Why Mobile Legends could be the best MOBA app?

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Hi guys! Today we're back to talk about Mobile Legends. I recomend playing games like Mobile Legends just for using your wasted time. Let's start!


Mobile Legends is considered one of the most addicting games! Because of it's big events like MPC, Mobile Legends is being a hit. It can raise your IQ in strategic thinking and sportmanship.

Having high ranks and a professional squad can get you qualified to big events! This events have rewards that will be given to the champion. The rewards are sometimes 100,00 USD to the squad that wins the contest. But, in events like in your country can be 50,000 USD! I'm not telling you that your future is in Mobile Legends.

But of course, this game has an ingame items that can be purchased by real life money. Like diamonds, starlighe member(Like vips) and exclusive skins! Buying these will increase the chance of you winning games. And, buying skins(the look of the heroes) grants you additional attributes! Skins can be bought by diamonds or fragments.

Playing this with your friends could increase your comunication, understanding and cooperation. That's why I recommend this game! But ofcourse, it has many side effects too, like being addicted to this game and more! Always control your self.

And thats all for today. Thank you for stoppin by! Please up vote and follow. Appreciate it!


While Mobile Legends is certainly popular than other mobile MOBAs, but i would have to respectfully disagree you on it to be the best moba app xD.
With Vainglory coming 5v5 early access 2 days after and global release in mid february, It is going to be the MOBA to look out for(opinions).

Vainglory's graphics and controls are far above Mobile Legends with its cartoony graphics and joystick controls.
And the best of all, Vainglory is completely free. Not even a dime necessary.
Of course, those skins are optional. They do not affect your progress.

Give Vainglory a chance :)

Again, my Opinions only.

Ok thanks for your opinions! Will try out Vain Glory. Thanks for stoppin by!

Sure does! Thanks for stoppin by!

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