Became a snake hunter - Sky Serpents!

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A long time ago, when the sky-high snakes appeared in the world, people stopped feeling safe. Then the brave hero decided to fight against them. However, over time he grew old and his son named Slayer decided to show his father who is a true champion by killing 15 monsters.

This is how the story of the inconspicuous "flash game" Sky Serpents can be summed up. Our goal is to kill 15 powerful beasts by hitting them in the right places. But it's not an easy task, because the monsters either try to throw us down or by using their special holes on the body to attack us with their sluice or other protective system.

The game seems to be strongly inspired by the title "Shadow of the Colossus" created by Team Ico, who were probably the first to introduce the "Boss" combat mechanics in games, leaving out simple opponents - right away in the deep waters, to the end game with bosses.

The game itself is not difficult to pass, but "it is difficult to be the best". Our score is stored in the cloud, so we can try to get to the TOP list of players with the highest scores. And set your nickname on "Steemit" ;)

Visually the game is very nice - a simple, but well made graphics makes it look very good even today. Audio section is made at most correctly - very good performance, but unfortunately, due to compression and limitations, it is not fully delightful. It's a pity, because some songs can be liked!

It is and old game and requires Adobe Flash Player plug-in to work, which is getting harder and harder to run. I recommend you to play on Firefox.

The end is a simple conversation between father and son, but no spoilers! It's better to watch for yourself!

Play and see! - Sky Serpents

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People often underestimate how good can a flash game be, this game got me hooked for days when I discover it first, you can kill hours at one sitting just killing aero-snakes, this proves that a few simple mechanics can make a great game!


Exactly! All you need is a good idea, and people will see how even such an inconspicuous game delights!
Icy Tower is a great example here.

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