"King of the Assholes" in Magic: The Gathering EDH/Commander format!

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I’m back after a weekend hiatus, Steemit. Friday I got together with a couple of Steemit friends and discussed possible plot and story arcs for my Crpyotian Steemit-inspired comic. It was a great opportunity, delving in to the future of blockchain technologies and their impact on societies across the world. Saturday and Sunday were hectic preparing for my upcoming trip […next week already] to New York City and Toronto […then back to NYC, then Scranton, then back to Minneapolis. Fun!]. In the last 24 hours, a few things fell in to place including the arrival of my passport, and money to pay for everything coming up on this trip. At my most stressed, I tell myself “…it’s all going to work out.”, because it has for the last 7 years of being a freelance artist, but in those moments, it never feels like it actually will.

Real quick on Trial by Comics, the deadline for “Magic: The Gathering” theme has closed. The participating has been astounding. I know many of you do not play, so it means so much that a majority of the artists that contributed sought out the characters, creatures and planeswalkers just to contribute. 50.000 SBD’s is a nice little bump for a contest award, but it’s not a life-changing […or even week changing] bounty for most. I know this level of participation is because so many of you just love the spirit of the contest and have a deep passion for comics and illustration. Happy to announce, in addition to @danielkiessler’s 25.000 SBD’s matching my own for the 50.000 SBD reward to the winner, @vermillionfox is contributing 30.000 SBD […as an avid MTG player herself], finally giving us the chance to offer a 2nd and 3rd prize to Trial by Comics! The announcement should be made tomorrow […I’m finishing the sketch for the new theme now].

Speaking of Magic: The Gathering, tonight is the night. I’ve been saying for weeks I was going to dive in to my champion Commander/EDH, and this is it! Some quick back story; I started playing MTG with @tarotbyfergus over a year ago at @caffetto. @vermillionfox joined us soon thereafter. In time, I met @iamredbar, and he joined our group. We all played Standard format. That was the format I was introduced to and that’s what I stubbornly wanted to continue playing. @tarotbyfergus convinced us to play a couple Commander games with his decks and initially, I hated it. The cards were cartoonishly devastating, far worse than most cards in Standard. That was what he liked about the format and I began seeing the limitations of Standard as my favorite aspect of the game.

Standard was about to rotate out with the coming of Ixalan […just released last month], phasing many previous sets including Oath of the Gatewatch, Battle for Zendikar, Shadows Over Innistrad and Eldrich Moon out of my favorite format. What this meant was, we either had to build new decks, or accept that we were now playing Modern. I’d spent lots of money […and STEEM] on my decks, so I wasn’t about to abandoned them. Accepting that we were now in Modern meant we could begin building and playing with virtually anything, which lead to the possibility of building my first EDH deck. To do that, though, I needed a great Commander.

That great Commander was Padeem, Consul of Innovation! A 1/4 Legendary Creature — Vedalken Artificer for 4 mana, who gives artifacts hexproof. You also get a card draw at the beginning of your upkeep if you have the highest converted mana artifact […or are even tied for it]. That sounds like a guy you’d want on the battlefield again and again, especially if you have an army of artifact creatures! A few hundred dollars and several trips to Universe Games, Mead Hall and Dreamer’s Vault later, I had my first EDH/Commander deck!

The deck has changed since I first built it. Out of the gate, it kicked so much ass that it forced @tarotbyfergus to modify his Alicia, Who Smiles at Death EDH deck, just to cope with it. In response, I made some changes to it’s current deckles […seen below]. 

The idea is to cast Padeem early and equip him with either Lightning Greaves or Champion’s Helm. Both give him hexproof, and he gives artifacts hexproof. It’s possible […even likely] to create this situation on turn four. From here, other than board wipes, sacrifice abilities and complete board wipes […fortunately, this deck is heavy on counter spells], you’re pretty safe to move on to the next phase of the game.

Phase two is casting Planar Bridge with the help of Treasure Mage or Inventor’s Fair. Sol Ring and Gilded Lotus will help rock your mana to activate Planar Bridge to starting bringing a variety of win conditions to the battlefield […all without being cast, so they can’t be counter except by Disallow]. One way to go is sticking Mind’s Dilation on your opponent if you suspect they can’t deal with enchantments. What a horrible card, and one of my favorites. After enchanted player cast his first spell, you can cast the second card of his or her library for free! There has been games that @tarotbyfegus’ only hope was to cast a card from his hand that would win the game, and the following card […from his library] was a counter spell. It’s never fun to lose a game, but it’s another level of evil when you lose because of one of your own cards being used against you. 

Another is big, scary artifact creatures like Inkwell Leviathan or Colossus of Akros. Make Colossus of Akros monstrous for 10 mana and he becomes a 20/20 indestructible hexproof […thanks to Padeem] creature. Tap Planar Bridge again and put Corrupted Conscience on him and he gains Infect. In almost any situation, that can end the game in two swings!

