Cracking a Booster Pack - Dominaria (Draft Prize Pack 1)

in #games2 years ago (edited)

You need to see below to see what rare I got. My video got cut off half way through filming... I'm not sure what happened, maybe my phone hard drive became so full that my Iphone decided to stop recording. I really need to upgrade my phone, I've had this one fore like 3 years.

The rare I opened was pretty boring. Kazarov, Sengir Pureblood . Not a particularly good card in any format. He has a couple good abilities and is decent 4/4 flier. Although it is black/red that isn't a very favorable color right now (my opinion). He might be good in commander, who knows. He is only worth 35 cents and I pretty much got nothing from this pack. Nothing for my Wizard deck or Brawl deck I'm building. Oh well, it's fun to just open packs and you can't win every time. I did get a foil Soul savage (cheap too but cool art). so it wasn't a complete loss.

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Sorry again for the short video that got cutoff!

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That Kazarov... Wow. What a good draw.

He's not that great. I don't know where he would be good outside of sealed.

With ixalan maybe pairing it with some of the enrage abilities of dinosaurs... hmm...

You could be right, I took a break during Ixalan. The tribalal emphasis kind of made it boring for me.

Seems like a good card for Commander. Could get huge. I guess OP doesn't have a vampire Commander deck.

That I don't. I very rarely play commander. I'm interested in getting into brawl though.

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