Introducing Slotto | Blockchain lottery, powered by steem

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Visit | Win 100+ steem

I tried to make it as simple as possible. Everything on the webpage should be self-explanatory. Please let me know if anything is confusing.

Here's a video on how you can buy a ticket.

How does it work?

Every hour, 3 random numbers are generated and recorded on the steem blockchain. If you have a matching ticket, you win. Winner takes all.

Prizes are sent to winners automatically, so you don't really have to do anything. On the webpage you can check your tickets, winners, and draws. Code is available at github.

Why did I build it?

There's been many attempts to build lottery on steem. I don't like any of them. Lottery shouldn't be based on votes or comments. You should be able to purchase tickets that are verified on the steem blockchain.

If you remember some of my older posts, you might remember I talked about making my apps/games. Slotto is one of them, and it's the simplest game possible. I plan to make more complex ones in the future. Eventually I might end up with an action/arcade game integrated with steem. It's been a good learning experience.

I'll talk about more details in my future videos. Thanks.





Cool. I will try it. Can you give more details on the actual probabilities?

that's a very good question. i think i should've mentioned it in my video. it's 3 numbers between 1~49, so for a single ticket it's 1/ 49 * 49 * 49
you're the very first one to purchase! i might have little perks for early buyers later :)

I would love to try my luck!

the very first round ended a few hours ago with a prize of 104 steem. i'm updating a few things right now, and round 2 will begin real soon!
i'm gonna make a new video when it starts.

Already joined sir :) good luck for me. Screenshot_2.png

wow thanks for playing. why did you buy so many tho? 😆
it does increase your chances but is that intentional?

Just want to try, more ticket, more chance to win LOL

haha yes someone else is also going with the same strategy. i wouldn't really recommend it though. personally i think 1 ticket per round is enough.
but yea you can buy as many as you want! 😄

Wow... This is great @roundbeargames. I will try it... 😊

thanks man 😃 give it a try

I have tried it. But a little confusion. Haaa.

I'll try again.

Does the smartphone work on this system?


yes it's just a webpage so it works with phones too. i've only tested with my own lg g4 so let me know something doesn't work.
i can see you were kinda confused. you bought 2 tickets.
i've returned you 0.1 steem for being super early. but both of your tickets are still in play.

Thanks you @roundbeargames. Mission Succes...😊

hey man @roundbeargames, this idea is great I like it, bet on 2 ticket one random and one generated by me

haha that's awesome. i was thinking maybe people were getting confused. but looks like it's part of their strategy! 😆

It's very easy, if I could do it with my speed internet turtle, anyone can do it well LOL

that's good to hear man 😄
i was kinda worried that it might not work in other places with different setup.
a big thanks for playing!

it works perfect dude, we're all going to have fun playing 👍

@roundbeargames, First of all really congratulations brother and you actually done what you were thinking and that shows your attitude towards your work. And this sounds really awesome for sure.

And really simple and really effective game for sure, and games which includes the luck of numbers really increase the excitement levels and we want to wish you great heights and particularly wish that this game will going to become one of the craze.

And your Tutorial is really appreciable and it cleared every doubt if anybody have any doubt. And after watching the User Interface, my intuition is saying that this platform is here for long run for sure and it is exciting game too.

Good luck for your future gaming platforms.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

thanks! these are some kind words. in the end it's just lottery and i wanted to try making one :)
i plan to spend some more time on this, improve a few things, and eventually move on to a more complex game.
blessings to you too my friend 😎

Welcome and thank you so much. And we are waiting for more stuff. Good luck and stay blessed. 🙂

hehee i tried it, now i will become RICH! :P

Also good job, it looks really cool and as you said it's very simple. I don't mean his in a bad way as simplicity for me merging with technology = perfection. Everything is so easy to do and there is no way someone to make a mistake!

haha thanks for playing. i hope to increase the prize soon.
i like simplicity too! but the thing is people are still getting confused with what i have right now. apparently ui needs some big improvements 😆

if they are confused by this, while you made a video that's basically explaining everything then some humans stayed back in middle ages

This is a fun start @roundbeargames. I love your reason for making this:

There's been many attempts to build lottery on steem. I don't like any of them.

