GShare (GameCredits Blockchain Powered Platform) - The Public Beta

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Hey gamers, and the public in general...

Check Out GShare

Its available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. A Place you can buy games with GameCredits! Isnt's just amazing?

I have been following this venture quite closely and I must admit, that right now, it's going crazy. New games just keep being added and the process is quite easy to be fair. A couple of cosmetic things still need to improve (like searching or grouping the games, by type, etc), but for a Beta, it looks really great.

More Goodies!

But for me, the best idea is just like the idea of STEEM type blockchains, where you make the platform a cyclic self-propelled system. And that is just what GShare did by allowing you to mine your own GameCredits with the software client that you use to Buy the games.

So basically everyone can just dedicate their own platform to support the network and at the same time claim some balance to keep playing games. This for me, and on top of all the other things they have planned, is just amazing.

And I have extensively tested the client to be sure it works great while you increase/decrease the GPU/CPU cores you wish to dedicate, and all works very seamlessly well. They also said that in the future this could even be an automatic feature, so even while playing, if you have enough resources, you could be supporting the network with any remaining resources the game does not consume.

Current Games

I have already a list I will buy, old stuff that I always wanted to play, but there is also stuff relatively new. And of course, I would not expect to see "state of the art" games right away, but that reality might not be too far away if you think well how the game industry works.

Either way, the concept shows that blockchain tech can really provide advantages to businesses... GameCredits is just a small application of it. Imagine the "new market" of crypto people that now become a target of the game industry? Not they couldn't buy the game via normal means, but now it simply broadens the number of choices you have. Plus it's neat to buy a game via blockchain.


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I use it for a couple time now, and its awesome!
the improvements since the first versions are also top. every update makes the product better.

I did not buy any games with it yet, but a few coins already mined

  ·  last year (edited)

Indeed. I have noticed exactly the same. I will buy a game once it gets added there. FarCry5!

I have other on my list... but soon I will let everyone know the experience of acquiring one through the platform.

And welcome to the platform.

I will try this game!

Which one?