Above all though, I have a favorite way to win with this deck. It’s by far the most maniacal, will breaking-win circumstance, and that’s when I win, when I should have lost. There’s always this back and forth between myself and @tarotbyfergus of who’s the bigger asshole in Magic: The Gathering, and this formula is why I feel why I wear the asshole crown. Once you’ve reached the Planar Bridge phase, it’s putting Platinum Angel on the battlefield. As long as it’s there, you can lose the game and your opponents can’t win the game and I have stretched that broken mechanic far beyond the realm of what should be allowed. A second spin on Planar Bridge can get Dark Steel Forge on the battlefield making all artifacts hexproof and indestructible, with a 4/4 flyer that can’t be targeted or destroyed. I have literally won games against @tarotbyfergus with -162 life, and WITHOUT A LIBRARY! It’s diabolical. Okay, without further adieu, here’s the deck list.


34 x Islands

1 x Darksteel Citadel

1 x Academy Ruins

1 x Westvale Abbey

1 x Inventor’s Fair


1 x Padeem, Consul of Innovation

1 x Trinket Mage

1 x Treasure Mage

1 x Etched Champion

1 x Duplicant

1 x Inkwell Leviathan

1 x Colossus of Akros

1 x Platinum Angel

1 x Mizzium Meddler

1 x Clever Impersonator

1 x Harbinger of the Tides

1 x Phyrexian Metamorph

1 x Body Double

1 x Darksteel Colossus

1 x Torrential Gearhulk


1 x Tezzeret the Seeker

1 x Jace, Unraveler of Secrets

1 x Jace, the Mind Sculptor


1 x Champion’s Helm

1 x Gilded Lotus

1 x Sol Ring

1 x Deathrender

1 x Swiftfoot Boots

1 x Lightning Greaves

1 x Vedalken Shackles

1 x Nevinyrral’s Disk

1 x Argentum Armor

1 x Mirrage Mirror

1 x Planar Bridge

1 x Darksteel Forge

1 x Telemin Performance

1 x Steal Enchantment

1 x Blatant Thievery

1 x All Is Dust

1 x Riddleform

1 x Persuasion

1 x Coutnerspell

1 x Kefnet’s Last Word

1 x Stoic Rebutal

1 x Dream Leash

1 x Metallurgic Summonings

1 x Confiscate

1 x Disallow

1 x Mechanized Production

1 x Treachery

1 x Thirst for Knowledge

1 x Insidious Will

1 x Saheeli’s Artistry

1 x Stubborn Denial

1 x Cancel

1 x Polymorphist’s Jest

1 x Thoughtcast

1 x Spell Shrivel

1 x Extract

1 x Invasive Surgery 

1 x Fabricate

1 x Brianstorm

1 x Spelltwine

1 x Void Shatter

1 x Mind’s Dilation

1 x Corrupted Conscience

1 x Clone Legion 

Thanks for reading! I know these MTG posts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the game is a big part of my life and some of he only recreation I have. They’re fun to write and photograph. I post often, so for more MTG, illustration, photography and art, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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WOW! I also love Mind's Dilation! I got it from Eldritch Moon booster. This story has reminded me of a time I casted Startle Awake 3 times in one match and decked him out.


Mind's Dilation is such an awful card @broester. I discovered it and swore I had to be reading it's effects wrong at first, especially for Standard. Its tough to cast in Standard but in EDH, I get it out almost every game. The look on your opponent's face when you cast their planeswalkers for free! LOL!

Nice Deck, i hate Padeem, Consul of Innovation, pretty hard to get rid of it, once there is some protection on the field. I am playing magic for more than 20 years now, and i am still in love with it.


Thanks, @icountedzero. Yeah, this thing is tough to clear. Once Darksteel Forge is out, your only option is pretty much "return permanent to its owner's hand" effects and "sacrifice a creature" effects. -1/-1 counters can get the job done, too. I have an Avacyn, Angel of Hope deck I'll be sharing on here soon, which might be even worse than this.


yeah, i always keep a cyclonic rift handy.... :)

thanks for sharing keep it up

It is great when stemians contribute to promote talent. Being an artist is a great thing. Am a dramatist and I wish my wallet had some money to support

wow I confess that I did not know anything about MTG but thanks to you I discovered it and was enchanted with the history of each character, it's a shame I can not have the cards :(


They don't sell MTG cards in Venezuela, @yanes94? That's heartbreaking. It's such a great game and as an artist, you would love the card art.

nice one ;)

have you ever thought of doing a business with that online? like on Skype?


I'm not sure how I would? Teaching how to play Magic: The Gathering @mastabanana?

Wow i love you Magic the Gathering Cards ..I was a player of MGT before but i just stopped because you need to have money to buy a good card .