I wonder if someone will go around your code and rig the system. I have seen it done with other lottery games online. I don't like gambling but this is more like a community sweepstakes and should be fun. I will check it out. I wish you the best success.

they can create the exact same webpage if that's what you're talking about :)

the site is only there to organize data for you. there is no system or data there to rig. everything is on the steem blockchain, so unless they hack the individual accounts or my desktop i think we'll be ok.

but i do worry about hackers putting malware into my site and using it for phishing. i'm doing what i can to prevent those things.

You are ahead of the game. Thank you @roundbeargames. You are actually my coding role model (benchmark). It should be John Carmack, but I need an attainable goal.

haha i'm definitely attainable! but i say go for higher levels 😄

죄송한데 3줄요약 좀 부탁드립니다.

블록체인기반 복권
재미로 함 만들어봄

복권?을 만들어본겁니까
당첨금은 ?

넹 한번 해보고싶었어요. 당첨금은 현재 103.8스팀이욤 ㅋㅋㅋ


티켓구매부터 해야하나보군여

넹 첫페이지에서 'Purchase' 눌러서 사야됩니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 0.1스팀이여


ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 자동으로 돌아가는거라 제가 직접 하진 않습니다만..
그래도 초기에 사신 분들은 뭐라도 뽀나쓰를 드려야될꺼같기도 하고..




Purchase 누르시고 steemconnect 사용하시면 됩니당 :)


I buyed 3tickets .so where to checked the matching tickets . Confused. I have the checked the Winners but those three winners are showing form 30 minutes

i've returned you 0.2 steem, but all your tickets are still in play. consider it a small gift for early buyers :)
the 'winners' that you see are from previous rounds (they were tests done with my own accounts). no actual winner has come out yet because it's very early. depending on the total number of tickets, it could be anywhere between 1day~1month.

if you enter your account name at you'll see your tickets. each round will continue and prize will stack up until a matching ticket is found.

Thank you for the information and Its a best lottery I have ever play in internet. Change to win a huge amount of steem. Thanks for the lottery .❤

thanks i hope to increase the prize eventually! 👍

Bad luck of mine. I have never won a lottery in my life. Buyed a lots of tickets but never got .Tried here too buyed some tickets hope for the best :(

how to see that our ticket wins or loses

click on winners.
if you win, prize will be sent to your account automatically.

ok terimakasi his information boss, it took how long to see our tickets

yes every transaction has to be verified, so it might take a few seconds ~ a minute :)

Excelente iniciativa querido amigo, gracias por compartirla con nosotros, entraré y espero tener suerte jajajaja.

yes do give it a try :)

wonderful idea @roundbeargames, I will buy tickets you have to try to luck

thanks! pls give it a try and let me know what you think! 😺

It seems interesting

I did not imagine that this could be one of those projects, I thought about a type of game but I did not expect a lottery game and it's great! I have participated and everyone is based on comments so your idea seems better to me :) Your video helped me because when I was on the page I did not understand why I could not buy the ticket. I congratulate you, I think I'm already participating. Good luck to everyone!

thanks for playing :) you actually bought one!
i might have little gifts for the very early buyers.

i plan to do real playing games in the future. lottery is just the simplest of them all so i thought i should give it a try.
good luck to you too 👍

That would be great :) It's a good start! I will give you a Reesteem to reach more users!

thanks that's awesome :)

What a great idea. I think I did everything right, I hope to be participating 👍

thanks for playing :) you're one of the early buyers!
i wish you luck 😄

being one of the first ones gives more luck 😂😂👏

i sure hope so! 😆

Wow, an exciting and fun game because you can get big prizes

Unfortunately I do not understand to play it, I am afraid my smartphone will be damaged if diginakan to play games because my smartphone memory is small 📲

Thank you for sharing information about the slotto game @roundbeargames

haha it's not exactly a 'playable game'. you buy a ticket and hope for a win.
but thanks for comin anyways 👍

wow .. exciting game. Am I still possible to try it?

click on 'generate ticket'
and click on 'purchase'

I'm corious with it, and wanna try!
Thanks for sharing @roundbeargames😊

thanks give it a try and see what happens 😄

Buenas tardes amigos gracias por compartir esa información. Gracias por su apoyo.

