Mark of the Ninja: Fantastic cheap game

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This is one of the only games that I have completed in the past couple of years on the "normal" setting. I usually lose interest if a game becomes too difficult because it seems most games, rather than having the gameplay change as the game carries on will simply make it increasingly difficult. This is why I never played Super Meat Boy.


Mark of the Ninja is a side-scrolling platformer that involves the use of stealth in order to complete the missions. Just like Hitman, you CAN just rage through parts of the missions, but it is very unlikely you are going to win that way. You need to use the shadows to your advantage and find alternate methods of entering buildings in order to reach your target.

You are given new weapons as the game carries on but mostly your katana and stealth are the main tools of the trade. The game is very dark and well, that is kind of the point. Darkness is your friend if trying to remain hidden. By the way the scenery is wonderfully drawn.

One of the best aspects of the game is that the same vision restrictions that the enemy has, you also have. You cannot see through walls to determine where to enter a building. You must rely on sounds that are visually represented on the screen to identify where people are walking above and below. Choose incorrectly and a rifle might be pointed in your face when you open the door / window.

One aspect of the game that i find amusing in this and really any other stealth game is that you can run into a room and actually throw a knife and hit a guard, then if you run and hide, the guards come off high alert after a certain amount of time and resume their patrol patterns. I don't know about you, but if i had just been STABBED I might think there was a reason to stay on high alert for longer than 30 seconds.

I am a casual gamer and will rarely play a game long enough to truly get good at it. This game is difficult enough to be challenging but simple enough for non-hardcore gamers to get on board with. It was less than $20 when i bought it years ago and i consider it to be one of the best "bang for the buck" games I have ever purchased.

10 / 10

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Well i haven't played it before but i have played Hitman, about 3 installations of it and they were all wonderful. Stealth makes the game more interesting and stealth kills are way way cool. There is this other one i played called Thief and just like its name, it involves stealing and there also darkness is indeed your best friend. Woukd check the game out

I really suck at gaming especially mission games, just like you whenever a game becomes too difficult. I just abandon it and move to the next one.
After watching the video, this game is the real deal and the way its fast and one can stay hidden and take guards unaware.

I am a casual gamer and will rarely play a game long enough to truly get good at it. This game is difficult enough to be challenging but simple enough for non-hardcore gamers to get on board with.

This says it all...

For the rate of 10/10 is another reason why everyone should try it.

Good morning from Nigeria.

There's nothing like Mark of the Ninja on Xbox Live Arcade, and now, Steam. Others may taunt fast action stealth, but this is the true evolution of that concept with speedy and thought-provoking mechanics. Keyboard and mouse controls can take a while to get used to, but once you've got it down, you feel like a master assassin. Mark of the Ninja is a triumphant victory that is a must-play

Your game posts are awesome thanks @gooddream


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yeah once game becomes too much difficult
i always left the game as i dont like trying again and again
there should be even competition
i dont play games that much
i think this will be good enough for me

The game play looks similar to a game called Tenchu, the only difference is that Tenchu is 3d and this game looks to be 2d...Still looks fun though.

i saw it months back but didn't think it will be worth it instead i bought Medal of Honor

Wow. You give it 10 out of 10. But I aggree, I have really great times playing this game!

I love stealth. My favorite stealth game/saga is metal gear solid. You have to be smart and have strategies in order to win these kind of games.

Very Cool game! :D