What does Football Manager predict for this World Cup?

in games •  5 months ago

Useless stuff can be fun!

Sometimes somebody has a luminous idea that is actually so useless, but still one is desperately interested in the outcome.
This happened to a Youtuber called "GoldenFM", with a very big Football Manager addiction.

He simulated the current World Cup a 100 times with all the groups exactly as they were drawn.
I must say the results are stunning. He put everything in an Excel file to look at the pattern, and check what Football Manager's general opinion is. Amazingly time consuming, but interesting.

One thing is very clear, according to Football Manager, Belgium has a 22 % chance to win the World Cup. I love it. Let's hope he is correct!

Check out this video, amazing stuff, and some things are quite well predicted by Football Manager, like Russia and Sweden doing so well. Weird and crazy how well their stats are!



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Russia is really a big surprise