que bueno amigo eres genial en lo que haces, hay que intentar y comprar boletos, a lo mejor y la suerte me acompaña

haha yes. give it a try and i wish you luck! 😎

Una idea muy buena @roundbeargames esa de slotto no queda más que comprar boletos para ver si tenemos suerte y nos llevamos el premio mayor. Saludos

yes exactly 😄
try it out and test out your luck!

hi, congratulations for this!!!! i hope it goes very well.. :)

thanks! i hope so too 😄

buen dia amigo,gracias por compartir su buena informacion,saludos

Grandioso, siguiendo

thanks :) followed too

extraordinary friend, this new innovation from you, much like this, you spend lot of time and energy to finish this, @roudbeargames,☺️

well it's more like a fun experience :)
gotta learn new stuff

true friend, @jhoni will continue to learn from @roundbeargames, this is the most historic in my life I can meet you here,☺️

Can I really win and lottery ?
I'll definitely make a ticket.
Thank you for visiting us on the site. :)

yes this first round will continue until there's a winner.
i have no idea how long it's gonna take but clearly somebody will end up getting all the prize.
thanks for playing :)

i am always unlucky bt i am trying . lets hope .

haha yes you gotta hope!
thanks for playing. i dunno why you bought 2 tickets maybe it's intentional? you double the chances of winning by doing so, but i've returned you 0.1 steem. both of your tickets are still in play. consider it a small gift for being early :)

oh thank you @roundbeargames . its a mis understanding of me .. and thanks . Our earth stay in hope ... so why not me .!
and thanks again

I am looking forward to this. Just got my first ticket and will probably be buying some everyday.

thanks for playing :) now you wait and hope!
i realized that some people were really anxious to see the results. so i plan to make a fast paced game soon. it's probably going to have smaller but daily prizes.

Wow ... how you explained really the details, but sorry I don't really understand what you said about slotto, by the way thks for everything😊
For me you are the best, you know, I always have a motto of life, this is my motto now I want to give it to you..Be the best from the best cause @roundbeargames is the best

haha it's alright. i guess the language barrier is just too big. but you're still very supportive so i thank you 😄

Equally @ roundbeargames, you also always support me thanks😊

Qué buena idea amigo y gracias por compartirla con nosotros saludos

thanks for comin amigo

Slotto, fairlotto is have the same about lottery platform. Thanks for sharing @roundbeargames Oppa

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yes i've seen it :)
i like what they're doing. except i think the ui is too complicated.

Hope you'll the lucky one 😊😊

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Hello friend, I see that you have been working very hard on this. I have not been able to watch the video thanks to the internet, which is a real nightmare. I hope to see the video soon. And learn better than you speak.

i've heard the internet is really slow over there 😆
hopefully it'll be fast enough for steem

I was finally able to play, I made my pick

hello @cristi24491! it's awesome that you've bought one. i'm checking a few things right now and a new round will start soon. i'll refund your steem for the new round :)

Congratulations @roundbeargames!
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Good work man..👍👏

hey man thanks for playing :)

@roundbeargames. Thanks you to. Nice to meet you 😊

nice to meet you too. things are automated so you don't have to send me this screenshot :)

Amazing Lottery @roundbeargames. 😊😊😊
Thanks you For sharing.

thanks for coming but for now i have to consider you a bot.
you have nothing but plant photos and articles. hopefully you'll have your own content soon :)

I understand that. but I am not a bot. Yes, lately there is no good idea out of my mind. So I only make photography content. I will show it to you. So you won't think I'm a bot.

thank you i understand. you don't have to show me :)

Hee... You are welcome. Thanks you for visit my blog. I am Come From Indonesia. I not understand speak english. 😊

everything is very good brother congratulations for that you are one of the best on this page, you always teach us new things ..

thanks :)
try it out and test out your luck!

Holy shit i missed a lot :D Go go go @roundbeargames! I'll give it a try.
(you're fast, man)

고고고~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
it's been too long man. take a good rest and we'll talk some ideas soon!

me gustaria jugarla, saludo amigo

Hey thanks for the lottery I have purchased 5tickets for the first time hope for the best . Wish me luck and once again thanks thanks thanks for the lottery ❤