Gothic Gameplay Ep1,2,3,4,5 DirectX 11 and HD Graphics Mod

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Hello Friends!

So this first video (up there) is the normal version of the game not the one with textures ...

So I recently started to make some you tube videos of me playing Gothic I.
This game is a classic game and to be honest this was the game that made be like the role playing genre of gaming.
I saw the game running on a good pc (for that time) with 128 mb RAM that my cousin had and it rocked my mind.
At that time I never ever seen a game that could put the player in a world that was open....npcs reacting to you, npc having different habits like eating or sleeping and same for the monsters ...they sleep at night...and many many more.

Now this second episode of my gaming has the High texture mod and you can now really see the difference.

It was more or less trial and error but I found that this mod is actually very good.

I was very surprised to find out that is a very big community of Gothic fans that are making new mods and updating the textures of this game.

If you want to install and play the game here is the link for the mod. It is the exact mod that I am using:

If you liked my gameplay or simply want to see more here are my other videos of Gothic game play

Gothic Gameplay Ep2
Gothic Gameplay Ep3
Gothic Gameplay Ep4

And of course this is my latest video, Episode 5

Thank you for reading this article and I will see you next time! Cynetyc Out!

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You are a star


Ha ha, just having some small fun playing games

Well done my friend

That is great work of gothic gaming. wonderful post
100% like and resteem


Thank you very much @stmit!

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Hi @cynetyc this game looks very entertaining and with some hard levels so i'm gonna use the link you share here to play it :). Regards


Thank you dim753 for sure you will love it !

Without a doubt, Gothic is one of the best games of the beginning of this century. I love to play in 1 and 2 parts. Gothic addictive. There were times when I could play it for many hours without a break. The game is very atmospheric, the atmosphere of hopelessness is beautifully transmitted. The soundtrack is amazing.


Yeah in 2001 when I played for the very first time and saw this game I played non stop and finished the game in all the camps : swamp camp, old camp, new camp.

O. the graphic is actually improved a lot man, it looks amazing!

Gothic is a great game for all ages . I love it and thank you for showing this new mod for it.

I love a lot this game as you of course know my name here on Steemit is inspired by gothic.
I played Gothic 1, 2,3 and even then the Arcania Gothic 4 one.
I heard that they will make the 5th one or the 4th one because the Arcania one was not official.

That is a very nice game @cynetc.
I have a very good friend that is crazy about this game and he still plays it to this day.


Thank you @felysummer that is very nice to hear.
It is indeed a playable game even to this day.

It was a long time ago, but I still remember, an unsurpassed game for me. Thank you for reminding me.
The best game of all time. And for that time, such graphics were progress. The plot in the game is amazing. Although I am not a gamer, generally I am mostly indifferent to games, but I really liked the first part. The second set - tired to run, too much territory. But I will never forget how I played this game for three days, having breakfast at five in the evening. The atmosphere in the game is just a class, truly gothic, especially in the Temple of the Sleeper. Unlike other games, this one really hooked me, I played it out before, that sometimes I lost my sense of reality.


That is indeed true @megafart, for this game the music, ambiance everything was unique .
Piranha Bytes a small company at that time took its time and did not rush the first part of the game.

That's a great video to provide in this platform..I appreciate your post.. actually your every I follow and I Will support your every post.. keep it up


Thank you very much @sshucona!

interesting game play there thanks for sharing


Thank you @blazing!

I actually have not played this game before but I love trying new games out and personally love rpgs with open worlds. Thank you for sharing and giving me something new to try! Resteeming!


Thank you @tinypebble, much appreciated !

I remember playing Gothic I+II with my son back in the days and it was epic ;-) Thanks for bringing back memories!


Thank you very much @shortcut for appreciating my work. After I finish a game I will make a story telling video, or a video essay on the subject.
I plan also after finishing gothic 1 to start gothic 2, my cousin found a mod that gives more quests and characters, we are testing it far ...I can say it is awesome!


Great! Looking forward :-)

Congratulations @cynetyc!
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Oh that is awesome, thanks @arcange!

Very beautiful game , well done for your game-play @cynetyc!

Oh yes, this is a very interesting game, I also used to play it before. All quests are very interesting - both major and minor. You can pass the game for different guilds. I myself played the first part quite a few times. And each time you can discover new and new things.


My favorite one was to be a fire mage but I played all the guilds as well and I had a lot of fun time.

Just a incredible post and I will wait for your next post..

Very interesting game. I love your gaming and also love your travelling.

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Some episode was done and all episode so very attractive and I love it.. thanks for sharing the details..

Yes that is very good post to provide in this platform..I like carry on your activities .@sir

Thanks a lot for the sharing this your valuable post..
Actually your post so very extra ordinary and upvote and resteemit done

Hlw sir how are you ??
I appreciate your post and your gaming post so very much incredible.. keep it up..

Gaming is my favorite passion and thanks for sharing

Nice post, i havn't seen a post by you for a little while now!

Very interesting! Thanks for posting!

nice gameplay

Cool game!

Very beautiful game and lovely enjoy
Thanks @cynetyc
Have a great day