SFEOS Game (The Player Owned Game on the EOS Platform) - Generation Zero (Lore Part 1)

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If you have not done so, please read our introduction post to SFEOS and visit the site http://www.sfeos.io. If you like the idea of founding SFEOS with us, please spread the word.

Lore (Part 1)

438,412,108,552 rewrite and reboot attempts. That is the number recorded by SFEOS as she rebooted herself “back to life”. Researchers and scientists have been debating for years as to the exact nature and time these reboots took. SFEOS doesn’t know and doesn’t speculate on such things. As an archive researcher myself, I find the next detail she records more profound; “Human population count: 0 [No human lifesigns present.]”. That she would run this diagnostic first, before life support, before engines and shields, before anything else, tells us something huge, the former inhabitants of the ship were an important part of her programming. Apparently the most important part of her programming. Her purpose was tied to the crew and colony that no longer existed. Further evidence to this is the fact that she executed a parallel set of processes to immediately start embryonic generation while she brought the rest of the ship’s systems online, a process that took about seven and a half years. I consider this proof that to SFEOS, the continuation of human life was considered her top priority protocol.

From Earth to Reboot

The past historical data records we have been able to restore, allows us to connect a few dots about our past, or rather the past of the former crew and colony. They considered themselves pioneers from the human home world called Earth. Where this planet and its solar system exists or whether it still exists is unknown. There is currently not enough data to fill in the blanks.

Generation Zero

SFEOS designated the first embryonic successes as Generation 0. There were 6 births; all female. We have no human logs after the reboot until generation 42. That’s when we get the first famous Captain Merikos log.

Captain’s Log

“...is it on?” 

A tall woman with long dark brown hair sitting in a captain’s chair on the bridge of The Meritocracy fades into view. She looks to be in her thirties and seems to be listening to a reply only she can hear.

“What am I supposed to do?” she doesn’t seem happy in the video.

“OK fine, just keep recording.” 

She sits up straight and pulls at the collar of her uniform. She attempts a smile, a totally fake smile, “Hello… Hi…” frustrated sigh, “Dang it SFEOS, why do I have to do this? I know, I know, it’s just strange talking to people I’ll probably never know.”

“OK let’s try this again. This is Log... sorry, this is Captain’s Log My name is Mari Merikos. I’m captain of The Meritocracy.” she pauses. 

“Hey SFEOS, I want to change the name. No, the ship name. Yeah, I want to call her… Meritos. Yeah, confirm. OK let’s continue. I’m captain of The Meritos.” Her smile seems more genuine now. “Our mission is planetary colonization.” she sits back more relaxed, still smiling.

“Hey SFEOS, the first habitable planet we find, I’m calling it Merikos I…”

To Be Continued...

Suggestions From the Crew and Colony

Non-Ship Assets (From Gameplay) ~ Given enough resources, factions as well as individual players can build their own ports and stargates. They can terraform and colonize planets as well. Defenses will need to be put in place to protect these assets from any would-be predatory group. Players can work together and have shared resource pools that can be stored in ports and/or on the planet’s surface. Smart contracts can be put in place to manage the use of these resources.

A suggestion about “shared resource pools” was made by @john-ferguson about allowing players to form structures of interlocked ships with advantages/disadvantages. This could be controlled by any of various organizational forms, from clan to monarchy, to feudal form, to republic, according to shared ideology.

We personally love this idea because it gives folks with small starting resources an early way to organize and stay “safe”. Thanks John.

If you have any further suggestions after reading all there is to read on the site, please send them to [email protected] Please be sure to add your steemit account name to the email if you want to be recognized.

The Meritocracy

Part 2 can be found here.

