Multiplayer Gaming Comes to pixEOS!

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It’s finally here! The long awaited multiplayer update has come to all of your favorite pixEOS games, with a brand new Game Center 2.0 to spice things up.

You’ve probably tried Blockatrix 3000, Paint Arcade and Grand Cannon in the past, but now the in-game economies have been revamped and with this upgrade comes a new way to play, and several ways to earn rewards for playing!

Two Ways to Play

With this new update, we are now giving players more choices; do you want to play for free and earn rewards? Do you want to wage your tokens and make your pixEOS bag grow bigger? You choose!

Right now, in every pixEOS arcade game, you can play:

Singleplayer (Free to Play), and achieve the top high score in the world
Multiplayer (pixEOS Entry Fee), and compete with other players to win their tokens
Noob Tier: Wager 6 pixEOS tokens and earn 10 if you win
Epic Tier: Wager 60 pixEOS tokens and earn 100 if you win
Master Tier: Wager 600 pixEOS tokens and earn 1000 if you win
Legend Tier: Wager 6000 pixEOS tokens and earn 10000 if you win

You’ll be able to see this now in pixEOS arcade games: choose one of 2 modes, singleplayer or multiplayer. Here’s an example of what it looks like in our community favorite game, Blockatrix 3000:


3 Ways to Earn pixEOS Rewards

1- Game Points:

By playing any of the game modes (Singleplayer or Multiplayer) in each of the pixEOS arcade games, you’ll see that you’ll be gaining what we call “Game Points.” These play a crucial role in one of the areas where you can earn pixEOS tokens in the Game Center, and you’ll be able to see your current balance of game points both inside the games while you play, as well as in the Game Center itself.

Every day, Voxie (your pixEOS mascot/robot friend) gathers data from all the players around the world, and distributes a daily bag of goodness (in the form of pixEOS tokens), to Game Center players.

Each player will get a % of the daily pot, depending on how many game points they have accumulated while playing that day, plus factoring in the total game points collected by everyone around the world.

This means that the more you play, the more you can earn!


2- Individual Victories:

By playing the multiplayer gamemode, you’ll be accumulating victory points when you win against the other players. The player with the best score wins. You can see results at the end of each match, as well as how many pixEOS you lost or gained, along with how many game points you gained while playing.

Sometimes you may finish before your opponent. In these cases the results will be posted when your opponent finishes. So you are free to start another game and check back on the results in the Game Center later.

Your number of victories is important because it will determine the second reward you can get. Here you are competing for the top spots, as there is a daily leaderboard with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place that will reward the most skilled players worldwide. The amount of pixEOS to be distributed will vary depending on how many poeple are playing the games, as the pot for each tier will increase by 1, 10, 100 or 1000 pixEOS each time a game between 2 players is completed.

There is a leaderboard for each arcade game, as well as game tier, so make sure you try and get the top spots in each of the tiers of your favorite pixEOS arcade game!


3- pixEOS CryptoLegions:

There are 3 pixEOS CryptoLegions, and each of them will compete daily with the others for the group rewards. Make sure you choose the Legion that suits you the best, because for now you won’t be able to change to another afterwards.

The Legion whose players have the most collective victories in any given day will be that day’s winner, and the team pile of pixEOS tokens will be distributed amongst its players based on how much they contributed.

This means that if you get 10 victories and your team won the day with 100 victories, you’ll be getting 10% of the team pile rewards.

Each time someone buys anything in any of the arcade marketplaces, whether it is a VIP membership or in-game boosters, 20% of the pixEOS spent will be added into the Legion Team Pile for that day.

Legion print screen.jpg

To sum up:

Play Singleplayer for free and get 1 of the rewards
Pay to play Multiplayer mode and get 3 of the rewards

What’s new in the GameCenter

There are now 3 Legions in the pixEOS gamecenter, and you can choose to join one of them (in the bottom part of the gamecenter):

Helius is the name of the first team, composed of the Nature-loving pixEOS players. These are the people that believe that power is a natural force and that each person’s ability to connect to that power is related to how well they connect with nature.
Elders is the second team, and the one where the analytical pixEOS players reside. The ones who are part of this group believe that you can achieve whatever goal you set your mind to, but only with a calm analysis of the situation and a strong plan to accompany it.
Sensers is the third and last team of the pixEOS world. You’ll know it in your gut if you are meant to be a part of this team. These players always follow their instincts and believe anything is possible and no goal is unreachable, you just gotta go at it with all of your passion and inner will.

After you join a CryptoLegion, if your team was the winner of the previous daily competition then you can claim the rewards by clicking the “claim” button in your team’s Stats Menu.


Another new aspect of the updated Game Center is the Info Board. Here you will find several pieces of important information regarding your pixEOS gamer account:

(1) This box indicates your EOS account name, and allows you to logout if you want to change accounts.
(2) This displays your Game Center pixEOS balance, where all of your daily rewards go to, and allows you to withdraw it to your connected EOS account.
(3) The game points balance indicates how many game points you have earned in today’s daily competition, and allows you to claim the rewards from the last daily competition that you participated in (1st reward).
(4) The victories scoreboard indicates how many victories you have achieved in today’s daily competition, and allows you to claim the rewards from the last multiplayer daily competition (2nd reward).
(5) By clicking this square, you’ll be able to see your match history from the last 6 games, who you palyed against, the result of the match and whether you lost or gained pixEOS.
(6) By clicking here you’ll change the language currently displayed in the Game Center.
(7) Here you can see all of the pixEOS arcade games available in the Game Center, as well as pixEOS Paint FE and pixEOS Reel.


Disclaimer: The daily competition, where you accumulate game points and victories, occurs every day. When you are claiming the rewards these will be from the previous daily competition that has ended and after Voxie has made all of the computations of how much each player should receive. So let the games begin!


WoW! Fantastic news and update. I like pixEOS. Thank you for your great work! You are amazing guys! 👽👍

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