be deadly honest this is not the best Call of Duty game I have played compared to what I have seen, and I probably would not have bought this. I like first person shooters, but it is not really my bread and butter kinda game.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a first-person shooter game, developed by Treyarch, who have been responsible for the entire Black Ops series, as well as Call of Duty 3 from back in the day.

This will be the twelfth entry in the Call of Duty series which started in 2003 and this game is the sequel to the 2012 game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This is by no means a new title, it was originally released in November 2015, and is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. There was also a limited version released that only supports multiplayer modes for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and was also the final Call of Duty title released on those platforms. If you are lucky enough to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can pick this up free before the end of the month.

I give Black Ops 3 a rating of 6/10

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In case you missed it, here is the previous game review

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Thanks for popping in, hope you liked the post. Please leave me your thoughts and or opinions in the comments below, have a beautiful day.


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Sir, the first to welcome and thank you very much the gaming Reviewed with us to share the game is very fun, but the game play is a difficult subject because a lot of levels to cross the meantime, and your precious game reviews with us by sharing more easy to Thank you so much for your thank you this and this is a very nice article and we can read it very easily Color block at a very nice and I play games a lot of love and my mobile phone number of games, and these tips will follow and I think that more will be easier this gemata for the game, and the gemata I think it's a lot like fun, sir, Thank you so much To share a beautiful gaming review, follow every one of your writings. I get your education in every writing and every post I Comments to always am ready because I'm on your blog are very carefully read and follow them think, sir, Thank you very much with us this valuable posts to share, and you do the next day with good content between us and share us not encourage me to Always follow and I hope your next life is more superb and I hope Thank you so much sir, your life is beautiful.

After playing the game a few times I was still confused. Then people who paid very close attention to the story brought it to the light. We as the Player on the first mission, which was secretly the last mission(not counting the second mission) didn't make it during the procedure. But after death, we see and relive Taylor's memories. The soldiers we see were actually replacing other Black Ops soldiers. For example, Dylan Stone was the enemy. Taylor and Hendricks took him out but Taylor was injured by a knife, resulting in his voluntary Cybernetics surgery. Kane was Rachel the whole time. She left that scarf on the table we see after completing New World. And notice how the days don't change for half of the game until Lotus Towers. The final mission of the game Taylor probably had a virus in his DNI. Perhaps we were helping him wipe the virus. This game took a complete turn around as we saw first hand that the mirror in the Frozen Forest when it shifted from us to Taylor. Taylor literally said what we were thinking: "What the fuck?". We even saw him screaming, probably from trauma. The last part is what I'm thinking though. When you think about it the concept of the story is complex and deep but well hidden.

Wow... I'm not even a huge COD fan, but jeez. The only two I played were Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2, because a friend gave me his copies and said he was done with them. I played them and thought they were pretty good overall, but I didn't want to support the newer, more frequently ridiculed for being shallow, games with my money (speak with your wallet, am I right), so for MW2 I watched COD4 (in between sessions when I played MW2) and MW3 and they were very entertaining. Nothing groundbreaking by any means, but they were competent, well-made action stories that had some profound story in them, with likable characters. Black Ops was also really good; it had tons of historical allusion and atmosphere to it, with a more trippy story than I expected. So, like with the Modern Warfare series.

The arrangement recouped from the disappointment of Ghosts — for the second year in succession Activision delivers on a basic level a decent shooter, which isn't dishonorable to pass a little while in various modes.

In any case, the guarantee of reevaluating has not happened: instead of one of the thoughts the others came here just went under the blade, and a positive ordeal, and such trade did not enable the amusement to another level. The fundamental claim to Black Ops III — its name. The undertaking isn't for the individuals who adore the narrative of the first dilogy Treyarch and everything associated with it.

The system diversion is additionally improbable to interest the old watch, as its mechanics with an accentuation on verticality and computerized inserts make the venture an intelligent continuation of a year ago's Advanced Warfare, and does not return it to its starting points.

