Quo Vadis NextColony? Oli problems with NextColony

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NextColony and the 8th season of "Game of Thrones" shares one thing: the disappointment of the audience. It was supposed to be great, but it came out tragically.

NextColony was launched just over a month ago. At the very beginning we were hitted by problems with connection. NextColony - the game, which gathered several thousand STEEM from the auctions, was built on servers made of mud and sticks. The initial problems were unfortunately prophetic and after a month the game does not look like a product (even in the early stages) but more like a dummy of real advertised with the slogan: "Blockchain". In might sounds rude, but here is the list of the biggest sins of NextColony:

Fresh start

Pay to win

Next Colony from the very beginning is focused on gathering money from the player. It started with selling the legendary planets at auctions for several thousand Steem (now almost no one wants to give even a one thousand tokens for these planets). Right after the start there were also runes and chests to buy for STEEM. The first ones increase the production of planets, and the chests contain raw materials to facilitate the development. The price for the biggest chest (containing about a week production of a well developed planet) is 99 STEEM which is the equivalent of AAA game. The prices for runes are even higher, and runes + 50% cost 450 STEEM. It is expensive, what is worse, the number of paid items is limited and in the beginning they were speculated by players, now the availability is good. The plans of NextColony creators, who wants to create special premium schemes for better ships, are not optimistic either.

Money, Money, Money

Zero gameplay and eternal waiting

If you think that Ogame or [insert title of any browser game] is boring, you haven't seen NextColony yet. A month. It takes a month for a player who doesn't buy chests to build the first ship! During this time the player has to click 1-2 times a day on the necessary constructions and that's it, then just wait for the resources and click again, and so on for a month. A month of clicking! Or about 2 weeks, if you buy chests. Oooo! But if I build a ship, it will be awesome! It won't be, because once they're terribly expensive, second: they move at the speed of a old turtle. It can take several hours to reach the next planet with the ships, and for further flights the time is counted in weeks! In addition, you can send only one fleet mission at the beginning, and increasing this limit costs as much as the planet produces for a few days. I don't know how many players NextColony will have so much patience.

Message to the devs from community

You can see everything

Reconnaissance and intelligence are crucial during the war. In Ogame, the fog of war was a lack of information about the movements of fleets, about what is on each planet, and so on. In NextColony the fog of war does not exist, everything is transperent and recorded in blockchain. We know what the enemy has built, how many resources he has and what ships he has. We know when his fleet will arrive on a planet what mission have, literally everything! Does it have any advantages? I sincerely doubt it. Transparency is pushed to the limit and only does harm. How to fight someone if we know exactly what the outcome will be? Additionally, it is impossible to create ambushes, and there is better chance for Poland goes into space than for catching someone's fleet (bots will monitor blockchain and send the victim's ships a block before attacking a planet). NextColony, you're doing it wrong!

Don't hate!

Bots and Multi-Accounts

A problem of blockchain games is the lack of good protection against bot. In Steem Monsters game there are different rules, and creating a good bot is difficult and in the end a human win. In NextColony? Here even account management services were created, and thanks to writing everything in blocks, bots can play much better than people, because they monitor blocks around the clock and can automatically order constructions, attacks on abandoned planets, etc. Additionally, there is a problem with multi accounts. SM was aware of possible abuse and to prevent it they sell starters. Anyone can have an account in NextColony, so some people have them e.g. 10, 50, 100, because why not? The game still is about sending several transactions a day, so what's the problem with setting up a bot that will copy our actions? Oh, and buying runes, better planets doesn't make much sense (unless you want to build a miracle), because a few multi accounts will have a better effect than a good planet with expensive rune.

No multi? No fun!

We don't care about the voices of the players

The creators of NextColony asked players not so long ago about: how many resources should be resistant to attacks of other players. Over 30% of the voters voted in favor of the 80% level, but the creators completely ignored the survey and decided that at the maximum level of the bunker, this will protect only 20% of the resources (for this level voted less than 3% of the players - 4 people, including @jarunik - one of the creators of the game). I don't know why this survey was conducted. There were also some voices saying that the explorations sucks and it needs to be changed. The 1% chance of finding a planet and the 5% chance of losing a ship means that it can take weeks before we find a planet, because each square further from the base increases the mission time by 2 hours. Developers, however, claim that everything is fine and they are not going to change anything.

