The Birth of a New Galaxy

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A New Galaxy is Born

On Monday I received early access to an upcoming game CryptoGalaxy . They have 10 days til launch and I'm excited. The game's economics is run on the NEO Blockchain, and later it will expand to more. This allows you to buy tokens on exchanges and then convert it to GALA which is the in game currency. So what do you do with GALA? Buy your very first planet on the Blockchain! When I first opened the Dapp I was very impressed by the color palate and graphics. I was a bit overwhelmed by the UI at first, but I guess that is to expected when trying a new platform. So I bought my first planet with some GALA pictured below:


Stunning Planets

As you can see, the planets look amazing. They are all really unique with different colors, textures, moons, rings, ect. This one was calling me so I bought it and named it. Now its time to mine this new planet for GALA! So I buy my mining bot, with a button that says "ALREADY", I wasn't sure what that meant, maybe its a mess up in translation. But it looked enough like a buy button so I pressed it and bought my first bot. Then, I assigned the robot to my planet. Assigning the bot was a little confusing, hopefully it will be more simplistic later. I wasn't sure I was mining until a little orange pixel appeared on my planet. You touch it and it collects GALA from your planet.


Start Mining

After getting the hang of it, I was ready to buy more bots and planets. Unfortunately, since this was an Alpha, you can only buy one bot for now. So I went and bought another planet just for fun..... I think I'm hooked already. Since I couldn't mine it, I just spun it around a few times and admired it. It would be great if they make a function where you can make your planet your live wallpaper, because the planets look so sweet.


Everyone Loves Dividends

They are implementing a Dividend structure for the GALA mining which will make it super fun. When you sell a planet, you will receive a percentage of the buyers mining on that planet. This is a great mechanic. As we know everybody loves collecting dividends. So even if you sell all your planets, you'll still be mining GALA. This is a great way to reward early adopters.


What Will The Galaxy Hold?

Finally, I decided to look through the pages. You have a wallet of course and a leaderboard. The leaderboard should be fun for competitions and I'm hoping some tiered rankings. I can't wait for them to add some more bots with maybe perks of some kind. This game has a lot of potential. I can see it expanding to ships, wars, planetary defenses and maybe even interplanetary takeovers and pirating. The game seems simple now, but it has the potential to be huge just like the galaxies it takes after. Let us know what you would like to see by commenting below and be sure to check out the official site CryptoGalaxy


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It sounds like if the crypto element was removed, it would just be another mobile type pay to win game. The addition of crypto adds another dimension maybe but I’m not sure if it’s enough.

Look at how simplistic some of these Dapps are on the Ethereum network, but people still play them. The key to a game is to be entertaining, not complex.

That’s very true and many of these simplistic games get very addictive. I’m really interested in giving this a go, I just hope it’s not a money sink!

How do you sign up for Alpha? I’ve had a look and want to give it a whirl but can’t see how to get into Alpha?

It was a closed alpha

Is there any way to get in now? Will all progress be kept or wiped?


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I am down for this! I've been waiting for crypto integration into video games for a long while... Microsoft is catching on with their Mixer program, eventually they will probably move to making their own token [ENDLESS POSSBILITIES]

Lovely post here love it. I am very happy to read your post. Appreciate this real words. Follow you and resteem this post.

An interesting description of this game. . . I am waiting for more information, and as soon as there is a premiere, give me a link to my last poem on steemit. For sure, this game :)

then is it really a Dapp or Just using tokens as a medium of payment ? I am excited about the game , but willing to dig out how the blockchain is being used here. Thanks in advance

A new galaxi is born? Wow that's amazingDQmdePyGwdQLi5prztJ4JNQoX78hrcCt6STrGwEBjgvFCrf.png
Thank for sharing

wow,,very good. May be this game is really interesting.

This game is android/ios I presume? It would be good to get it on some kind of electron wrapper for desktop or even browser based, as I dont really like mobile gaming. The project looks interesting and I have been waiting for someone to fully deploy a blockchain or cryptocurrency game. As it is sci-fi/space based all the better as its my favourite genre.

looks like a fun way of making crypto cool upvoted and following you keep up the good work

This looks very cool. I'm interested to see how it all plays out. According to their site you just to to hold ZPT in order to get GALA. I'll probably check it out once it launches. I like my crypto games!

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of course steam is becoming more lie a gold and precious in future.
thanks for sharing

where do i get it? looks amazing and your post is very explicative! thank you

its coming soon, I'll keep everyone updated

thanks. have a nice day

Wow! This is good. ^^ Good thing we're here in that galaxy :)

This is a amazing news. Thanks for nice post.

Hey @brittuf !
Thank you very much for sharing this great application with us! It's impressive to see how far some projects are right now .. "Even if it is probably not the best technology to built games on" (what do you think about this statement?) it's great to see some progress in development! :)

Wonderful, but what I love the most about each publication that you do, is the neatness of your content ... How do you strive to make it perfect ... Congratulations

you say correct,,that crypto is a new galaxy

now a days the cryptocurrency become like as gold,,thanks for share

totally agree, and thanks for sharing

This is amazing

i can't wait for it to become huge

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no contest until next post

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Amazing game😍

I am really looking forward to this, thanks for letting us know about this. Reminds me of Starcraft for some reason! Must be the mining.

I am super excited to get started. Thanks for this amazing post

me gusta mucho eso de las galaxias parece muy interesante

I did not expect, but the game is really very interesting.

is this a game or the new galaxy that in real life that kind? i get confuse a bit.. lol
is a new mining machine or a game?

thanks for sharing. Brillant article , very successful

Birth of a new Galaxy, stencil by @spraychilled ,posted yesterday too ;)

to check out the official site CryptoGalaxy

"our"? So are you affiliate person?

Great article , Keep the good work

I hope this turns out to be a groundbreaking trend in this arena.

Hope it will go ahead

The world is so gigantic that you can go crazy trying to figure out where it's going, and what's behind the wall that ends.

Cool..thanks for the info..i am excited to play now..:)

Your post is very good!

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Oh, very interesting! Thanks, @brittuf! Waiting for more updates.
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