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Hello Steemians.

Back again with me @achmadkurniawan. This time I went back to post an article that will discuss about the game. And this time I will review about one of the heroes in the League of Stickman game. If you do not know about this League of Stickman game, you can read my previous article here. And in my article this time, I will review one of the League of Stickman game heroes named Gus, starting from the story behind the hero as well as the deadly skills he possesses. Therefore, please read my article to finish.  

League of Stickman game is one action game that has emerged since 2016 and quite popular in the year 2017. However, with the demand is still quite a lot, I believe this game remains a game that must be played by gamer. I myself have not played this game for a while. And when I first tried, I can say, if this game is so cool! And I highly recommend to gamer who have not played it to install and play this game. And this article I created based on my experience while playing the game of League of Stickman using the character of Gus hero.    

If we finish installing this game, and start playing this game, we will start playing with the first hero given for free for the players. This hero is named Gus. Gus is one of the hero characters of the League of Stickman who has great characteristic and has a yellow line on his body. Gus also carries a sword weapon. Of course many other heroes are available in this game. However, we must buy it with a number of diamonds. However, even though Gus is given free of charge, it does not mean the hero does not have a good ability. I think this hero has a very strong ability, especially if able to combine each attack very well, plus continue to increase the level of skill possessed Gus.  

But before I discuss about Gus's deadly skills, I will tell you a bit about the story behind Gus's hero. Just like other games that provide plenty of heroes to play, there are certainly certain stories behind the hero. So is the heroes in the League of Stickman game. And the story of Gus hero character I read and I share from the site  www.leagueofstickman.com  

Story of Hero Gus  

Gus was an elite bodyguard of King Petar, a king who ruled the Kingdom of Asteaweth. This kingdom was in a coup and was destroyed by the Ledeaniel Dynasty which was an evil faction in the royal estate. The group collaborates with the Astaria empire in the area near Thyx. King Petar and most of his bodyguards were killed in battle, so the kingdom was finally taken over by Astaria and his subjects enslaved. 

Gus manages to escape, although his body is severely injured. He holds a grudge against the murderers of King Petar. He who has the ability to play a good sword, become a mercenary. He tried to fight the evil forces and to get his revenge. His journey to the Thyx region which is controlled by the Shadowlands group. And he keeps practicing and honing his fighting skills.  


Gus is one of the heroes who have the ability to play swords. Gus di can for free when started playing this game. As a hero early, and in can for free, Gus does not mean do not have great ability. Gus has the basic ability to swing the sword very well. This basic capability provides a powerful combo effect when it comes to enemies.   

In addition to his basic skills, Gus also has a very powerful deadly skills. This skill has a tremendous attack effect when it comes to enemies. There are four deadly skills owned Gus, namely: 

 Skill Q: With this skill, Gus will swing the sword towards the enemy. While jumping, and swinging a sword and lifting the enemy into the air. Right now I've upgraded this skill up to level 9. And using this skill will cause 200% attack and 1237 damage.  

 Skill W: With this skill, Gus will hit his fist to the ground, causing some enemies near him to be affected by his attacks. Currently I have upgraded this skill up to level 9. And using this skill will cause 150% attack and 1083 damage.   

  Skill E: With this skill Gus will spin while swinging his sword. It will spin for a few seconds. As long as Gus spins, take advantage of this skill by pointing it and moving Gus towards the enemy, left and right. Currently I have upgraded this skill up to level 9. And using this skill will cause 500% attack and 2426 damage.     

  Ultimate skill "R": This is Gus's ultimate skill. With this skill, Gus will stick a sword into the ground. There will be a terrible attack from the sky of fire for a few seconds in one direction. Currently I have upgraded this skill up to level 5. And attack using this skill will cause 900% attack and 3003 (669) damage. 

For items, you will get the items during the game. Items you can use to maximize Gus's lethal skills. This item will better function if it will be upgraded up to the maximum level. Right now I still use Gus hero. And the items I use are:


  1. Viceroy (Attack)                                   
  2. Rondache (Defense)  
  3. Ruby (HP)  
  4. Machete (Attack)  
  5. Dagger (Attack)  
  6. Buckler (Defense)    


Hero Gus is indeed a very adept hero playing sword. Besides other advantages is the skill of playing his sword is able to give a very unusual effect on the enemy. But Gus is a hero with a short range attack type. He will have trouble defeating enemies who attack him from a distance, especially enemies who carry cannons and shoot from afar. Also his slow movements are also some of the weaknesses of this Gus hero.  

To be able to defeat the enemy who has a little health point, take advantage of the basic skills of Gus. With this basic skill, Gus can attack enemies who have a small health point quickly and easily. It can also be combined with a "Q" skill when the enemy faces one opponent 1. If the enemy attacks Gus simultaneously, use his "W" skill, it will help reduce enemy movements and reduce the enemy health point nearby.  

If an enemy strikes from a distance using a weapon or a cannon, use his "E" skill. This skill can at least cover a slightly wider range. When fighting the Enemy Boss, try to attack first with the basic skill and some other skills possessed by Gus. When the enemy's health point is reduced by about 30% - 50%, use ultimate skill. 

For this skills has a timeframe for reuse after the previous use. And to enable the ultimate skill to eat a longer time. Therefore use the skill that Gus possessed as well as possible.

Collect gold coins and some items that are gained during the game. It will be very useful to increase item level and skill as well as upgrade Gus hero. Upgrade the level of each Gus skill and item so that Gus's ability effects will be even greater.

The advantage of this League of Stickman game is that we can use more than one hero in one game. The Hero will play simultaneously. We move one main hero and for the second hero will be driven by the system. We can also replace heroes by pressing the change button. So we can move our own first and second heroes. It will be very helpful in the match in order to be able to defeat the enemy easily.

Whatever hero, depending on how the player plays and combines every skill he has with the right items and good play techniques. How to maximize the ability of each hero? Use the hero you want, use high level star items to support your deadly skill, and keep upgrading your deadly skills. Learn and practice your character combo attacks, so your character can easily defeat every enemy, and can complete each stage and chapter.  

Here are some screenshots of the League of Stickman game I capture while playing this game using the Hero Gus character.

How about Steemians? Interested in using this hero? Let's conquer and destroy all the enemies that confront your journey. Win all battles. Complete all stages. Use Gus hero, and be the strongest!

Thank you for taking your time to read my post :) 

Visit my blog, to find other interesting information about the game.  

Regards :)      

Original Image Screenshot I Capture From In Game League of Stickman

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