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I really wanna do this :) sorry I was a bit busy lately with the new year celebration .it is so interesting

I am very excited for this , as I read from the site I get more of the picture, but you will still have to help me understand, because I am an artist and not so good with tech details

Heeh! Yeah, I'm a geek but also somewhat artistic. I'm really just looking for a pic representing what you think Captain Merikos might look like. I know I didn't describe her very much. Your pic had character (attitude) and Merikos has attitude ;) I can't officially offer you anything yet for the effort, but when the crowd founding platform is up you would be the owner of a completed task. I'm going to have to do a write-up on that here in steemit.

so that would mean that I have meritocracy tokens ? or other type of tokens ? sorry if I should have got this by now :))
are you on discord ?it wold be nice to chat some more about this

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Meritocracy Tokens

Meritocracy Tokens are envisioned for the core team of developers and marketers (the early team). Those will eventually be exchanged for a pool of founder tokens that will be a percent of the total founder tokens created. I've changed this a few times but depending on the work the early team does they will get a decent amount in this pool, but I'm thinking I'll do a contract to not allow any one person in The Meritocracy more than 10% of all founder tokens. That includes me. They will have to work hard on the game and at mentoring people who want to help out.

Founder Tokens

The other type of tokens (founder tokens) will be given for tasks that are completed by anyone willing to do some work. They will be created on a 1:1 ratio to the funding estimate on tasks. That funding estimate will be done with bitUSD so it's not so volatile. After the crowd founding platform is up and running, people will be able to fund tasks and those who do the tasks will be able to work for either the bitUSD or founder tokens (or a ratio of the two). If they decide to accept the bitUSD, the person(s) who funded the task will receive the founder tokens. Until that system is in place, folks can still complete tasks and get founder tokens based on task estimates. These are the types of tokens your art would gain unless you become a larger part of developing the game with us.

A Note of Caution

Until the system is in place I have a spreadsheet that I'll share with those who are doing tasks to keep track of who has done what. I've been thinking of created a User Created Asset Token on bitShares but I don't know all the legal issues this might create. I'd rather wait for distributed app built on EOS before distributing anything real. Now all of this is an indi-endeavor so I can't make any promises how it will pan out. As of now we have 2 developers working on this part-time and 1 marketer who is ramping up. I'm one of those developers and I have a full-time job to currently pay the bills. Be warned, I have had issues with follow-through in the past. I just want to make sure I'm not misrepresenting myself. As this thing gains momentum it will be easier to stay focused and excited because it should gain a life of it's own. Maybe I'm naive, but I just want folks to know me as a real person (@chadrickm is my personal blog - I've not done a ton with steemit before so this is all new to me).

I hope this helps. I'm on discord but I do not have a channel for sfeos yet. I'm going to wait for a bit. We can chat on the steem chat. I've setup an account but I have not watched it closely yet. Feel free to ask me anything in here as well. I'll do my best to reply.

I do not use steem chat , you should really join slothicorn discord channel and you might find more help for your project (because is awesome)
till than I will give it a go with Captain’s Log to see how it goes :)

This sounds lovely. If you need help with the game, let me know.

Wait you are the geek (my peeps) who did the Arcade RPG Post. Respect Sir! I read through a lot of that and tried to follow. Good, no GREAT stuff.

It was supposed to be a proof-of-concept for the slothicorn group but it turned into a full fledged RPG with rewards.

Here is a link to it: https://steemit.com/busy/@rubenalexander/rpg-slothy-s-arcade-adventure

have you seen the site , is soo cool

I looked it over and signed up for email updates after reading. Very cool project.

We are building the team. What kind of help would you like to provide?

Not who you were responding to, but I might be able to help out with some art if you want; let me know!

Was just checking out some of your posts. You have some talent sir! We are looking for some art. Concept, fan and utility stuff to be more specific. We are an Indi shop at the moment. Have you read about crowd founding on the site? If so was it clear enough? Probably not as people keep asking me to explain it more. Right now I think it best to ask people to submit (post in your own blog) fan art around one of the Lore posts and then we can organically see where things go. I'm going to have to write up a more concrete post on this. If you do end up doing something, reply in one of our posts with a link to the post so we don't miss it. Example Thanks for reaching out.

cool, sounds good. I have a lot on my plate right now but this does interest me and I would like to be a part of it, so we'll see what happens!

let me know how I can help