Creativity Challenge #9: A gymnast and the night

in #gameslast year (edited)

Here is a photo from analogicus at Pixabay


Your challenge is to post a reply with
  1. A story in five words, a limerick, or a haiku that's based on this photo; -OR-
  2. A meme or inspirational photo that's constructed from the image (The Pixabay license permits modification.); -OR-
  3. Some other sort of short, creative, reply that's inspired by the photo;


Please vote for your favorite replies to help me curate the display order of the responses.

My entry last week was a limerick, so this week, I am posting a haiku:

With ocean and stars
The moment is eternal
Until it passes


Your turn. ; -)



Pixabay license, source


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The woman knows well about center of mass and center of gravity. Otherwise she can't do this. Obviously she have to exercise a lot to perform. The drizzling beauty of the sky behind her surprised me a lot.

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On the sea shore with my two legs up admiring the beauty of the ocean, waves and how stars reflect. What more can a lonely heart do than to experience the quietness of nature and its peace.😌

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My whole world has been turned upside down...

The stars and the ocean complete the balance of nature.

90 degree angle on my legs

Infinity begins with the universe.

Move and live healthy.

If you want, you can do anything! Even get the stars with your foot ;)

Her leg is higher than the horizon of the sea. Hahahahah. Anyway I still amazed to see such a picture thinking how much effort she have to give behind this to set his body in perfect balance.

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