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My Fishy post from yesterday didn't get a lot of comments. It looks like people on steemit are not into fish.

Let's try with sheep today.


Common guys, a new game on steem blockchain.

Hurry up.

You can use my referral link.


I'm in.

Mee too.
Mee too.
Mee too.

Wait for meee.



Free steem.


Hey, did you hear the news?

They changed the rules.


What now?

Bright FUTURE?


No comment on this one.

The photo speaks for itself.

Any similarity with the famous game on steem blockchain is just a coincidence, but I won't lie;

Four sheep plus two more on the left side, which you can barely see, were killed for the purpose of this post.

And maybe I could even earn some drama tokens from @dramatoken for this one.

Stay informed, my friends.

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Such a pretty animal looks so calm and peaceful

Now you got me in the mood for some meat xD

I think we, as a community, need to get a system or a group in place to approve these games and oversee them... don't know how , but I think it would be the for the best, there are too many people that "invest"(if we can call it investing) without thinking that they can be investing in cash grab scheme and that the rules can change any minute... we already had the Magicdice fiasco,the SteemBet fiaco now the drugwars sheepwars fiasco, what next? Maybe Steemmonster will run away with all the tournaments money too...

I'm not a fan of regulations. People will learn on the way but also miss the real opportunity.
Like in real life.
Darwin was right about survival.

I wouldn't say regulations, I was thinking more like, a committee that would go through the games and approve or disapprove them. Of course that the game even if disapproved could still be launched on the chain, but the community wouldn't feel safe putting money in it, while an approved game would make the community feel safer in buying stuff from that game... This would require logistics, incentivization, etc... It's just an idea to prevent this from happening again as best as we can... maybe we don' need this, maybe people will evolve and start choosing more wisely where they park their money...

In the end, I think exactly like you, Darwin 101, the strong survive the weak perish. If you dump money into something that you didn't do any research about then you are asking to get scammed and it's in part your fault...

And also: "Invest only what you are willing to lose"

You see. We all know the rules. The problem is that we don't follow them.
And nobody in the committee will not approve or disapprove anything and be responsible for your decisions. .

Haha! Love it and I can't wait for the comments.


Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

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Haha best metaphor I have seen in quite some time !

Lol, a post isn't a post unless it involves a goodly amount of slaughter!

Just like movies, books, and videogames, hehe.

Interesting dialogue sir @oldtimer, but I was surprised see the last picture. I tried to reread intent the dialogue above, trying to digest it. Then I think there are somethings want to say about rules change that make inconvenience. Hopefully I'm not wrong, but if my thought's wrong. I'm so sorry, sir. God bless you

Big inconvenience. They collect steem from players and gave them an unknown and unestablished coin.

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These photos made me realize how life is. A happy story that ended up being a sad truth.

Howdy sir oldtimer! I have no idea what's goin on with the games because I never got involved with them but it sounds unfortunate and your graphic metaphor tells it all.