SFEOS Game (The Player Owned Game on the EOS Platform) - A New World (Lore Part 2)

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A Player Founded, Free to Play, Low Graphics, Highly Immersive, Turn Based, Science Fiction MMO built on the EOS Platform

You can read Part 1 here. Learn more details about the game by visiting http://www.sfeos.io.

It wasn't until the fifth generation after colonizing Merikos I that humans began natural reproduction again. According to SFEOS, this was an intentional genetic safety measure to control the population count while the new colony was aboard Meritos, and also so they would have the most efficient numbers to colonize their new homeworld.

About 380 years ago Dr. Leois Kendin stumbled upon something that shook their understanding of SFEOS and what many researchers now call The SFEOS Prime. Dr. Kendin discovered that each member of the ship had genetic traits that made them abnormally proficient - physically, socially and emotionally, for the positions they filled. When SFEOS was asked to confirm this, she did. Upon further questioning she explained each embrio that was incubated was created to fulfill a specific purpose. Once this was known, Dr. Kendin and others sifted through the logs "...to determine what social ramifications [they] could find." Following the logs of the crew and colony, they published a study now famously called, "The Genetic Road to Happiness". In it they summarized, "It doesn't appear as if these early generations were in any distress because of their genetic 'predispositions'. They were not aware they had been designed, and it seemed each person aboard, was living a seemingly fulfilling existence." Also in the study was a personal message from Dr. Kendin that reads, "It is too bad we don't have the same 'Glorious Programming'." This led Dr. Kendin deeper into the study of genetics. With help from SFEOS he was able to set the stage for what would later become our day's further exploration and colonization of space.

But Dr. Kendin was stymied in his pursuits. As you might expect this information, once disseminated, caused quite a stir. To many planet dwellers of that time, it was regarded in a negative light. It was seen as a form of control and perhaps servitude. Some even used the term "Slavery From Birth". Dr. Kendin and the geneticists who worked alongside him were soon labeled enemies of the free people of Merikos I. Laws were enacted to freeze any and all continuation of his work.

Almost a century later, some of Dr. Kendin's research found new life. A biological virus had mutated and the population of Merikos I was suffering its impact. Unknown to the people at the time, The SFEOS Prime had been initiated again, but this time SFEOS interpreted and incorporated some of Dr. Kendin's goals she had stored in her repository. She used her own market platform, the one every member of humanity used, to fund a secret "Super Nursery"(This needs a better name folks) deep under the planet's surface. People didn't know it was her building it. They assumed it was some rich corporation building something unorthodox. In this nursery she created what she would later denote as Generation 1. It wasn't until this discovery that we understood the previous generations were a form of sub-generation. It's comparable to how software engineers version their applications. This was a SFEOS version upgrade to humanity, A "Major Release" if you will.

The oldest and youngest were devastated by the disease. 90% of the elderly, 75% of children, and 30% of those in-between died. The hardship on the planet's surface caused chaos, and the civilization the people had built for themselves, started to crumble. This is when the heroes emerged from deep within the planet's surface.

To Be Continued...

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This looks interesting! I'm excited you're going to be developing on EOS!

to fund a secret "Super Nursery"(This needs a better name folks)

How about "Deep Incubator"?

I like it. Let's vote on all the ideas that come through.

The Restoration Project
-- inference: To reverse the specialization gene coding and restore randomness.
-- actuality: To complete SFEOS's evolutionary manipulation to higher potentials, i.e., Humanity 3.0