It's a great game! You should dig through your old cards @kizzbonez! You may have some that went way up in value!

I used to play Magic back when I was 12, during the 4th Ed and Ice Age time. It was then Mirage, Visions and Weatherlight came forth.

Curious though, how is it today? How does it compete with online games like Hearth Stone?


It is on an alltime high. Never it has sold better, had wider acceptence or more players. Just try to go to a local store on prerelease. In my town you have to reserve seats so you can participate... :) MTG-Online is a different thing. It looks very outdated and old, but still is good fun to play. I always draft new upcoming editions. The things is, most cards from your aera are pretty much worthless nowadays (beside some exceptions), when it comes to value and playability. Still they have great artwork and i love them.(Specially Stronghold, weatherlight, Mirage and Iceage) I kept all my cards since i was a child and i still meet old freinds every 4 weeks for some rounds of EDH.


Oh I thought they'd all appreciate in value over time.

I remember owning two Shivan Dragons (4th ed), Hammer of Bogarden and Crimson Kite and Phyrexian Dreadnought.

Honestly, we didn't play that much or was competitive. It just felt AWESOME owning all the rare, valuable cards.


yeah it's pretty sad. Most of them are worth not much more than the paper they are printed on. I buy/sell my cards at https://www.cardmarket.com/en/Magic, you can easily check the prices. Shivan Dragon from 4th edition is around 0,19€ in excellent condition. Phyrexian Dreadnaught though still sees some play in certain decks and is worth around 12€ in a good condition. Hammer of Bogadan is practically worthless (0,02 €). (Crimson Hellkite 0,12€)


Did you see the game play footage of the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Arena, @icountedzero? Its replacing Duels and it looks really good for an online game.


yes, i am looking forward to a slick, nice polished version of MTG-Online, so i will definitely give it a try!


It's great @aldentan! I've never played Hearth Stone so I can't compare, but I played MTG in the late 90's and then fell out for 20 years. The new formats are really fun. There are a ton of crazy mechanics, like energy. I have an entire deck that has NO creatures and wins all the time. It's just a counter spell deck, but it builds energy and then you can blast opponents, creatures and planeswalkers with an artifact called the Dynavolt Tower.


Lol. I have no idea man. I stopped ages ago.

And being kids, we were just happy to get the rare cards, especially creatures with high dmg and HP.

I got Kjedoran Outpost one day in my first pack and I fucking flipped out!

Hi @kommienezuspadt where can i contact you I was just wondering if youll accept my invitation of you as a guest judge in my drawing challenge heres the link https://steemit.com/art/@julstamban/updates-on-anime-drawing-challenge-one-piece-character-theme-a-total-of-30-steem-prizes-for-the-winners


Definitely @julstamban. Same name on Steemit chat if you want to DM me there, or email lars@madeineighty.com with the details.

Love the photos, though I know next to nothing about the subject. I wonder if they have a single artist or several who do the card artwork.


The game is great @fotosdenada! You need to come down to the Twin Cities, borrow a deck and join us at @caffetto.

kick ass deck kick them while your down haha

admirable. how do you keep track of all this information?

I have to learn how to play haha
Happy Sunday mon ami 💜


I am SOOOOO going to teach you the next time I'm in LA @artdellavita!

Artgoals for me is to work for wizards someday :D Even just painting one card would be nice! :) .. i need to bring my collection up to date though, so many cool new cards have come out last few years :/


Believe it or not @beekart, in the late 90's, I was set up with one of WOTC's creative directors through a friend I met at a comic book convention in Metcalf, MO [...this was during an era where cons were small, smelly bingo halls and not city-wide events with 80,000 attendees]. He said "...you do great pin up art! You should send some to my friend at Wizards.". I sent a giant envelope of original pencils and they sent back all but two! They bought them for $80/ea! I was 18, all my friends were D&D and MTG nerds and I was the hottest shit. King of the nerds! That lasted a little under a year but I sold about a dozen pencils to them. None ever became cards, but I think they were just stock piling concept art since they had truckloads of money.


If i could even say that WOTC bought some of my artwork to potentially use for DND or MTG would be an accomplishment ;) Well done man hahah .. i got to do cards for WOW though .. so ... :D im not complaining

Missing your photography posts, hope to see your new work soon!🤗


Ohhhhhhh, thank you, @eveuncovered! It's nice to be missed! You and I both seem to be on our own adventures. I just drove 1,700 miles throughout NYC, Atlantic City and Toronto. 16 shoots in 12 days. It's been almost impossible to post, but as of this afternoon, I'm done. Plenty of new work to come. I've loved escaping to your blog late at night when I've finally been able to collapse on friend's couches :P

A control deck, I love control...stretching the limits of your opponent's agony as you squeeze the lifepoints out of them. I'm a blue/black planeswalker by the way. ^.^