The arrival of new amusements in the arrangement is reminiscent of an old yet adored custom, which is taken after without considering its significance. And keeping in mind that this custom is beneficial, it is impossible that anything will change.

I additionally rate this amusement..

Upvote and resteemit done..

Cool game!...:)...

I never could get into their shooter games, I played SOCOM back in the day.

In the end, Corvus still won. The final twist at the end basically confirms that the Player may have always been Taylor and we were seeing his memories. I swear the Black Ops series should be movies not games. But I have always liked the series playing with reality, what is real and what isn't. Pretty good stuff.

Well the game looks really good, and the campaign in theory would be good. I think they could have been more clear on what was going on. Also some of the stuff said literally didn't make any sense at all.. Almost like there was something cut. With longer development times I expected much better.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful game review. To share your blog with a lot of nice things we love to read and an action game game is very difficult and it is easier for me to share this review. I have played this game Call of duty It's a lot of fun to thank you so much for sharing beautiful blogs I love playing games and playing games on my smartphone. This game is good to play on the computer. Sir, thank you so many thanks to this game for sharing with us all the best.

CoD wasn't exactly my favorite but I have some great memories of it. The reason is that most of friends were into Call of Duty, Age of empires and then later Counter strike.
I myself was NFS a kind of guy. Frankly I am not a gamer but when I did play it was NFS. The guys and me, we used to get together overnight for some gaming and it was when Call of Duty mania caught up with us. My memories are mostly of having fun while the guys played and I shouted from behind :-)

Perfect game by excellent. Fiery graphics, gameplay licked, a scenario worthy of the greatest action movies and twists that will everyone agree that this is the best call of duty has emerged!

Highly the future additions and contents for even more hours of fun! To buy without hesitation!

Best game is but some people don't like this

Great game but I prefer Black Ops without the jumping, and has the BEST killstreaks! :-)

it is really fun playing that and hey Black ops 4 is on the way and i think it will be more amazing than black ops 3!!
I like zombie mode in black ops 3
this game is love :)

I like the review of you more than the game, there is always a nice pattern of your writing.

i love this game since 2003 im following all games of call of duty

Nice one dude

Very nice video. I really like this movie.

Gave you my upvote , it's a little but I hope one day will give you bigger ones

I started this game, but lost interest.but great review. Presently playing ghost recon wildlands along side need for speed payback.

It was the only game that I can play hours

I am probably one of the last guys who can say that he never played any Call of Duty game.

Series just never appealed to me.

The series recovered from the failure of Ghosts — for the second year in a row Activision produces in principle a good shooter, which is not shameful to pass a couple of weeks in different modes. But the promise of rethinking has not happened: in place of one of the ideas the others came here only came under the knife, and a positive experience, and such exchange did not allow the game to a new level. The main claim to Black Ops III — its name. The project is not for those who love the story of the original dilogy Treyarch and everything connected with it. The network game is also unlikely to appeal to the old guard, as its mechanics with an emphasis on verticality and cybernetic implants make the project a logical continuation of last year's Advanced Warfare, and does not return it to its origins.
The release of new games in the series is reminiscent of an old but revered tradition, which is followed without thinking about its meaning. And while this custom is profitable, it is unlikely that anything will change.
I also rate this game as 6/10. Not bad.

I really love your reviews on this game but the problem is that how can I get the game on my leagoo kiica power.

Games give you a chance to excel, and if you're playing in good company you don't even mind if you lose because you had the enjoyment of the company during the course of the game.

“If I was feeling depressed or frustrated about my lot in life, all I had to do was tap the Player One button, and my worries would instantly slip away as my mind focused itself on the relentless pixelated onslaught on the screen in front of me. There, inside the game's two-dimensional universe, life was simple: It's just you against the machine. Move with your left hand, shoot with your right, and try to stay alive as long as possible.”
― Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

Can't wait to play this game... been a while since I've played a COD, but this one looks pretty good.

veri nice game, i would like to play it

its very bad quality game

Its a great game but I am on a break from cod . I am into dota 2 more nowadays

This is the best game I ever played.