New Gameplay trailer for 'Red Dead Redemption 2' is here!

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...has now landed!

Release for the huge game has already been delayed to October. Here is the last cinematic trailer:

Expectations are running high for a sequel to an open-world 'sandbox' game that now has the successes of GTA V (+Heists) and multiplayer games like Fortnite to live up to, not to mention Red Dead Redemption (2010) itself, that even saw a PS4 / Xbox re-release.

However, single-player story still forms a huge part of the nature of games, and although some might say Rockstar have never quite achieved emotional power (due to the scale of the worlds, and possibly nature of the medium itself), maybe this time they'll get a bit closer, even re-ignite the single-player experience once more. Judging by this trailer, the possibilities certainly look... wider.

Set before the original, it might even add extra intrigue to the first RDR story of John Marston (who will feature apparently).

It's interesting to note that it took a little time for the first RDR to become successful, despite so many ground-breaking features it brought to the console-orientated sandbox genre.

Elements to watch out for:

  • Single-player and Multiplayer 'free-roam' modes interwoven again
  • 'Dead-eye' shooting system
  • Mini-games: cards, shooting, fishing, side quests
  • Fully realised, detailed, ongoing game-world
  • 'Responsive environment' that affects your decisions (eg. leaving a dead body out for birds).
  • Ways to make money - honorable and dishonorable
  • Quests / gang quests / side quests triggered by minor events
  • Separate character creation/customisation options for multiplayer
  • Multiplayer planning of heists etc
  • Multiplayer game modes including Battle Royale (!)
  • Enhanced AI including living, evolving towns(folk) and lawmen chase + discovery
  • VR? (Not this year anyway)
  • Slow-motion, dynamic death sequences

You can read a longer article I've recently written at Gaming Impact.... 

Any other things you're looking forward to, or hoping to see again? 

Best green wishes.

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