Results of ignored survey

Conflict of interest

NextColony is a game in which 30% of players' deposits go to the prize pool. And what will be the actual distribution? We don't know. Personally I think that at the current state of the game, the pool should be 70-90% of the income, but NextColony decided otherwise. What is controversial is the fact that the game is playes by its creators, so in addition to having information about future events - they can significantly affect the balance of the game, and tilt it to their advantage. In addition, they said that they buy chests - I wonder from whom, since their payments return to them in the lion's share (if not in full, because we still do not know how the payouts will proceed and whether they will be at all).

Oli gonna plays the game Honk Honk

Censorship of the unhappy players

NextColony successively silences dissatisfaction voices about the game, discussions are shuts and active players stop talk in the main game chat. This is the aftermath of the mentioned problems.The censorship has reached such a point that the bans are given away for wait for it... a satirical haiku about the game. The creators of NextColony make it look like their work is perfect, and anyone who dares to criticize should stop playing. Besides, The only good thing in game is promise of payout, but don't consider buying chests, runes and other things as investment!


Anyway, if you are bored of NextColony, consider play Steemnova - Steem vesion of Ogame without shitty pay to win


Also, there is contest: write answer to this banned haiku, the best answer gets 3 transporter ships if game still be alive in next week.

Is next colony

A shitty little garbage

Or just monkey poo?


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I quit playing after a week.
It was to boring.
And I usually don't mind incremental games.
Or staring at maps.

oh yes you are the master of staring at maps ...you shoudl watch his prerecordet streams on vimm :)

I have a ton more of videos:))

This deserves a


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You've summarised all the problems quite nicely. It's even worse than I imagined!

Here's my shitty experience:

Screenshot 20190524 at 16.58.06.png


For that one as well

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Wahoo! Dyou get an upvote everytime you issue one? I do have that power - I've just never used it!

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You need to own min 10 dramatoken in order to award some. You can buy some on steem-engine if you like. Or cause more drama :D
Supply is limited to 40 per day.
And don't award it to food pictures. You will be struck by lightning - or worse

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That's really crap for yr neighbour as it's rational for you to explore nearest first. It'll be harder for him.

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Yeah. He still has some time to go before exploring. Will probably have checked out the vicinity first

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Yeah! but I think the main problem is censorship. One guy asked on their discord how rewards will be distributed and he was banned instantly for this. I don't have words for this.

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Oh dear - it's saying something that the only comfort (not joy) I've got from the game is hearing that I'm not the only one having a crap time!

I'm thinking The Plague is quite a good analogy for this game - 30-50% of players suffer and then die (quit).

Although that's a bit unfair to The Plague, that only led to around 10 days of suffering before death, and the attrition rate for @nextcolony could well be higher.

I would do a negative post, but it's easier to just let it go and focus on better things!

Look at this nonsense, my planet is in the middle.

First explorer mission explored very bottom square because the closest ones were already explored, and guess what, explorer crashed. So have to wait other 8 hours, plus the time to build up resources. By the time it's done, the guy will explore another line below the planet and will be starting 4 blocks out.

Spent a month of pressing upgrade a couple of times a day to have this nonsense, and even when you get there it is still boring af.

I really couldn't believe it when I found out (only just recently) that if a space is explored by one person then that's it for everyone, so if you're near someone else who explores all around your planet before you can then you basically can never do anything. I just can't imagine any scenario where that makes sense.

Hey buddy! Thanks for the steembottracker. I voted for you as witness today. Had a question by the way. I've added the config you ask for to my bot @swiftcash but your site doesn't seem to be reading those info from there anymore. Like tipu for example doesn't have any of those anymore yet it comes up in the list. Any idea what I need to do?!

Bots have to be manually added to the whitelist to appear on the site. Please get in touch with me on Discord and we'll get your bot added.

Ok cheers will do :]

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All I can say is 'I feel your/ your son's pain' !

At least I'm enjoying a lot of other stuff on steem - just have to focus on that!

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Ich bin auf die Antwort der Entwickler gespannt. Hier wurden ziemlich wichtige Punkte angesprochen.

It will never happen.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

you can answer in many ways. maybe they are working on those problems

They working about exit scam scheme

Lol, i don't think so. Thats a lot of Steem, but they have much more to loose. Thats nonsense

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